Thursday, September 21, 2006

CNN Celebrates Crazy President's Day (Second Hour)

The second hour begins with the normal annoying intro, but uh oh, there's no sound. "That's what they call a technical problem, " Anderson snarks. I actually think it was an improvement. Anyway, we go right into a Michael Ware piece and learn that Al Qaeda is becoming stronger in Iraq because they're taking over other groups whose leaders have been killed. In the piece we see Michael interviewing an Al Qaeda fighter. Eeeek! Michael has said in the past that he let's these guys take him places. That just freaks me out. After the piece we get Michael live and he tells us that Al Qaeda has taken over the Ramadi Oil Ministry and are pulling in between $400,000 and $600,000 a month. Good Lord. "Remember there was no Al Qaeda here under Saddam," Michael says. Oh, I remember.

On now to an interview with Peter Bergen and he tells us that violence has spiked in Iraq since Zarqawi's death. Also, Zarqawi was kind of a loose canon, but the new leadership is probably more likely to take their orders from Al Qaeda central. When asked about civil war, Peter says that "train already left the station." Peter believes that Iraq has now become the center for the war on terror. I don't. I think it's Pakistan. Peter has a short memory. Following this we get a Tom Foreman rerun and some rerun of the Ahmadinejad interview.

Transitioning now to the Wolfbot's interview with Bush and it's brought up that Bush friend James Baker wrote years ago that we should not take out Saddam. Now Bush is the one that goes all robotic. 9-11 changed everything! Does not compute. 9-11 changed everything! Somebody must have superduper charged the Wolfbot's batteries before this because he gets all up in Bush's grill about Bin Laden, "why can't we find these guys?" Bush then talks to the Wolfbot like he's retarded. That's our president, folks.

Next up Brian Todd gives us an overview piece about Hugo Chavez. Of note is the mention of the 2002 attempted coup, which US officials in the piece deny was backed by the US. Yeah, right.

On now to a Dan Simon piece on John Karr. Oh, man! I thought we stuck a fork in this guy already. This should not be news. Anyway, Karr was charged with having child porn, but the cops lost his computer and now...blah blah blah. I so don't care. Oh, but it gets better. In the studio to waste their time discussing this, we have Jeffrey Toobin and Court TV's Lisa Bloom. Anderson wishes Lisa a happy birthday. Crappy way to celebrate, Lisa. They sort of seriously discuss the case and then Anderson wants to know if this guy will write a book and do the tv circuit. This makes me want to cry. If 360 books him they are so on notice. Lisa doesn't think he'll get on any shows, but Anderson knows "one network seems to rotate hosts pretty often." Oh, snap again. Anderson's on a roll tonight. Anyway, after more chitchat Anderson says, "I got nothing left to ask." Well good. Let's never speak of this again.

Transitioning now to a Dana Bash piece on the congressional debate over fixing immigration with a 700 mile fence. Democrats compare the fence to the Berlin Wall and note it will cost $9 million a mile. It's noted that the immigration legislation stall was a blow to Bush and this wall is basically like throwing him a bone. Yeah, I'm sure this wall is a great idea. That'll stop them. Why can't these people understand that until living conditions improve in Mexico they will keep coming no matter what we do? The Europeans realize this and that's why the richer countries invested in the poorer countries that border them.

Continuing on the topic of immigration we have Pat Buchanon on to pimp his book, which I am not mentioning because I don't want you to buy it. Pat thinks we're being invaded. I think Pat is a racist. Look, I'm all for border security, but I'm for things that work. A fence won't work. I wish Anderson would have called Pat out on some of his inflammatory comments in the book. Whatever. The Shot tonight is video of a jewel heist...and we're out.

Screencaps by Stillife.


Anonymous Michael Ware's mum said...

Michael Ware is the shizz.

9:32 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

LOL. You raised a fine man.

12:07 AM  

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