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Coming Closer On A Big 3 Bailout, Our Economic Outlook, O.J. Simpson Crap, And A Planet In Peril Preview

Hi everybody. Happy New Week! Are you ready for your BREAKING NEWS? 'Cause here it comes: Congress is maybe sorta thinking about coming closer to bailing out the Big 3 automakers. Yay? I swear, this is becoming as tedious as the Clinton tapping for secretary of state. But hey, when we're talking about tossing out billions of dollars, I say go ahead and mull.

In a Dana Bash piece we learn that we're not going to just give the beggars everything they ask for all at once. This time we'll start them out with $15 billion. You know, just a little something we shook out of the couch cushions. Plus, there's more. Under the deal the president--the new smart one--would appoint a car czar who, one would imagine, will have special czar-like powers. And maybe a magic wand. Or not.

Anyway! Apparently the companies will have until mid February to restructure themselves so that they don't suck so much. If they fail to do so? No more loan for you! In that case, the loan would be revoked, but, uh, are we supposed to actually believe there will be any of that $15 billion left come February? Please.

For the Republican's part, they seem to be dragging their feet a bit. Bush does too actually, though to be fair, I'm not sure anyone has even told him about the deal. I say we just leave him to his macaroni art or interpretive dance or whatever the hell he's been doing lately. Though it should be pointed out that when it was Wall Street that needed the money, this administration was all for shelling out the cash--Bush even addressed the nation.

Now an industry that actually makes tangible (though admittedly, crappy) goods is in trouble, millions of blue collar jobs are on the line, and suddenly our preznit isn't so sure bailouts are the way to go anymore. Obviously two wrongs don't make a right, but there is very much a white collar against blue collar vibe going on here. We're putting the automaker CEO's through the ringer--as we should, but what about the bankers? Why do I think they still have their corporate jets?

Next up, we have Ali Velshi at the financial wall of doom to fill us in on the specifics.

Then we're on to a Jessica Yellin piece on our broader economy and how Obama plans to get it back on track. The good news is he actually has a plan. (Yay!) The bad news is that he believes things will only get worse before they get better. What Obama is proposing is the biggest public works program in 50 years that in the end will allegedly save or create 2.5 million infrastructure related jobs.

These will include things like bridge and road repairs, work that is sorely needed. Just ask Minnesota. Also? Christmas is coming a month later than usual and in the form of a massive stimulus package. Spend, baby. Spend. After her piece, Jessica joins us live with the news that Obama will be meeting with Al Gore about green jobs. Gore, are you suure you don't want a position in the administration?

Strategy Session time! Seat-warmers rocking out with us tonight include David Gergen, Marcus Mabry, and Gloria Borger. There's a lot of bailout talk here and Anderson Cooper seems a little confuzzled over the idea of a car czar, and perhaps czars in general. Remember when I nominated The Gerg to be the country's reasonableness czar? Obama should think about it. And yeah, that's pretty much all I have to say about this panel.

Moving on to a Tom Foreman piece that asks the question, "hey, when are things going to stop sucking so bad?" "Money Magazine" tells us the answer may be as soon as the first quarter in 2009. Hooray! See, according to "experts," the bailouts are totally working, consumer confidence is going to come back, and the housing market is ready to revive. Wow. It's gonna be a bright, bright sun-shiny day.

Except, well, who are these economic experts? Were they right before or are they in the class that didn't see this disaster coming. Without that information, this whole exercise in speculative happy talk is pretty worthless. We've been in a recession for a year and still may not have hit bottom, yet we're suppose to believe that things will be better by early next year? What are they smoking and where can I buy some?

In tonight's headlines we get a little Oprah talking about Sarah Palin. In terms of 360 obsessions, it's the equivalent of a twofer. Throw in some Beyonce and we'd have the hat trick. Anyhoo. Oprah would like to note that she never ever snubbed Palin! Well, now that we have that cleared up, I can sleep at night. This all came about because Palin isn't going on Oprah, so people are saying it's like reverse snubbing now. Or something.

Allegedly the VP loser is turning down interviews left and right. "Yeah, tell me about it, I know," says Anderson. Sorry, dude. You made that bed yourself. I'm the last person to defend Palin, but I wouldn't go on after his subtle yet constant snarking either (though it was enjoyable to watch). Oh, who am I kidding? Yes I would. 'Cause he's so dreamy!

Transitioning now to crap about O.J. Simpson. Aww, but I don't wanna! I guess I have to grudgingly give credit for sticking it here and not at the top of the show like they did on Friday. Jeffrey Toobin and Lisa Bloom are back for discussion and from Jeffrey we learn that, "prison stinks." Interesting perspective.

And it's funny because he seems quite giddy at the prospect of the Juice finally having to endure some suckitude. Lisa reminds us of the survival of the fittest nature of prisons, not to mention the racial schism found there. Also? Apparently O.J. is making friends by giving away candy bars. Seriously.

Next up, we have a Planet in Peril preview from Anderson. He and Sanjay Gupta both go on separate hunts for bushmeat and we learn how the bushmeat trade makes the whole world vulnerable to viruses. I'll recap further when the actual special airs. It's funny, despite their incessant advertising, Planet in Peril has kind of snuck up on me this time. I never watch the second hour and am therefore unspoiled when it comes to a lot of the footage. I'm looking forward to seeing it. For now, check out this behind the scenes video:

Poor Mary Ann! You're gonna need an ocean, of calamine lotion...

We have a double "shot" tonight, beginning with a little girl happy to have her father home from the war, and ending with a cringe-worthy kiss between Barbara Streisand and Bush. And of course 360 could not pass up the opportunity to add music to the kiss, which they then play in slo-mo over and over. *shudders*

I caught two webcasts tonight: one at the beginning and one at the end. Not quite sure what happened to the middle of the show. Anyway! We hear shopping tales from Erica Hill and apparently she's got her eye on a microphone for Cooper. It's kind of a WTF that this is falling on her, but whatev. C'mon Klein, you say you've got the money for holograms and everything else. Let's see it.

Things then heat up when Lisa Bloom and Jeffrey Toobin join the mix, though not in the literal sense. It's cold in the studio! We know Erica is always cold, but tonight we've got Lisa seconding that motion. I don't get it. Does the Silver Fox view anchoring like driving? Is he metaphorically rolling his windows down so he doesn't fall asleep? Because there have been times when he's been out in the field with a gazillion and one layers on, while his colleagues are in t-shirts. Yet in studio he apparently likes it frosty. Oh Anderson, you confuzzle me so.

I don't know if Jeffrey is cold in studio, but he most definitely was while watching his son play in a soccer tournament in the snow. Oh, I don't miss that. Being the oldest, I was a "soccer sister" and did my fair share of carting siblings to sporting events. I know my way around a cup of crappy concession stand hot chocolate. Anyhoo, then Jeffrey talks O.J. and mentions that during the first go-around he told his daughter a story every night and while in court he would try to think up more plot points. I hope I got that right. Also? Aww.

Lay-off Watch: Two more CNNers get the ax. I never really watched them, so I can't say I'm feeling these like O'Brien. Yes, Chez and Jacki have weighed in, but given that I'm sure (unfortunately) there'll be posts I'll want to link to in the near future, I'll hold off this time. Don't wanna be a blog stalker. Heh. That'll do it.


Blogger Pati Mc said...

Rats! I shook my couch and all I got was 12 cents, an M&M peanut, a few stale Cheetos and a backache! Where is my 15 Billion? Jeez - maybe I need some help to shake harder? Car czar becomes Bailout Nazi? I simply cannot imagine. :P

Apparently W has been house shopping. Good. He will be busy making baskets and macaroni art for the new digs. Even better!

Truthfully, I could never figure out Anderson and the cold studio either. Dude hated Greenland and refused to change clothes the entire 5 days he was there. (And we will not even metion using a "shigloo"?) Ew! The only thing I can think of is that he has admitted to being someone who perspires heavily and maybe he is afraid he will sweat through his suit jacket? Bleah, that is gross; but whatever his deal, show the rest of the crew some love. Jeez!

As far as I am concerned, I would like to see 360 ditch the live blog (it is beyond help), webcam and webcast. They are not taking full advantage of any of them, and I would rather they be gone than suck. JMHO. Let the kiddies do their jobs and forget the rest of that junk. The only thing that the webcast was good for was Kev and Floor Crew Friday. Maybe keep it just for that. I can be down with that!

Jon Klein is at it again I see? More meat for the grinder. Sad. But that is the nature of the biz. Prob more on the horizon, I'll warrant.

2:28 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

I had forgotten about the no clothes-changing in Greenland. Not to mention the no teeth-brushing. Ew. That'll keep back the fangurls.

The live-blog can be hit or miss. I've mostly given up on it, but every once and a while I'll try to shoot off a comment or two. I admit I've grown to love the webcast--a lot of the time anyway. The best ones have been Floor Crew Friday. I hate it when Erica just pimps stuff on CNN's website.

The webcam, however, seems totally pointless to me. I know the joke is to say that you could watch a celebrity you like doing anything. But turns out? Anderson typing just doesn't hold my attention. Heh.

3:42 AM  
Anonymous fan boy said...

Oprah and Palin should be able to like or dislike whoever they want... too bad that's pretty much impossible if they want to maintain their approval ratings

3:10 PM  
Blogger BenignaMarko said...

I would venture to say, he loves how things look. He is not interested in our opinion at this time. Let all people know that no one is absolutely perfect and we all make our share of wrong turns. He certainly was protecting his.
Benigna Marko

8:39 PM  
Blogger BenignaMarko said...

Do you ever wonder why people take such pleasure in the misery of others? I believe good always prevails and we need to be better to one another. Keep it in mind.

8:40 PM  

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