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Blagojevich Speaks, Caylee Anthony's Remains Found, It's Winter (!), Prop 8 Update, Bailout Talk, And Palin Family Getting More White Trash By The Day

Hi everybody! Up top tonight we kick things off with some "Men in Black" related snark regarding Governor Blagojevich's amusing hair ("call the Men in Black to zap the memory of that hairdo out of your head"). Aw, 360 is so hip with their pop culture references. Or, well, they would be if this was 1997. I kid! I kid! I loved the reference. I also loved the no BREAKING NEWS. Woo!

So anyway, today the foul-mouthed governor from Illinois decided to do a little talking to the press. In what is sure to be a shocker, he tells them he's not guilty. Also? He's will fight...and fight...and fight, apparently until his last breath. I thought he was going to go with "for his right to party," but no. And though he may be fighting, he will not be going on the TeeVee news shows. Then he'd have to answer questions! Oh noes!

Instead, he believes the appropriate forum to talk is court. Then he busts out an exceedingly long Kipling quote and tells us that the truth totally has his back. Near the end of the conference, he mentions that he wants to say "one more thing" and I swear to God, a part of me thought that line was going to be followed up with "Live, from New York, it's Saturday Night!" Satire and reality are kinda indistinguishable these days.

For more on this, we've got Jeffrey Toobin in the studio for the legal lowdown and Gary Tuchman still in Illinois, working the story. Jeffrey notes that the whole public appearance thing without taking questions seems to be becoming a trend. We just saw it yesterday with Caroline Kennedy. From Gary we learn that people are angry Blagojevich has claimed to be the victim of a political lynch mob. Apparently, it's a very bipartisan lynch mob because pretty much unless their last name is Blagojevich, they don't like him. It's hard out there for a corrupt governor.

Transitioning now to the news that they have found the remains of poor little Caylee Anthony. Such an awful case, though I can't say I'm surprised at the outcome. Erica Hill has a piece and then we're joined by Dr. Larry Kobilinsky and Ashleigh Banfield. I'm going to skip all that. I feel badly about what happened, but the little girl is gone. There is no longer anything television coverage can do that could be characterized as helpful. This is now straight up voyeurism and exploitation for ratings, plain and simple.

Moving on to a weather-related Susan Candiotti piece. Hello, winter! Snow everywhere. We had sleet here in St. Louis earlier in the week. Where was my weather update then, huh 360? Don't you love me? Anyhoo, we get all the requisite stuck in the airport type shots and then we go to Chad Myers for the latest. Chad, by the way, no doubt has himself a full inbox today after stepping in a little global warming-related controversy. The blogs are a-buzzing about his recent comment that, "to think that we could affect weather all that much is pretty arrogant." Oh boy.

Honestly, I don't know what to think about the comment. You can watch a clip of him saying this on TVNewser, but it seems like it starts and ends in the middle of the conversation. I'd like more context before I go all, "Oh my God, Chad is a global warming denier and therefore teh evil," which is kinda the sentiment from the Left now. People are so reactionary, I swear. Although, I will say that Jay Lehr clearly seems to be a nutter.

More on him here. Anyway, I hope Chad fleshes out his views more in the future. It would be really interesting if CNN, a network whose reporting has pretty consistently operated under the belief that global warming is real and man made, had a chief meteorologist that disagreed.

Jeffrey Toobin then rejoins us, this time to talk about Proposition 8. I guess it wasn't good enough just to deny couples the right to marry, no, now there's talk of taking away the marriage of those that have already done the deed. I'm sorry, that's just horrible. It's almost Christmas and they want to legally break up families? It's sick.

And guess who is behind this push? None other then Ken Starr. Yeah, you remember him. On the flip side, California's Attorney General Jerry Brown wants the California Supreme Court to overturn Prop 8. Jeffrey seems to think both sides have a case and it's anybody's ballgame. Let's hope humanity wins out.

Moving on now to discussion with David Gergen and Joe Johns on talk of the auto bailout and Obama's cabinet picks. Not wanting to be known as Hoover, Bush has decided to give General Motors and Chrysler a little don't-go-bankrupt money to tide them over this month and next. But we are still very much deep in the woods on this one.

As for the cabinet picks, the Gerg is very happy, calling Obama's peeps a "dream team." Also of note is when Anderson Cooper asks if there's "such a thing as too big a tent and too much of a team of rivals?" Lordie. First they question whether his picks were rivalry enough and now they ponder if it's too much. Stop filling time with pontification!

Our last piece of the night is from Joe Johns and we learn that the Palins are the family that just keep on giving. Now there's the news that Sherry Johnston, mom of Bristol Palin's baby daddy, has been arrested in Alaska on felony drug charges. You know 360 couldn't pass this one up. I would have guessed meth as the drug in question but the Anchorage Daily News sez Oxycontin. She should totally talk to Cindy McCain.

The Shot tonight is an iReport from someone who apparently watches 360 as much as I do. His name is Marcus Harun and he's put together a 16 minute fake broadcast of the program entirely by himself. It's kinda insane. Seriously, watch the whole thing. My mind is blown.

He's even got Anderson's quirky humor down (note him kidding his "panel"). Anyway, the real Anderson ponders, "He can do it by himself, how come we need these people?" If your mind jumped to the layoffs, you're not the only one: "Anderson, come on, we talk about the layoffs, we don't need to hear this. Christmas is next week!" says Erica Hill Aw, I'm crying sad tears for Miles and the others.

On the webcast tonight, we had a little lackluster Floor Crew Friday. Quite the opposite of the Great Starburst Debate of 2008. No one even wanted to take the microphone and finally it was given to Frank who I guess drew the metaphoric short straw. Aw, don't you all love us anymore? Also, Erica Hill talks about Anderson's Wii and gets some comments from him, which may or may not have been interesting, but I couldn't tell you since we can't hear what he's saying!

Another thing of note is that, once again, they totally left the sound on for almost the whole show. That's right 360, from the first commercial break to about 10 minutes before show's end, we heard everything that went on in studio. While I have to admit that I enjoy listening, it also makes me nervous, because it seems like a controversy waiting to happen--especially given the guests surely don't know their commercial chit chat is being broadcast to the masses.

As for what I heard, it was seemingly all benign, but I've decided to leave it un-recapped. Something about passing it on makes me uncomfortable. Your mileage may vary and I'm sure you can find the info on another Anderson-related site if you so desire. That'll do it.


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