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Mrs. Bush & Cancer, More Climber News, Maybe More Troops, Slavery-Like Conditions, Christian CEO's, And A Preaching Teacher (Monday's First Hour)

Hi everyone. I have to say, I was surprised to see Anderson tonight. I thought he would have hightailed it out of there already. In fact if he wasn't on I wasn't even going to review tonight because I'm really tired. So sorry if this review comes off more crabby than snarky. We begin with the BREAKING NEWS that Laura Bush has had a malignant tumor removed from her shin. Except actually this all went down before the elections and we're finding out about it now because a reporter noticed a band aid on her leg, so...yeah, not really what I would qualify as breaking news. Suzanne Malveaux relays all this info over the phone and then Sanjay gets on the line to teach us about skin cancer because God knows anytime anybody in public life gets sick I need to know all about it. Apparently Dubya has also had lesions removed in the past. I guess I don't remember that. Somebody call me if they ever remove whatever it is that's making him act like an idiot.

On now to the climber saga and unfortunately, Kelly James has been found dead. So sad. I didn't think it looked good, but I hoped that maybe, but I guess not. Dan Simon breaks it all down in a piece. I watched a bit of the coverage yesterday and I guess Dan got pretty involved in the story because he looked pretty broken up about it. Rob Marciano too. After the piece we're joined by Sheriff Joe Wampler and rescuer Derrick Brooks. Things don't look too good. I hope they find them...either way. I think the worst thing would be never even finding a body. Next up we're joined by some survivers of other incidents. Quinn Talley spent 18 hours in a snow cave and David Bishop spent one week trapped on a mountain. I think David wins. Anderson says it might be a "dumb question", but why didn't they go back down the mountain? David doesn't think this question is dumb at all. In fact he thinks it's an "excellent question" and he uses that phrase several times. I'm wondering if David here is a teacher. Anyway, the answer to the question is that in complete white out conditions you can't even see if you're going up or down. This boggles Anderson's mind. "Unbelievable."

Moving on to a Barbara Starr piece on how Bush is thinking about sending 30,000 more troops. Ahhhh!!!!! And that's pretty much all I have to say about that. Some commanders think adding more troops will just mean more targets. You think? Next up Anderson intros us into a Joe Johns Keeping them Honest piece on the "Democratic Republic". Except, uh, he means Dominican Republic. It's okay. Maybe Anderson is tired too. You know, have we ever seen Joe leave the country before? Anyway, the Dominican Republic is a very poor and crappy place to live, but apparently it's still better than Haiti because a lot of Haitians are coming over and basically performing slave labor work in sugar cane fields. Even kids. The fields are owned by Filipe Vicini and he denies that it's slave labor and that he's using kids. In any regards, for these poor people even the exploitive work is better than nothing. I hope 360 keeps up with this.

Transitioning now to a Dan Simon piece on Christian CEO's. We meet a businessman who is all about God and runs his company that way. They pray all the time and there's bible study. The works basically. He thinks that people who don't believe are wrong. 40% of his workforce are non Christian and he says they don't mind the work environment, but I don't really believe that. Although I kind of don't believe 40% are non Christian either. I'm a Christian, but I don't think I would like working for this company because you basically have the boss's form of Christianity shoved down your throat. If you don't like a church you can go to a new church, but you shouldn't have to quit your job if you're not a Christian or if you don't like how they're doing it. Apparently a lot of Christians are gravitating towards these businesses which is understandable, but doesn't this kind of thing separate us further? It reminds me of the news and how people now seem to go to whatever news reinforces their views. Pretty soon we're all going to be living in bubbles.

Sticking with the Christianity theme we have an in studio interview with high school student Matthew Laclair. Matthew was upset that his history teacher was preaching in class and stating his religious beliefs as fact, so he taped him doing it. During a meeting the teacher denied even doing it, but then Matthew whipped out the tape. Oh snap! I don't know if Matthew could have handled this in a better way and not taped him, but he's just a kid and the history teacher was definitely out of line. I wonder how he would feel if his child's history teacher started preaching about the Koran and stating his beliefs as fact. See, this is why we have a separation of church and state. Because when they mix they both screw each other up. Matthew tells us the guy has been teaching 14 years and he wants to know why it took this long to stop him. Anderson assures him that the "good thing about high school is that it ends." Well, not completely. Some of us still have dreams about it. And mine wasn't even that bad. Oh, no, wait, yes it was. After the piece Anderson tells us that Matthew has been getting death threats. Oh, well isn't that lovely. Who would Jesus give a death threat?

The Shot tonight is Tyson again. The Shot just loves it some Tyson. Anderson acknowleges that perhaps the whole live tv thing made Tyson a bit nervous, so after the show they gave him another shot (heh) and this time he was successful and completed it in just over two and a half minutes. Yay, Tyson! The show was okay. A few stand out pieces, but mostly just meh. And a lot of Christianity for some reason. I guess maybe since Christmas is coming. Anyway, B-

Your thoughts on Christian CEO's and taping the teacher?


Anonymous Sharla said...

My dad was a teacher for 32 years. As a Christian, he tells me, it was difficult to NOT do what that teacher was doing. You know, you wanted to tell the kids the good news and all that. His solution was that when he was teaching something he did not agree with, he would say something along the lines of "some people believe THIS [pile of crap], and others don't". I can imagine that it's hard to not preach to the kids as a teacher... but, just like the CEO- please, pretty please, don't shove YOUR views down MY throat. I personally liked having different views PRESENTED to me, and then I could chose my own. Which, BTW, is Christianity. However, as a loving person, I am aware that (a) not everyone thinks like me and (b) everyone has their own lives and my only job is to love them anyway and THAT'S how I present Christianity to other people. People are so much more receptive to the truth when you just show it to them, as opposed to gouging out their eyeballs and stuffing a Bible or Koran in. As for that CEO, would I work there? NO WAY. The amazing thing to me is that I find the biggest hypocrites and meanies THERE!!

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say yay for a high school student taping his teacher. This man had NO business discussing religion in school. I think that kid has a bright future ahead of him as a reporter. :) I was impressed by how poised he was talking to Anderson about it. And then we find out he's getting death threats, yet he still appears on international television to talk about it. Way to go!!

It's utterly pathetic of people who profess to be christians to send this kid and his family death threats simply for bringing to light something that shouldn't have been allowed to happen in the first place. It's amazing to me how far from christianity someone can get and still think they are the ones going to heaven.

Hmmm, I'm a little cranky today, so I'd better stop here. As always, great blog!


8:32 PM  
Blogger courtney01 said...

I worked for a company that claimed it was based on Christianity. Let me tell you, that was a load of baloney.

It was a direct sales company started by this woman and her husband because she supposedly wanted to spend more time with her kids. That's great, but as far as I know, the nanny actually spent more time with the kids than the mother. They treated their employees like dirt (I worked in the warehouse and made $7.35/hour after working there a year) and back stabbed not only employees but clients, all the while proclaiming their Christianity for all to see. They even had the fish symbol on most of their business correspondence.

I'm a Christian but I believe the proof is in the pudding--not what you proclaim, but how you live and how you treat others.

10:34 PM  
Anonymous ivy said...

the proof is in the pudding--not what you proclaim, but how you live and how you treat others.

courtney, I couldn't say it better myself. Would those religion-based companies and their supporters like if, let's say, muslim businessmen started their businesses on the same exact principles next door to theirs? Something tell me they would not be too happy.

That kid is a very smart kid. It's really disturbing he's getting death threats.

11:44 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

Unfortunately death threats seem to be thrown around willy nilly nowadays. It's pretty sick.

1:23 AM  
Blogger Leishalynn said...

People constantly underestimate Mount Hood. There are deaths there every year, it seems. Some teacher even took his high school class, they fell in a crevasse . . . sounds like the beginning of a bad limerick, doesn't it? First the Rogue River death by foolish bravery on the part of a Californian, now other out-of-staters dead in snow caves. We have decided that it would be a good idea to charge these "adventurers" for their expensive rescues when they cross the state line.

1:29 PM  
Blogger Leishalynn said...

BTW, you can listen to Matt LaClair, the high-schooler who taped his teacher, and his father on the Brian Lehrer show that aired yesterday. It's in their archives, here: http://www.wnyc.org/shows/bl/episodes/2006/12/19

2:00 PM  

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