Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Haiti Devastated By Major Quake

Hi everyone. Last night while watching the preview for the Gary Tuchman piece set to air tonight, I remember thinking to myself, "That looks like a really good piece..., which inevitably means it will be bumped." At the time, I envisioned the airtime being instead given to some sort of trivial ridiculousness that would leave me fuming. Never did I imagine that the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere would be reeling from a major earthquake.

We all know that the universe deals out destruction to all parts of the world. But it seems extra tragic, if not downright cruel, for a nation already struggling with such poverty to be dealt a blow like this one. My heart goes out to the people of Haiti.

As always, I won't be reviewing the breaking news. To do so is difficult, quite frankly makes a boring read, and results in information that is often irrelevant before most people even click on the post. I thought Anderson Cooper and team did an excellent job handling a fast-moving story with difficult to obtain information.

This blog doles out a lot of criticism of CNN and one of the reasons is nights like these--when they show that they really can be the network I want and dream them to be. After seeing their A-game, I want to see it all the time. While Sarah Palin bitched about 60 Minutes on Fox News, and Keith Olbermann reportedly did his entire broadcast without one significant mention of Haiti, CNN was mobilizing their global resources to bring us the most extensive coverage possible. When I criticize, it's because I want them to be better. Because I know they can be.

As for specifics, it was nice to see Chad Myers (been a while for me), though I hate that enjoying his awesomeness seems to always have to coincide with lives being ruined. I was also impressed with Anderson's obvious knowledge of the country. If all is going well, he is en route to Haiti as I type this. Given the circumstances, I guess it would in poor taste to say I look forward to his coverage, but it is true that Anderson's reporting is never quite as strong as when he is in the field, dealing with an unfolding story on a human level.

To help the people of Haiti you can go here. Tonight during the broadcast Anderson interviewed Haiti advocate Wyclef Jean, and I leave you with a piece 60 Minutes did on him and the country last year. Thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Haiti.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

These huge disasters seem to always happen in the poorer countries, it's uncanny how often it seems to work out that way, not to mention terribly sad.

Watching Anderson working the breaking news is almost as good as seeing him reporting in the field and the personal touches he adds in as a world traveler makes it even better. It's nights like this when you understand why AC always sounds so high on working at CNN, they have access to so many people and places which makes their coverage far superior to much of the other news programs. Looking forward to watching AC in Haiti tonight.

4:36 AM  

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