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More Iran/UN Talk, Dumping The Helpless, Wrongly Imprisoned, And ANS Crap With Even More Perspective (Thursday's Second Hour)

Hi guys. Sorry about the delay. We kick off the hour with a repeat of the Tom Foreman piece and are then joined by Abbas Milani, "the director of Iranian studies at Stanford University and co-director of the Iran Democracy Project at the Hoover Institution." Abbas thinks the UN resolutions have maybe gotten the Iranians to rethink their position, but Anderson points out that critics think the UN has failed when it comes to Iran. Abbas notes that now they seem more willing to negotiate. Also, in the past Iran had played the US against the rest of the world and now everyone is united against Iran. Anderson again states that Ahmadinejad is not the one with the power here. You just keep saying it Anderson! Abbas says that Ahmadinejad's small role is diminishing even more because he's failed on the domestic and economic front. Anderson then asks who would be hurt the most from an attack on the Strait of Hormuz, pointing out that Iran depends on the oil too. Abbas agrees, stating that shutting down that oil would bring every car in the country to a stop. Oh, the traffic jam from hell.

Next up we have repeat Michael Ware and then we move into a Randi Kaye piece on skid row. Hmm. Anderson's in LA, they do a skid row piece. It's like clockwork. I kid 360 though because it's an important topic. It's kind of sad that they keep covering this and it's apparently not getting better at all. What happens is that hospitals in LA are essentially dumping their patients when they can't find anywhere to take them. Sometimes they literally dump them in a gutter, which is what happened recently to a man who was wheelchair bound with a colostomy bag. He was found crawling disoriented in the gutter with his property bag in his mouth and covered in his own waste because the colostomy bag had broken. That is so entirely messed up. How could anyone just dump someone in a gutter? The city is now invesigating 55 cases of dumping from LA hospitals. But get this, it's not illegal to dump people. Why the hell not? Everything is for profit now: healthcare, news,...war. After her piece we get Randi live and Anderson notes that legislation has been introduced to make dumping illegal. Yay! Randi states that fines and possible jail time might deter some dumping, but the Southern California Hospitals Association is against anything that would criminalize hospitals. Well, maybe if they didn't act like criminals this wouldn't be an issue in the first place. Randi then points out that one wonders why the most recent case was released at 1:00 in the morning. Um, that's a good question.

Transitioning now to a Gary Tuchman piece on James Waller, a man falsely charged with the rape of a 12 year old boy. Yikes. Apparently the victim said a black guy did it and he was the only black guy in the complex. The jury only deliberated for 46 minutes. Damn that sucks. James did 11 years and then got out on parole. From there he worked to clear his name, but during that time life sent him an even bigger blow: his wife and unborn daugher were killed in a car wreck. So if you think your life sucks, just know that you could be James Waller. Man. At that point he wanted to die, but he kept fighting and eventually hooked up with the Innocence Project, who got him a DNA test that proved his innocence. So yay for him! But guess what that means? Yeah, somebody just got away with raping a 12 year old boy. After the piece we get Gary live and Anderson notes that the governor still needs to authorize James' exoneration, but he's taking forever. Why? Gary agrees the governor doesn't seem to be in a big rush. Okay, who is this govenor? Oh, Rick Perry. That explains it. Jerk.

On now to our requisite ANS crap. As per usual, I'm not blogging the content, but we've got some choice quotes here. First from Anderson, "As I said earlier, I've only watched a few minutes of this, but I had to turn it, because I wanted to scream at the screen every time I saw these people -- 'There's a war on! There's a war on! There's a war on!'" You sing it man! It's like he's in my head. We're totally soul mates. Okay, maybe not. Anderson, I hear you freaking about the courtroom drama, yet here we are talking about it and I don't see a gun to your head. Perhaps it's off camera. Oh there it is. It's shaped like a Nielsen box.

Okay, so then we get this from Toobin, "...there was something pathetic about Anna Nicole Smith's life that was on display here. Is that this woman was an ATM machine with big breasts." WTF, Toobin? No you didn't. Are you actually going to make me want to defend a dead slutty former playmate? Because that ticks me off. Don't make me put you on notice. Anderson again, "Well, I mean, and also, in terms of contribution to society, I mean, you know, I'm sure she was a nice person and she had children, and I'm sure she loved them and stuff. But it's not as if we're talking about something that really matters to anyone other than a -- or should matter to anyone but a small circle who stand to reap the benefits of this, but clearly people are fascinated by this." Exactly! This is my big beef with the news sometimes. James Kim. Runaway bride. Guy who flies small plane into New York building. So much coverage for people that are quickly forgotten. Oh, and I am not fascinated, Anderson. I'm pissed. After this there's repeat autism stuff and we're out.


Anonymous Sharla Dawn said...

I love you ELIZA!!! LOL. Seriously, though. No, really.

-yet here we are talking about it and I don't see a gun to your head. Perhaps it's off camera. Oh there it is. It's shaped like a Nielsen box. All I can say to that one is, yeah. Yeah, that's it exactly!!!

I remember when that thing about dumping people in LA first was shown. I was totally horrified, and what makes it even worse is that... no one said anything? SOMEONE was dumping them. And out of ALL the people who have ever been involved... no one said anything?!!

James Waller? Racism at its best. Or worst, whatever way you want to look at it. They didn't mention about the jury- I'm curious about the demographic.

That "there's a war on!!" quote is the one I was talking about. Hee. Someone really DOES read our comments over there. How nice. And apparently they've taken (at least some) notice, because Friday's broadcast was much better.

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great work Eliza, I love the Nielson box quote!
I had not heard much about dumping before (ER covered it briefly in an epi that I saw once, and I thought they were exaggerating it for drama's sake- obviously not) but I can't believe that hospitals are fighting to not have it criminalized. I can sympathize with thier situation of not being able to keep them forever, but leaving a half-coherant wheelchair bound human being in a gutter is not the solution. There's no way I'd be able to look at myself in the mirror.

3:52 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

Yeah, it's all about ratings with the ANS crap. Unfortunately that's how the news business works. I'm probably being unfair to Anderson to throw that on him because I doubt he has much say in it, but then again, Lou Dobbs as far as I know isn't covering it, so there you go.

5:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Eliza: I agree with you regarding AC covering ANS, however, I have to admit (and based on some of AC's comments) that he does not really find this topic very newsworthy. I do wonder, though, why AC does not have a say in whether it gets covered on his show or not. God knows that LKL has done his share of covering this topic so why does AC360 have to? Not only is Lou Dobbs not covering it, neither is Brian Williams....according to his blog, he is refusing to cover it! Just one of those things that make you go "hmmmm"...

10:44 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

@jr-Well Brian Williams is a completely different thing. He's on network and only has 22 minutes. Cable news is different.

Yes, it seems Anderson thinks it's stupid too. I think people think he has more power than he actually does. I don't know why Lou Dobbs is allowed to not cover it. Maybe it's because he caters to a different demographic of viewers and his numbers are staying strong even without ANS. Who knows? The only think I know is that I want them to stop and I think most viewers with intelligence agree with me. Unfortunately, people still watch.

11:34 PM  

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