Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy Weekend!

Hi everybody. As I stated yesterday, I'm in the mood to prolong the recent celebrations and have lazily opted to not return to official reviewing until next week. I thought the show tonight was pretty good, especially the Middle East coverage at the top. When I heard the sad news that John Travolta's son died, and then saw the TMZ guy was on Larry King, I was bracing myself for segment after segment of exploitive speculation (which quite frankly I wouldn't have watched since I'm not reviewing).

Instead, the show only did about three minutes of the story and mostly stuck to fact-based reporting. I was pleasantly, pleasantly surprised, and yeah, a bit proud of them for sticking to their real news guns. My 360-watching friend thinks that's a sad standard. But hey, I think Greta had a Caylee Anthony special tonight, so they could have gone tabloid to try to compete and they didn't. That deserves a cookie in my book. That's pretty much all I have to say about the show except, where was the webcast? Was it just me? Why must you tease me with Floor Crew Friday, 360? So cruel.

CNN has finally made a statement about the, ahem, incident that happened during the NYE show. Apparently, Kathy Griffin didn't know they were live when she said it. I know a lot of people will probably think that's spin, but I actually believe this one. They were going to commercial when it happened and it did sort of appear that she thought they were clear. The writer of this article seems to think the comment will get her shunned for next year, but I'm not so sure about that. Know why? Ratings baby! CNN cleaned up. Congrats guys.

One thing that was discussed a fair amount during the special, but got absolutely no buzz on the Internets was Kathy's work with Fisher House. It's a really great place for our troops that I actually wanted to highlight on this blog before the holidays, but I simply forgot. Every Christmas since the second year of the Iraq war, I've been sending phone cards to the troops there, so that they can call their families. I used to tell myself every year that it would be the last year they're needed. I don't tell myself that anymore. I know I'll be sending them next Christmas. But the troops could use help year-round. You can make a donation at the previous link or go here to send a phone card.

Finally, for amusement, below is "the shot" from tonight. I don't know, I think what Erica Hill went through could give this woman a run for her money.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eliza according to CNN this morning Anderson will be reporting from Israel on Monday.

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Donate Phone Cards to the Troops said...

Quote: I've been sending phone cards to the troops there, so that they can call their families.

I found another website called Operation Phone Card, which people can use to donate phone cards directly to anybody via email; a great way to get phone cards to the troops. That is to say that the phone card PIN, Access Number and Dialing Instructions are all sent to the recipient via email. Very fast. Very convenient. Very cool.

1:54 PM  

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