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Bill Clinton's Influence, Rezko Dealings, Economic Stimulus Package, HGH, And Post Republican Debate Discussion (Thursday's Show)

Hi everyone. We're kicking things off with the BREAKING NEWS that the New York Times is endorsing John McCain on the republican side of the 08 race and Hillary Clinton on the democratic side. What about "America's Mayor," one Mr. Rudy Giuliani? "Mr. Giuliani's arrogance and bad judgment are breathtaking," says the Grey Lady. Whoa. Suck it, Mr. 9-11! Anderson Cooper then throws us to a Candy Crowley piece on the final days of the South Carolina campaign. Hillary Clinton is now back in the state and Bill seemed to concede that maybe he should stop the bickering with Obama. Of course that didn't stop them from continuing to go back and forth. Whatever. Can we all just vote tomorrow?

For discussion on the Clintons, we're joined by Carl Bernstein, author of "A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Clinton." He's been talking to Clinton supporters and people in the party that feel Bill is now out of control and destructive to the party. On the other hand, he thinks what Bill is doing is working because it's knocked Obama off his 'hope' game. But you know what? I want Obama to get knocked around a bit. Because if he can't survive this now, there's no way he's going to be able to get through what's coming with the general election. And we may as well find that out early before democrats once again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Cynical? Yes. But also practical. We can wish for cordial campaigning all we want, but it's never going to happen. Anderson then brings up an ad that the Clinton's ran, falsely accusing Obama of saying he supported republican policies. They pulled it after 24 hours, but of course now it's out there. Very Rovian. Not cool. Clinton will make my choice easier if she keeps up that crap.

After Bernstein, we learn that Kucinich has dropped out of the race, a fact that Anderson deems "a footnote, really." Ouch. Damn Anderson, that's cold. Aw, buck up Kucinich! At least you still have a really hot wife. Ahem. From here we go to Drew Griffin live, standing in the freezing cold. Why? Not why are we going to Drew, but why must he stand in the cold? In these circumstances you all can do live shots from your hotels or wherever sometimes. I don't think many of us would actually care...or notice. Just saying. Anyway, Drew intros into a "Keeping Them Honest" piece he did on Tony Rezko and his connection to Obama. Drew tells us Rezko is like the Jack Abramoff of Chicago politics and his name was brought up by Clinton in the debates. Apparently one of the other candidates has to say something before we get any honesty keeping going on. The deal with Rezko is that he's a slum lord. The deal with Obama is he worked on some of the low income housing deals as an attorney and supported deals as a state senator. There's also an issue with land, but it doesn't seem like any of this stuff has a gotcha in it. Besides, as David tells us later, Clinton has had her own questionable dealings. Obviously two wrongs don't make a right, but one wonders what she's thinking.

Speaking of what people are thinking (my best transition ever! heh), it is time to pause the serious news for our nightly dose of "What Were They Thinking?" We all know how 360 loves their foreign television and someone over there has discovered a new soap opera from Thailand called "Battle of the Angels" that's all about flight attendants...constantly slapping each other around. Oh, the TSA would not like that. Also not liking it, is the Thailand flight attendants union, who feel the show is ruining their image. Though not my thing, I'm going to have to note that women in short skirts fighting each other is an image that some people probably quite like. But anyway, this has all caused such an uproar that the Thai government has stepped in to call a meeting. This causes Anderson and Erica to muse about what something like that would look like here. Well, hell, if Congress is going to debate resolutions over ads, why not?

On now to a Tom Foreman piece on the Bush stimulus package that is supposed to save us from a recession, unless of course we're already in one. Basically what's going to happen is people making under 75,000 will get a $600 tax rebate. But not everyone. And not everyone will get the same amount. Just be happy with whatever comes in the mail, people. There were disagreements all around in Congress, with some people in both parties not wanting to run up the deficit even more. Hey, it's only your grandchildren's future; what are you worried about? But I'll take $600. You don't have to offer it to me twice. Of course the problem is, as Anderson notes after Tom's piece, that some people won't spend the money. That would be me. Heck, I still have gift cards from Christmas...2006. My love of shopping was pretty much killed dead the first day I ran a cash register. Tom tells us that the government not only wants us to spend the money, but to be excited about it. Good lord. Fine. My next purchase I will give a "Woo hoo!" and end with some jazz hands. Happy?

In tonight's "Beat 360" Anderson gives us an impersonation of Queen Elizabeth...that should never be done again. Heh. Just saying. We then move into a David Mattingly piece on human growth hormone or HGH. Apparently it's not just for baseball cheats anymore. Now Hollywood stars and rappers are requesting the treatment. And they are stupid. Because, duh, there are serious side effects. Seriously, what's wrong with people? It's like with Botox. Yes, let me inject botulism into my face. WTF?

Moving on now to discussion with John King, Amy Holmes, and Gloria Borger, all part of "the best political team on television." Because if they say it enough, pretty soon it has to be true. They're here to use their punditry skills on the republican debate that just wrapped up over on MSNBC. Apparently the consensus is that it was pretty polite. This did not please Amy. "I was disappointed that it was so civil. Where were the fangs? Where were the claws?" she asks. Whoa. Someone needs to take two steps out of the beltway and take some deep breaths. But then again, she's just being honest about what we all know the media wants to see. Conflict sells, baby! There's more discussion, but I think that's going to be all from the "best blogger on the interwebs."

The Shot tonight is Jerry O'Connell doing an impression of Tom Cruise's Scientology video. And it is awesome. Jerry's Q rating just skyrocketed. This launches Anderson and Erica into a discussion about movies, since Cruise and O'Connell were both in "Jerry Maguire." "I'm like one of the only people on the planet who doesn't think that's the best movie ever," says Erica. No you're not. I didn't like it that much either. You know what else I didn't really like? Forrest Gump. There. I said it. Shun me if you must. Anyway, then they're talking about babies in movie theaters and slasher movies and it just kind of goes on and on, leading Anderson to say, "God, when -- when is this segment going to end?" That would be now. Except then there's something wrong with the prompter. Anderson: "Coming up on the program, the "Beat" -- the prompter just has to move, because I don't know what's coming up unless I'm told by a machine." He's really only here to look pretty, people. Kidding, kidding.

Okay, so yay for foregoing any Ledger speculation. But moving into the future, boo to Friday's Peterson speculation. So for those keeping score at home, in terms of speculation that's one 'yay' and one 'boo.' And did you notice the "Blog from the Back Row" is back? Ask and ye shall receive! Next I would like to ask for a pony. Or, um, some war coverage. The show was okay. B


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