Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Keith Olbermann: Our Own Murrow

Hey everybody. I know this blog is about a CNN show, but I think I need to give a little love to my other favorite news guy, Keith Olbermann. Any other Countdown fans out there? Anyway, Keith has been on fire lately with his special comments. Check out his latest:

Also, as my previous post states, I didn't watch the show tonight, so I have no idea what's going on here:

But it cracked me up anyway! Thanks to liberation337 for the cap. I did get to watch the show tease and it looks like I missed a good one. I'm particularly interested in seeing the orphan piece. I caught a minute of it this afternoon, but had to get back to work. I wasn't bummed though because I knew it was exactly the kind of thing 360 would cover. I'm a little nervous to see how they did with the Bush/Clinton fact checking. Not a hack job I hope. Anyway, talk about the show and show your Keith love in the comments.

PS: Cards lost. Boo.


Anonymous Xish said...

I was an intermittant Countdown viewer previously but now I make a point to tune in daily to hear what truths Keith will throw down. It certainly would be great if Keith's incisiveness and brutal honesty were common among those in the media, but he's one of the very few and I can't think of anyone else on television news delivers the sort of intelligent criticism of the Bush Adminstration. Anderson doesn't like to give out an opinion or take sides, but sometimes I wish he'd get fired up like Keith, even though I realize that's not his style (the Landrieu moment was certainly memorable of course). Keith is great and it's interesting and amusing to read the predictable criticism his comments are getting from the right-wingers.

4:09 AM  
Anonymous Sharla said...

Love Olbermann, myself.

Erica Hill cracks me up. I used to think she was flirting shamelessly with Anderson until I realized she is married, and decided that they must be friends with the same sense of humor. I haven't seen her talk to anyone else like that :)

If you look on YouTube, Olbermann's video got quite a lot of flak. Those people are morons!

10:29 AM  
Blogger eliza said...

I've been a loyal Countdown viewer since November 2004. Keith was the only television anchor to give all the election irregularies any significant coverage. The only one! We'll never know if the election was stolen or not, but to not even give the question coverage is shameful. Keith has definitely been radicalized over these past couple years. When I started watching he never really editorialized and was fairly apolitical in his coverage. He did commentary after Katrina, but that was about it until recently. Now he's mad as hell and isn't going to take it anymore! And yeah, I'd love Anderson to show us even 1/10th of what Keith is doing.

11:53 AM  
Blogger eliza said...

Sharla these people are not just morons, they're dangerous. Last night Keith opened his personal mail at his own home and white powder fell out. A threatening note indicated it was revenge for Keith speaking out. Everything is okay. It turned out to be soap powder, but still. I can't say I'm surprised. I knew the death threats would start coming if they hadn't already. This is why Keith needs to know we have his back. The story:

3:24 PM  

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