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The Republicans Implode And A Peek Of Africa (Monday's First Hour)

Hello everyone. I imagine some of you are wondering why we only got a smidge of Anderson and Jeff in Africa tonight. I have to say I'm a little annoyed with CNN and the lax way they promo this stuff. See, I read the press release that said this coverage would be from Tuesday through Thursday, so it wasn't completely surprising to me that there wouldn't be much Africa coverage tonight. However, how many average viewers read CNN press releases? I'm guessing hardly any at all. But what the average viewer did see was the tv promo for the coverage that basically said they would be in Africa the whole week. All I know is that if I was a casual viewer that tuned in tonight and this was all I saw I would not be tuning in tomorrow. It's such a simple thing to have the tv promos say Tuesday through Thursday. Grrr. Anyway, at least it looks like they all got there. I know Jeff Koinange had some trouble.

We begin tonight with John Roberts introing us into a Candy Crowley piece on the Foley fallout. There are more emails and I gotta say, hearing Candy read them is pretty creepy. Anyway, Foley has suddenly discovered he's an alcoholic and has now slunk away to a rehab center for that and other related behavioral issues. Hmm. Well, at least he didn't blame it on Ambien. Meanwhile, the republican leadership is shocked. Shocked! And disgusted. But then there's this tiny little detail that some of them actually knew about the original "overly friendly" emails for quite a while. Oops. The White House is very eager to talk about anything else. They'd probably even want to talk about Katrina at this point. Sorry Tony, you're in for a tough spell.

Next David Gergen joins us live and he and John agree that the situation is just a big old mess. The Gerg says this story will stay alive for quite a while as who knew what when comes out. It's rumored that The Washington Times might even be asking Hastert to resign. Although those on the Christian Right have been strangely silent. C'mon guys, I thought this was kind of your thing. Or is it only a family value if the crime is committed by a democrat? I think we'll be hearing from them soon. They've got their fingers to the political wind right now. The Gerg believes that the republicans are guilty of negligence, but he has yet to see evidence of a cover up. Just you wait Gerg, just you wait. Something else important he notes is that everyone can understand this scandal. I completely agree. Last week the legislation on the torture rules was a huge deal (and I'm still very bitter), but it was too complicated for most people to get. People get, "do I make you horny?" There's no dressing that up.

On now to a Joe Johns piece that informs us that this sort of happened 23 years ago too. Joe also rehashes some stuff we've already covered and points out the big freaking irony that Foley himself spearheaded legislation to protect minors from this very thing. After the piece we have Jeffrey Toobin and ethicist Randy Cohen live in the studio. Toobin hits the legal aspect and states that solicitation over the internet could be considered a crime. Basically he thinks Foley is in a lot of trouble and the fact that this was all kept a secret in a partisan way makes it look much worse. Cohen also touches on the secrecy and says it is very unethical the way the republicans kept this from the democrats just like how it's unethical the administration is keeping Iraq news from the American people. He believes, "democracy relies on an informed citizenry." Amen to that. Unfortunately, we don't exactly have that. Cohen also thinks Foley is a total hypocrite since he criticized Clinton for his Monica affair. He finds Foley's downfall, "strikingly delightful." Okay, I kind of love this guy. Seriously 360, have him back.

Now we've got Anderson checking in and he's doing that really fast talking wheezy thing he sometimes does in the field. It freaked me out the first time I witnessed it, but I'm over it now. Just remember to breath, Anderson. Anyway, he's standing in a lava field in Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo and basically he just tells us what we'll be seeing later.

Transitioning now to a Randi Kaye piece about how celebrities always seem to run to rehab everytime they mess up somehow. She likens it to using alcohol as a get out of jail free card. Previous card carriers mentioned include Patrick Kennedy and Mel Gibson. This pretty much feels like filler to me. Yeah, people blame their actions on addictions. Do we really need a piece to tell us that? To beat this dead horse we then have addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky join us live to talk about the Foley case. Except Dr. Drew doesn't know Foley, so this is basically just a bunch of speculation we don't need. Of note is that pedophillia cannot be caused by alcohol. And though it wasn't mentioned, neither can anti-semitism. I'm looking at you Mel Gibson.

Next up we have the horrible story of another school shooting, this time in Amish country. Today Charles Roberts went into a one room schoolhouse, separated the girls from the boys, and then began shooting the girls execution style. Just horrible. Four are now dead and seven wounded. Roberts also turned the gun on himself. He left notes to his family and it is known that the crime occurred due to a 20 year grudge, but there's really no motive as to why he took it out on this school. Don Lemon then gives us a crash course in Amish Life 101. Apparently something horrible has to happen to the poor Amish for us to learn about them. I personally don't think this piece is needed, but I know Amish basics, so whatever. Basically if you ever saw the movie "Witness" you know what's in this piece.

Back to Anderson now and I guess I'll give you some of the info Anderson is shooting at us rapid fire. The war in this country has cost three to four million lives and has been the deadliest since WWII. There are some 17,000 UN troops there trying to keep the peace, but war lords are refusing to give up their weapons. Of course there are the human misery staples of rape and starvation, but animals are at risk too, specifically mountain gorillas. It sounds like the coverage these next few days should be good. Rounding out the hour, John gives us The Shot, which is a youtube video from Barcelona of a human tower. They get pretty high, but then...yep, all come tumbling down. Kind of reminds me of Jenga. Tonight was just eh. I didn't like being led on by the Africa teases and a lot of the other reporting could have been better. C+

Screencaps by liberation337.


Anonymous Mathilde said...

I had no idea so many people had died in the Congo. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems no one else is covering this story.

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Sharla said...

Your screencap is "African Misery" and Anderson has this huge grin. Uh?

I was wondering why he is always gasping for breath out in the field. *gasp*wheeze*squeak* Maybe it has something to do with it being 4am over there. Or in the dark with a bunch of creepy crawlies freaking him out.

mathilde... no one IS covering it to my knowledge. That's one of the reasons that 360 is so interesting.

But I wish John Roberts would stop acting like that's HIS chair just because Anderson is gone!

11:37 AM  
Blogger eliza said...

Yeah, I know the screencap doesn't really fit. There was actually another one with him looking all serious, but...I couldn't resist that smile. Eliza has her shallow moments too. As for the wheezing, that's just one of Anderson's quirks. I guess all anchors have them. Back in college I had a scriptwriting teacher point out that when Tom Brokaw did the news he shifted around all the time when he was standing. Kind of funny.

2:41 PM  
Anonymous Sharla said...

I know. His smile is KILLER.

3:27 PM  

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