Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Somalia Airstrike, The Surge, And A Slacking Congress (Monday's Second Hour)

Hi everyone. Due to blogger being a brat and not enough hours in the day, your second hour comes to you on speed. We kick off with the breaking news of the fire in California and then Barbara Starr joins us live from Kenya to talk about the airstrike on Somalia. Apparently it had been planned for a long time. Since 360 has dropped the ball on this story until now, Anderson kindly fills us in on what's been going on in the country. After this we have an interview with "Jawbreaker" author Gary Berntsen. Hey Gary, it's been a while. Gary tells us that the camps are not new, what's new is that the US is finally doing something about them. Finally is right. It always boggled my mind that there is/was such a focus on Iraq which didn't even have Al Queda in it before the war, yet Africa was barely mentioned.

Next up we have a Suzanne Malveaux piece on the surge. They're calling it, "A New Way Forward." Good Lord. They can't even name things well. Anyway, in a piece from Jamie McIntyre we're told that last time they surged it didn't so go so well, but this time is supposed to be different. Right. This time instead of clearing and leaving an area they will clear and stay. Uh, forever? After this piece we get Tom Foreman going nuts with his maps. He shows us the hots spots in Iraq, pointing out that Sadr City is going to be a bitch. Er, he may have said "flashpoint."

On now to John Burns (otherwise known as the hair guy) in Baghdad. Of note is that John thinks Maliki is preparing for a civil war and wants the US out of the way. Anderson mentions that he gets emails everyday from people complaining that they don't show the good stories from Iraq. Really people? Still? Man, that 30-some odd percent is persistent! Maybe you guys can help me out here, but I swear I saw Anderson give a little eyeroll when he mentioned schools being built. Maybe I'll hallucinating. After this we learn there's another Saddam video; this one after he was dead. At this rate there'll be a compilation DVD by March.

Moving on now to a "Keeping Them Honest" piece from Joe Johns. Well guess what? Your representatives are total slackers. I know, I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. Long story short, they took the day off to go to a football game. At least it was bipartison slacking. This may be the first and last thing they ever agree on. The Shot tonight is Rosie coming back to The View from her vacation. Please make it stop! Actually it looks like it might. Anderson has promised 360 is done talking about the story. I am totally holding you to that buddy. That's all folks.


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