Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Iran/Iran Weapons Connection, Weather, People On A Plane, A Fraud Doctor, A Fraud Messiah, And ANS Crap (Wednesday's First Hour)

Hello all. Can I just say I really hate winter? We've just got John Roberts tonight. Apparently Anderson is lost somewhere in the rainforest (relax fangirls, I'm kidding). Maybe a frog got him. We begin with a clip of the Bush press conference and then John explains the whole timeline of how that Baghdad briefing on the weapons came to be. Ooh there's graphics. Impressive. Michael Ware, Ed Henry, and Jamie McIntyre then join us for discussion about all of this. Michael tells us that if Bush is right and it really is the Quds force supplying these weapons, then they're right that the orders are coming from the top. But Bush being right is kind of a big "if." John wants to know then why it seems like they're walking back a bit from the briefing.

Jamie tells us that they don't have bullet proof evidence and obviously the Iraq intelligence failure is now a factor. Ed Henry agrees, saying, "...after everything that happened in the lead-up to the Iraq war, you would think that, this time, in dealing with Iran, that the administration would make sure that it was rock-solid..." Oh Ed. Your statement is adorable. Michael notes the Iraqi government has already asked Iran to quit it, but it's not in Iran's interest. It's the Americans that are bogged down. Yay us. Sigh. John states that it looks like the democrats might go for a binding resolution. They found a spine?! Where was it? Let me guess, Hastert was sitting on it this whole time. Ed points out that Bush would love for the democrats to do this because then he'll be able to pin Iraq's failure on them. Dammit! Maybe the media can, you know, not let him get away with that. Michael tells us that if we're going to fight Iran there will have to be a draft because there's no other way. Okay Michael, please don't scare the blogger with the 20 year old brother.

On now to...snow! Dear Mother Nature, please stop. Our winter fun begins with a Gary Tuchman piece set in Syracuse. They just got 18 to 20 inches of snow and it's six degrees. Brrrr! Gary rides around with a crew that has to dig out all the fire hydrants. Oh, that sucks. So I guess my job could be worse. From Gary we go to Albany for a Jason Carroll piece. I guess no one wanted to actually leave the state. I kid CNN. I know you had somebody in Cleveland. But still, spread the love, you know? Jason uses a stuck driver as an opportunity to get some b-roll footage of him looking all helpful pushing her out. Okay, I'm probably being overly cynical. Good job Jason. And look! Guy skiing. Oh those crazy New York staters.

Transitioning to a Carol Costello piece about Jet Blue passengers that were trapped on a New York tarmac for eight hours. Apparently there were no gates available and then the wheels froze to the ground. Yikes. So anyway, people were not happy. Nobody ever gave them any answers through the whole thing. That would be the worst part for me: the not knowing. Because then you start to feel like you may never get out of that situation. Because honestly, eight hours? That's not too bad. Inconvenient yes, but I've heard of people being stuck on planes for longer. I can go eight hours without eating or going to the bathroom and it wouldn't be a huge deal for me. I actually excel at just sitting. Probably explains the blogging thing. Don't feel too horrible for the passengers because they've been offered a full refund and a free round trip ticket.

Next up we have a Dan Simon piece about a fraudulent doctor. Her name is Dr. Daniel and she actually does have the credentials, but she's selling people bogus treatments. Dr. Daniel goes on Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN), a religious broadcasting network, and tells people she can cure them with her formulas. However, the formulas are expensive and, oh yeah, they're total crap. One of them was nothing more than Vitamin C and caffeine. Now federal invesigators are on the case and some of the vicitms and victim's families are suing. I really hate people who take advantage of the sick and I hate them even more when they use religion to do it. After the piece John throws us to commercial with, "Straight ahead, the usual mix, you know, Anna Nicole Smith, the son of God, Satan." Why John, was that snark?

On now to a John Zarrella piece that at first I thought was repeat, but I guess is some sort of update maybe. I really don't know. What I do know is this is all kinds of craziness here. See, there's this guy named Jose Luis De Jesus and basically he believes he's the second coming of Jesus Christ. No, really. But the scary part is this isn't some guy ranting to himself on a city corner, this guy's got thousands of followers that are members of his religious sect called Crecienda en Gracia, or Growing in Grace. Most of his followers are in Latin America, but he's getting more popular in the US. The sect was founded 20 years ago in a warehouse outside Miami. Doesn't exactly have that whole 'died for the world's sins' ring to it, does it? Jose says that actually he's the antichrist, but it's not bad like it sounds. His followers even get tattoos of "666" on them. Yikes. The religion is all about finding heaven on earth and Jose says he does greater things than Jesus Christ. Blasphemer! The most disturbing thing about this piece is not the crazy leader guy, but all those who are following him.

The hour ends with a bunch of Anna Nicole stuff that I refuse to blog. The Shot tonight is a couple in their 90's renewing their vows. Aw. The show was meh. We had ANS in both hours and I thought the Dan Simon and John Zarella pieces should have been done on different days, especially since we already had a lot of weather related stuff. More hard news was needed. B-

Should the democrats go for a binding resolution on Iraq? How's winter treating you?


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