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Bush And The New Congress, Mitt Romney, The Gospel Of Food, And A School Shooting (Wednesday's Second Hour)

Hi guys. We kick off the second hour with repeat coverage of the Ryan Chilcote piece, shortened al-Rubaie interview, and John Burns. This moves us into a Suzanne Malveaux piece on Bush's call for bipartisanship. I'll just wait with the review until you stop laughing. Yes, "the decider" who might just be the most partisan president we've ever had, suddenly wants the other side to share toys in the sandbox. I watched Keith Olbermann's coverage of this too and I have to say it was strikingly different...and with less BS.

On next to a Bill Schneider piece on how the republicans are crying over how the democrats are conducting their first 100 hours. Oh boo freaking hoo. It's not like they're putting through anything that people don't want. Seriously republicans, come out publicly against a mininum wage increase. Please. Besides, these are the people that used to have important meetings and not even tell the democrats where they were being held. I don't want the democrats to conduct themselves as the republicans did, but this outrage is laughable. After the piece we get some blog comments on Drew Griffin's first hour piece on Congress criminals gettting pensions. One comment simples says, "Sad." A tip on getting your comment read: be brief!

Moving on to a Candy Crowley piece that totally rains on my new Congress parade. Candy poo poos the democrat's ability to change anything. What's the point of elections then? The problem is that the 2008 race is going to ground things to a halt. That means we'll see small things (minimum wage) get passed, but not big things (social security). David Gergen then joins us live and states that there will probably be more cooperation between the democrats and republicans than the democrats and Bushco. I can see that.

On now to a Joe John's piece on MA governor Mitt Romney and his announcement that he is forming an exploratory committee. However, one big hurdle on the presidential train is the fact that he is a Mormon, which some see as a cult religion. That might not matter though since Romney talks like a member of the religious right. Now, anyway. Before he was pro-choice and pretty moderate. So for me it's not that he's a Mormon, it's that he's a hypocrite. After the piece The Gerg returns to discuss the dems eyeing 2008. Right now it's looking like Clinton, Obama, and Edwards. I'm hoping for an Edwards-Obama ticket myself. And Edwards is doing good in Iowa and New Hampshire, so yay!

Transitioning now to an interview with Barry Glassner, author of "The Gospel of Food." Barry says that you get more nutrients out of a meal the more you enjoy it. Is the reverse also true? If you force your kid to eat their vegetables are they actually not getting that many nutrients? I don't really believe any of this. Anyway, Barry says dieting is bad and fast food in moderation is fine. That's nothing really revolutionary. This whole piece kind of feels like it came out of no where. I wonder if this is a synergy thing or if someone on the show really liked the book. The next piece is from Gary Tuchman on a school shooting from 1955. This is a repeat from about three weeks ago. One of the headlines of the hour is a 14 year old who sailed solo through the Atlantic. He named his boat the Chiki Monkey and Anderson gets a kick out of this. We're treated to a very quick (and poor) Mike Myers impersonation circa SNL. The transcript of the show lists this as "unintelligible". Ha! That'll do it.

Will the democrats make a difference? Who's your current pick for 2008?


Anonymous Bev said...

Eliza, I'm enjoying your postings about the candidates for President, being from Canada what do you mean when you say an 'Edwards-Obama ticket'? Does that mean one for President and the other for vice-president? Experienced or not I think Obama would be good for President. He can get experienced on the
As popular as Hillary Clinton is I really don't feel she has a chance for President, just a feeling I have but a lot of people don't like her either.

12:07 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

Bev, that's exactly what I mean. I like Obama a lot and think he's electrifying (I even saw him speak in person), but the experience thing is an issue. Plus, as high profile as he is right now (and really since he got elected), he hasn't used any of that fame to take any legislative risks. If he really wanted to, he could be the face of health care reform (or energy independence or whatever), but instead he plays it generic and safe. Plus, a presidential run is going to be really nasty for him and if I'm not mistaken his children are still young. I think waitiing until next go around would be better (though I do want him in that second slot).

My first choice was Russ Feingold, but he's not running, so now Edwards is really growing on me. I love his focus on poverty and education and he's even bringing awareness to what's going on in Uganda. He seems to be a real progressive candidate. Of course it's still early, so I'm not saying he definitely has my primary vote.

I'm one of those people that just doesn't like Hillary Clinton for president. To me, she comes off calculating and she panders. I know the pundits try to portray the dislike of her as having to do with the war, but for me it's more that she isn't as grassroots friendly as the other candidates. She seems to be more aligned with beltway types and those corporate campaign donation lovers at the DLC. IMO, that's everything that's wrong with Washington.

12:50 PM  
Blogger midnite6367 said...

I certainly have high hopes for the Democrats to make some significant changes but it remains to be seen. But even if they only accomplish a few things, they will be miles ahead of the last "do nothing" Congress.

It's probably too soon for Barack Obama to be shooting for the Presidency, I do think he should get more experience and then take a shot at it. The knives are going to be out for him big time anyway and his lack of experience just adds fuel to the fire.

I agree with you about Hillary Clinton, I don't trust that she has the Democratic party's core beliefs in mind considering some of the legislation she's backed. She's a definite panderer which is disappointing.

8:18 PM  

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