Monday, January 04, 2010

Las Vegas Courthouse Shooting, Inaugural Threat, More On The Underpants Bomber, Cheney Emerges (Again), And A Medical Mystery Of The Positive Variety

Hi everybody. First review of the decade! Unfortunately, I think it's going to have to be of the bare bones variety. Your blogger is tired and still fighting what I've begun to refer to as "the sickness." I believe some of you out there on the interwebs know what I'm talking about. So, grab some tissues and a big bowl of chicken noodle soup. Time to get this pathetic little party started.

There's nothing like ushering in a new year with a good old fashioned shooting. *sigh* We're kicking off the broadcast with the news that 66-year-old Johnny L. Wicks opened fire at a Las Vegas courthouse, killing security officer Stanley W. Cooper, and wounding a a deputy United States marshal, before being taken out himself. Reportedly, Wicks was angry about a lost Social Security case.

Though an important story on its own, what no doubt specifically struck our news peeps' fancy is the fact that there's video. Pretty intense. Also? They've got the yellow "breaking news" chyron up, when this is soooo not "breaking." This will teach me not to praise them about that stuff.

On now to Anderson Cooper telling us that there's a new report out that shows an increase in threats against judges and prosecutors. This segues into an interview with Judge Suzanne Childers of Jefferson County, Alabama. Judge Childers doesn't just pack a gavel; she's packing heat. According to her, judges no longer have the security they once did. A tad disturbing.

Transitioning to New York Times reporter Peter Baker calling in to talk about the revelation of an inaugural day plot against Obama. I have yet to read Baker's piece, but it sounds like it's worth doing. The part about the "poison pen" is particularly interesting, though perhaps a little disappointing, seeing as though I initially thought he meant a literal poison pen. Very James Bonds-y! Don't judge me, people. I'm sick.

Moving on to some Magic Wall action to examine the frequent flyer miles of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. I gotta say, that name is waaaay too long. So what are we calling this guy? The Underwear Bomber? Captain Crotchfire? Flamey McExplosive-Nuts? Vote now! I'm going with Underpants Bomber unless otherwise corrected by the Internets. Anyway, Peter Bergen and Nic Roberson follow this up with discussion, but I'm going to have to take a pass.

Well, it's that time again. Lord Cheney has slithered out of his lair to tell lies and other related-BS to those good little stenographers over at Politico, who helpfully refrain from that bit of nastiness often known as "a follow up." Then, instead of shunning them as the link/click-bait whores that they are, the rest of the media eagerly gobbles up the Politico's "reporting" and serves it to We the People, who are so sick of this crap. Seriously, those people are an embarrassment to their profession. At least Chris Matthews seems to be on to their game. Watch him call out Jonathan Martin. I guess the idiom is right, even a broken clock is right twice daily.

As for 360, they played the big media circle jerk game, but oh, they went rogue! Instead of just regurgitating the BS, we get a piece from Joe Johns that fact-checks Cheney's statements that insinuate Obama is weak on terror. Hey guess what, Bush also released detainees! Hey guess what, Obama continually says we're at war! I'm assuming there was more, but I had to take a phone call. So...good. I loves me a fact-check, though I'm honestly torn on whether I want the media to play it this way or just stop acting like the man is relevant. Because he's not. And Politico can quote me on that.

Moving on now to a positive piece from Tom Foreman. Yes, positive pieces apparently exist. On Christmas Day, Tracy Hermanstorfer "died" while in labor with her son Coltyn. After several failed minutes of trying to revive her, the doctors quickly performed an emergency c-section to at least give Coltyn a chance. Unfortunately, he too appeared lost. But just when it looked like it was going to be the worst day of Mike Hermanstorfer's life, mom and baby came back from the dead. Yay!

The "Big 360 Interview" is then with the Hermanstorfer family. Well, okay, Coltyn's there, but he's not doing much talking. No one really has an explanation for what happened, though it is interesting that Tracy's troubles started right after the epidural. But I'm no doctor. I think you know what's coming, right? Sanjay Gupta to explain! Except, well, he doesn't know anything either. He did, however, write a whole book that nicely relates to this kind of thing. How convenient! Book pimping ensues.

I'm skipping the "shot" because it was sporty and I'm just not in the mood. The show wasn't bad. My commentary pretty much speaks for itself, though I will note that at this point I have no idea what they mean by "Big 360 Interview." At first it was just really important news makers (I think Clinton once), but lately they've also been adding in human interest story players. Not a big deal. I'm just saying the segment feels less like "Big 360 Interview" and more like "People We Could Get." That'll do it.

Check out my NYE post if you missed it. There's pictures!

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