Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day Two Of AC360's Coverage Of The Unfolding Disaster In Haiti

Hi everyone. Tonight CNN and the 360 kids produced another stellar broadcast. The magnitude of the situation in Haiti is still almost too much to really get a handle on. Anderson Cooper himself alluded to this today in an interview with the Huffington Post's Danny Shea. It's worth a read, especially the part about Pat Robertson's despicable comments. Our anchor is nothing if not classy and diplomatic.

Despite 360's minor technical problems at the top of the first hour, I've been impressed at their ability to keep things running smoothly. I know a lot of newsers have been having problems. CNN had a lot of issues earlier yesterday, and today Brian Williams had to do part of his Nightly News broadcast by talking into a satellite phone. So kudos to whoever are the technical whiz kids.

As far as the show goes, all the reporting stood out. But I guess if I had to pick one image that will stick with me, it's seeing the unidentified bodies literally dumped from a truck, as if they were just construction waste or something. Former human beings treated like trash. Sickening, yet understandable. People going to their grave forgotten is something that obviously especially bothers Anderson--it's a theme that's been evident in his prior reporting on other stories. His piece tonight was pretty heartbreaking.

Ivan Watson continues to impress me enormously. He needs to be on CNN Domestic more. I watched a lot of his reporting earlier today and couldn't turn away from his story about the trapped little girl. Another one of those kind of must-watch stories was Sanjay Gupta treating that 15 day old baby. We got to see the correspondent in Doctor Mode, and if you watched how sweet he was to that little girl, I'd guess we saw a little bit of Dad Mode too.

Thank God for Gary Tuchman bringing us some positive news. It was nice to see a rescue with no injuries. Also, though I know he was hesitant to bring it up, I very much appreciated the humor regarding the woman being trapped in the candy aisle. If I am ever God forbid trapped in a horrible disaster, the candy aisle would totally be one of my top location choices.

Anderson's piece from the prison was really interesting. I like how they went a little C.S.I. on us, determining by the hand prints and rope that prisoners had escaped down the side of the building. Finally, also notable in the broadcast was Joe Johns' "Keeping Them Honest" reporting about Haiti. It kinda made me dread where we'll be at with this story in the coming months. Will there be a political fight about aid? Will the country be abandoned once the cameras leave? Only time will tell.

I realize these blog posts might be a bit of a disappointment to my regular readers, but I just can't fathom doing a review right now. I'm actually finding Twitter to be a more desirable medium when it comes to covering this story. I've been doing a lot of Haiti-related tweeting, so give me a follow if you're not already (@newsjunkie365). I've also set up a special Twitter List of journalists and a few others on-the-ground in Haiti. And as always, check out CNN Impact to learn how to help.

Most of us have probably already heard a variation on this, but here's Anderson talking to Charlie Rose. Below are some of Thursday's most noteworthy videos, beginning with Sanjay Gupta treating a baby with a severe head laceration:

Ivan Watson reports live on the attempted rescue of a young girl trapped under rubble. We learn on 360 that the rescue had finally occurred:

Anderson Cooper's piece on the cemetery, as well as Gary Tuchman's live report about the rescues he witnessed and his interview with rescue workers:

Finally, at the risk of up-ending the universe, I'm posting a clip from Fox News--yes, Fox News (ZOMG!)--that I think you should see. I've always liked Shepherd Smith, and Steve Harrigan's reporting here is pretty incredible to watch:

That's all for now. Let's hope tomorrow is a little bit better for Haiti.

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Blogger Anne said...


Ivan Watson had all he could do to hold it in when he reported the girl passed away. I was shocked and took it to heart when the young girl didn't make it. I felt AC's anger as he stated it was a death that didn't have to happen. I hope that all those children with the broken bones will be helped before they succumb to their injuries. Anne D.

11:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eliza thank you so much for giving credit to those other correspondents who are reporting from Haiti. I too watched as Ivan reported on the little girl who was trapped and later died of her injuries, he is someone CNN SHOULD focus on more.

Dr Gupta is one of a kind, as he said he's a doctor first then a correspondent. He kept apologizing on Twitter yesterday morning because he couldn't host his show, but he didn't have to worry we all knew he was doing what he was suppose to do.

6:42 PM  

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