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The Killing Fields Of Africa And The World's Shame (Tuesday's Second Hour)

Tonight's second hour begins with Anderson rehashing a bit and then throwing to John in studio, who intros into a repeat of the Joe Johns piece. After that we get a Dana Bash piece that covers the republican sinking ship. Hastert is doing everything he can to save his butt--burning up the phone lines and hitting talk radio. Boehner is playing two cards by dumping it on Hastert and blaming democrats. Following the piece we again have Joe, Candy, and Dana live and Dana notes that Hastert had a small victory today in that no lawmaker called for him to resign. Candy notes that the democrats have the high ground now and they need to be careful in order to keep it. Joe touches on the blame democrats are getting and Clinton is of course mentioned. That whole argument is so ridiculous. Monica was an adult and it was consensual. And if they thought what Clinton did was horrible, shouldn't they also be repulsed by Foley? Since when do two wrongs make a right?

Transitioning now to Anderson for the moment and he's walking through a market where the locals are selling fruit. I really hope they actually bought something instead of just pointed at it because that's a little rude. Anyway, Anderson informs us that life expectancy in the Congo is in the mid 40's. For those keeping score at home, that's about the same as Afghanistan. Also, Anderson needs to learn that just because the life expectancy is in the 40's doesn't mean no one makes it past that age. It's just funny the way he words it is all I'm saying.

Back to John now and he intros us into an Allan Chernoff piece on the Amish school shooting. Oh, and we get a nice little picture reenactment that kind of looks like the Sims game. Seriously, WTF? Anyway, the shooter apparently molested some young relatives years ago and may have been planning to molest the girls. Also, there is evidence he was very upset about the death of his baby daughter. Following the piece we have John interviewing the church pastor of the wife of the shooter. Not at all surprisingly, he saw no indication this would happen. I wish some day they'd interview somebody who says, "Oh, the guy was a freak. I totally saw this coming." It's always, "he was so quiet and nice." Also, what is the point of this interview? Just because you can get people who know people connected to the case, doesn't mean you should.

Transitioning now to a Sanjay piece on the deplorable conditions in Chad. You see, people from Darfur who are forced out of their homes often flee to Chad, but the situation there is not really any better. Chad has the worst healthcare in Africa, with only 10 percent of people having access to any. There is hardly any medicine and no electricity. Sanjay shows us a wood bench that acts as a surgical table. A fifth of all babies born in Chad never reach the age of five. Just let that sink in for a minute. The biggest issue in Chad is lack of water and Sanjay shows us some really nasty water that people are often forced to drink. What's funny in a nonfunny way is that many citizens of Chad have actually decided to go live in the refugee camps in their own country because conditions are a little better there than just normal life in Chad. After the piece Sanjay joins us live to inform us that there are 250,000 refugees from Darfur currently living in Chad and crossing the border isn't a distinct thing because of all the different tribes.

On now to a taped interview Anderson did with George Clooney. Oh my. They make it tough to be serious, don't they? Anyway, George has been to Darfur previously and he says he thinks about the people "literally every day" and that the situation is mindboggling (the boggled minds are spreading!). He also informs us that one of the tactics of the janjaweed/Sudan government is to paint planes to look like the UN in order to get people out of their homes to bomb and kill them. There are just no words. Anderson asks George if he is optimistic and he basically flat out says no, but does believe things can be changed. George tells us that everyone he's talked to at the UN believes things will get worse before they get better.

Back to Anderson live and he's standing with a guy that has actually made a wooden bike. Wow. It's just one example of how people there make do with what they have. Anderson then intros us into a Jeff piece, in which he goes on patrol with the African Union peacekeepers. In the piece they are on their way to the aftermath of an attack, but then get radioed that there is rebel activity ahead. They don't have the capabilities to fight them and don't want to lose more men, so they have to turn back. Jeff says this makes their mission basically mission impossible. The peacekeepers need at least twice the number of troops they have, logistics, and access to air to be effective, but right now they're not getting any of that. You'd think that would be the least the world could do. Jeff then joins us live to state that these forces are very capable, but ill equiped for the job. While Jeff is talking we can hear Anderson talking to someone else. Hmm. Jeff even tells Anderson to "listen to this", though it is unclear if he would have said that even if Anderson wasn't ignoring him. I know, there's probably technical stuff Anderson was taking care of, but still.

Next we have an Anderson piece about baby gorillas that are stolen from their mothers to be sold on the black market. He then visits a primate psychologist who informs of that gorilla babies are basically just like human babies. I had no idea there was even such a thing as a primate psychologist. While Anderson and the psychologist are hanging out on the ground, one of the gorillas comes up and smells Anderson's armpit. In case we can't see this, Anderson then informs us of this fact. This might be the loudest I've ever laughed during 360. Anyway, so many inappropriate comments and deodorant commercials are filling my head right now. Raise your hand, raise your hand if you're Sure! That shrub placement isn't helping me either. Okay, back in the piece, the psychologist tells us that someone actually tried to sell them a blackmarket baby gorilla. A sting was set up and they were so busted. Unfortunately, there are many more out there.

On now to a taped interview Anderson did with Jack Hannah. Jack explains that gorillas are actually very gentle, but you shouldn't look them in the eye. He also tells us of how once his cameraman was charged by a gorilla, though things like that are rare. That would probably happen to me. After Jack, Anderson wraps up and...we're out. Great show.


Anonymous Sharla said...

He probably was focused on the "mid forties life expectancy" because he's 39 and feeling the impending doom.

Like I said in my other comment, the gorilla-sniffing-my-armpit moment was freaking hilarious.

Plus the butt crack shot- I nearly snorted my soda out my nose right then.

I wish I had TiVO. I didn't hear Anderson talking to someone while Jeff was talking, but maybe he was talking to the camera guys or producers or whatever. At least it's not as bad as that news anchor that publicly berated her brother-in-law on national TV because she was chatting away with an open mic (while Bush was talking, of all things).

9:53 PM  
Anonymous Sharla said...

Yippee! One of my comments got posted on the 360Blog again. I am curious who the moderators are, and why sometimes they let the weirdest stuff through. Any thoughts on that?

10:03 PM  
Blogger midnite6367 said...

I don't know what Anderson's up to when he throws it to his correspondents, I definitely heard him talking when Jeff was doing his report. At one point I heard him say "I may ask you to pan over..." I didn't hear the rest, but when they went back to Anderson, the cameraman did pan over to the people who had gathered and were waiting in line for food. This seems to happen whenever he goes on location.

10:10 PM  
Anonymous Sharla said...

OMG!! I had to come back and post this for you. A couple of hours ago I put up here that I was happy my comment got posted on the blog (to Sanjay's entry)....well, Anderson read it on the air tonight, second hour, right near the last commercial break. I was so shocked I almost fell off my couch. I'm dying for a good screencap of that... could you get me one?! Plleeeeeeeze?!!

12:10 AM  
Blogger eliza said...

Congrats sharla! I thought that name sounded familiar. Ah yes, I remember the high of having Anderson say your name on tv. Heh. I actually don't do the screencaps. I have people. LOL. Okay, they're not actually my people and they've actually been capping long before I've been blogging. I'll ask, but since the night is over, no promises.

Re: Midnight
That wasn't the first time I've heard Anderson talking off camera during an interview. I think in the field everything is just so up in the air that sometimes it has to happen.

To everyone,

I'm in office tomorrow, so don't expect Wednesday's reviews until Thursday evening. Thanks

12:56 AM  
Blogger Annabelle Echo said...

Hey Eliza,
This blog is great. I didn't realize while watching last night that Anderson was showing a home made wooden bike. Nice image. Maybe I've got that on tape I'm not sure... As usual I was probably ogling AC and not registering what he was saying... I did notice that he was focusing on the "impending doom" of reaching his 40s. I hope! Hey his dad and aunt had heart conditions. But life expectancy is much less in this part of Africa so maybe he doesn't have some kind of fear for himself when he mentions those statistics. Anyway I too hope to write something soon about these reports from Africa.

5:15 PM  

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