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Massive Blizzard, A Bigot Congressman, Gates Goes To Iraq, Rosie/The Donald Steel Cage Deathmatch, And Praying For A Baby (Thursday's Show)

Hi everybody! Miss me? I am so excited because I don't have to work again until next Thursday. Happy dance! So I figured since I've got the time now I'd do a little blogging. And Anderson, suprisingly, was still there. Time to go on break dude. We begin tonight with a piece from Jerry Willis on the massive blizzard hammering Colorado and I am so glad St. Louis isn't dealing with any of that. The storm dropped two feet of snow in Denver making it the worst storm since 2003. The city has ground to a halt basically. Planes are grounded and roads are closed. Even Dr. Suess wannabe CNN reporters can't get in. I have to say, Anderson better step up his blogging game because Keith Oppenheim is threatening to edge him out as my favorite. So anyway, it's just a big old mess there and the grounded flights are effecting flights all over the country. I am so glad that even though the sister missed her initial flight she is now safe here in St. Louis. After the piece we have Reynolds Wolf for the latest weather update. I guess Rob Marciano is off getting his Christmas on.

On now to a Brian Todd piece on a controversial letter that representative Virgil Goode sent to his constituents. See, Virgil's got his briefs in a bunch because the US has just elected its first Muslim congressman (Keith Ellison) who wants to, gasp, use a Quran at his unofficial swearing in. Why this should matter to Virgil is unclear. Anyway, the letter is pretty nasty. It urges people to get behind his immigration policy or otherwise more Muslims might be elected to Congress. Uh, and? Has Keith vowed to impose Sharia law? No, he has not. All he wants to do is use his holy book at his swearing in, which isn't even official. A book isn't even required. I should point out that the piece kind of dropped the ball on the whole immigration angle to the story and the only reason I knew about it is because I saw this story somewhere else. Although Anderson does fill it in later.

Moving on to a taped interview with Keith Ellison and Anderson cuts to the chase, "Do you think this guy is a bigot?" Keith doesn't want to call him that. But I totally will. You're a bigot! And actually not only is he a bigot, but his argument makes no sense because Keith explains that he's not even an immigrant. He's a black Muslim that has been here the whole damn time. Keith thinks having diversity in our country makes us better and it's not something to be afraid of. Right on. Anderson points out the irony that BushCo has sent Karen Hughes all over the Muslim world to talk up how great we treat Muslims here and then this happens. Whatever happened to Karen Hughes anyway? I can see she's done an excellent job of winning hearts and minds. This was another one of those topics where Anderson's opinion sneaked its way onto his sleeve. The line of questioning kind of gave it away, but really I say good for him.

Transitioning now to a Jamie McIntyre piece on Robert Gates and his trip to Iraq. While there he asked a cross section of front line troops if the US should send more troops and they all said yes. Something about this seems off or wrong to me, especially since the commanders are saying no to more troops. I think it's great that he's asking front line troops their opinions, but I guess I have a lot of questions about the process. What do they mean by cross section? Where did these troops come from? What are their jobs? Do they understand it would be no more than 50,000? And so on. Also, there are the psychological aspects. Were they intimidated simply because he's the Secretary of Defense? Did they try to tell him what they thought he wanted to hear? Did they feel pressure to give the same answer as their fellow soldiers gave? Too many unanswered questions. Anderson wants to know if Gates has left the Green Zone and Jamie says not yet. Jamie also relates that some have suggested the troops were handpicked for this little exercise. Ah ha. Well that may be what feels wrong about this. I hope not though because we really need this guy to be completely unlike the administration.

Up next John Roberts takes us back to Haditha. Thanks, but I really don't want to go back. I didn't like it at all the first time. We're taking this brutal trip down memory lane because eight marines have been charged in the slaying that occurred there. You remember. A soldier was killed by a bomb and initially it was claimed that the bomb killed Iraqis too, but locals revealed that the civilians were actually murdered by marines who went into a rage after the death of their friend. All in all 24 were killed, many of them women and children. So sad. After this piece Anderson recaps all the top stories of 2006, which he delves into deeper in a special next hour.

Okay, here's what you've been waiting for. Don't lie. You know you were. As I'm sure you know by now, Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell are having a little tiff over comments she made about the Miss USA kerfuffle. It's all completely ridiculous and SO not worthy of news coverage, but everybody's getting ready for the holidays, so here we are. It's one of those fights where you don't exactly know who to root for. Hmmm, should I chose this loudmouth or...this loudmouth? I haven't seen much of 360 the past two days, but apparently Anderson has just been riveted. He then proceeds to show us clips of The Donald saying nasty things about Rosie. After the first clip we cut back to Anderson and he's chowing down on some microwave popcorn and comments with his mouth full and everything. Bwah! Now when did he have time to microwave that? After the second clip we cut back and he's sucking down a drink. I'm seriously cracking up here. After another clip he has a mouth full of candy bar and after a fourth barbed filled clip Anderson exclaims through a mouth full of twizzler, "Oh no he didn't. Did he just say that?" The only thing missing here is the snaps, but I guess his hands were full. Good Lord! When Anderson goes to the show he must spend a fortune at the concession stand. I swear, this had me laughing so hard I think I strained something. Now THAT is how you cover a retarded story. We end with a statement on the controversy from Barbara Walters. WTF? After that 360 cuts to commercial so Anderson can brush his teeth.

Continuing with the topic we have an Anderson piece on how Rosie and The Donald love to pick fights. Okay, we had hella fun last segment, but I think this is a bit too much. Anderson thinks they do this stuff for the PR. You think? Trump vs. Martha Stewart and Rosie vs. Tom Selleck are both recapped. Although to be fair to Rosie, I think that whole Tom Selleck thing was more a reaction to Columbine than attention seeking. They also play the clip when Kelly Ripa called into The View due to Rosie's comments about the whole Clay Aiken thing. I find it interesting that they would include this, but I guess Anderson wanted to give props to his BFF for remaining above it all.

Anderson then mentions how The Donald might sue Rosie and he starts to mention legal implications. At this point I literally yell at my television, "OMG, no they are not!" Oh, but they are. Sheepishly joining us live to discuss this are Jeffrey Toobin and Court TV's Lisa Bloom. Anderson says Toobin "can't believe we called him in for this." Well, at least they're aware this is completely ridiculous. What follows is a discussion that seems to confirm that these three have gotten into the egg nog early. In Toobin's legal opinion, "Donald Trump is a horse's ass." Anderson wants to make clear to Trump that it was Toobin that said that. There's some legal talk, but they all clearly don't give a crap. And, well, neither do I. This was one for Toobin's resume.

The Shot tonight is a picture on TMZ of Miss Nevada USA being naughty. I don't know. Don't much care. Then we're onto a Delia Gallagher piece on a church in Rome where couples go to pray to the Madonna of Childbirth. They really should have had this piece earlier in the show because it totally doesn't fit after all the Rosie/The Donald hoopla. Well, tonight gets an A+ for snark. The news only gets a B-

Screencaps by liberation337.

What do you think about the Virgil Goode letter? Do you think the soldiers that Gates talked to were hand picked? Wouldn't you have loved to be a fly on the wall during the meeting when they came up with the food bit?


Anonymous Sharla said...

OMG that is freaking hilarious. THAT is why I LOVE AC. Obviously, I can't watch it on TV (as... I don't have cable), but I get a load of clips off of YouTube PLUS that pic collage is great! I think I strained something just READING it!!

8:30 AM  
Blogger midnite6367 said...

Virgil Goode's bigotry is crystal clear and it doesn't take much analyzing to figure it out as you and AC quickly surmised.

My first thought about Gates and the troops was that they HAD to have been handpicked specifically to state that they wanted more troops. I don't know that for certain, of course, but as you say, something didn't seem right about the whole thing, especially when we've been hearing otherwise.

The Rosie/Donald thing surely was unimportant "news", but it was well played by Anderson. Those junk food props were hilarious, one of his better moments on 360, and I'ver been watching a LOOOONG time! The discussion afterwards with Jeff and Lisa was even entertaining, for once, Lisa didn't irritate me and she made a good point about how Donald's anger at Rosie seemed to center on her appearance. Jeff is pretty funny for a lawyer too! I hope that AC can continue to do some light moments in the show without it sacrificing the more serious aspects of the program, it was fun.

7:21 PM  
Anonymous Sharla said...

Well, Finally, the video of Anderson talking about Rosie and The Donald made it to You Tube. Therefore, I have now watched it. Oh no he dih'ent!! HAHAHAHAHA. Seriously, Anderson..... ahhhh. That's why I miss having cable :( and why I love Eliza. I get me some Andy fixins this way!

3:12 PM  

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