Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bush Press Conference, 2008 Polls, Candidates Breaking Ground, ANS Crap, And North Korea (Wednesday's Second Hour)

Hi everyone. We kick off the hour with an Ed Henry piece on the Bush press conference. I'm a bit too tired to go into the substance, but my God our president is a dick. Did you guys get to see some of the other parts CNN doesn't show? What we're seeing here is bad enough. He's not answering anything straight. (Big surprise). And he's acting like a child. I'm literally cringing as I watch this. I don't know how the press people don't just scream at him, "what is wrong with you?" Okay, now I'm getting mad, so we're moving on to Rudy Giuliani on Larry King. Hey man, I do 360, not Larry King.

Next up we have a Bill Schneider piece on polls for 2008. The poll man is back! Right now Giuliani leads McCain in polling, reportedly because he's seen as the strong Bush of 9-11 and McCain is seen as the weak Iraq Bush. I really hope the social conservatives squash Giuliani because I think all that leadership stuff is crap. Oh, and if it's Giuliani versus Clinton? Basically comes out a tie. Does it matter at this point? We have over a year. You know how many scandals can happen in a year? Somebody with crash and burn; somebody new will come out of the woodwork. It's politics.

On now to a John Roberts piece on how diverse the candidates are this time around. We're told the democratic nominee probably won't be a white male. Oh, c'mon! Again, we're over a year out, there's no way anyone can make that prediction. What about Edwards? What if Gore jumps into the race? We may very well end up with Clinton or Obama, but it's much too early to call it for only those two. On the republican side there's a possiblity for a Mormon candidate due to Mitt Romney throwing his hat in the ring. Eh, I don't think he's got much of a shot, but maybe. When it comes to whether or not Americans will vote for these candidates, the polls look good. However, people often give pollsters politically correct answers all the while voting a different way. After the piece we've got more ANS crap, complete will Court TV snipping.

Finally tonight we have a John Vause piece on North Korea. It's not a nice regime. John tells us the government " involved not only in the production and trafficking of heroin and methamphetamines, but also fake cigarettes and prescription drugs and counterfeit currency." Plus they kidnap Japanese people and turn them into spys and they've reneged on previous deals to end their nuclear program. After the piece John says that right after the deal with the US broke the official state run media in North Korea reported the suspension would only be temporary. Ruh-Roh! That'll do it.

What is wrong with Bush? Do you think the North Korea deal with hold?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Dubya is like every other politician- a greedy, self-serving bastard. (Cynical at all? Me?) He's also surrounded by other greedy, self-serving bastards who are more concerned with being in power and accumulating wealth than with the good of the country or its people. But, I have a low opinion of most every politician.
As for NK, what will we do if it doesn't hold? Throw rocks at them? That's about all we have left.
Do you ever watch Letterman? He has a segment called "great moments in presidential history" where he shows snippets of great speeches from JFK and such and then ends with a snippet from a Bush speech. I can't decide if it's more funny or embarrassing.

10:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a Canadian maybe I should not express My Views on what goes on in America.
I believe Bush is as President is CEO of the Nation also should have full support,during his term of office.
Would it not be considered treason as a matter of fact not to support during this war against terrorism or am I drinking too much coffee.

4:49 PM  

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