Friday, September 08, 2006

Play It Again Sam (Second Hour)

We start the hour again with the 9-11 tape and a rerun of the Nic Robertson piece. From there Peter Bergen and John Roberts have a live discussion concerning why we haven't seen much of Bin Laden. There are several possible reasons including his health and the fact that he doesn't want to give clues as to where he is. The regrouping of the Taliban is also covered and Peter let's us know that the off the record answer from the military as to why Afghanistan is such a problem can be distilled down to one word: Pakistan. Hmm, didn't some guy say something once about nations that harbor terrorists. I seem to remember some sort of doctrine thingee.

On now to the upcoming elections and a piece by Bill Schneider chalk full of polls. This guy is the pollmaster. Anyway, apparently both sides are trying to nationalize this thing. We also get a taste of what 2008 might look like. The front runners now are Hilary and Rudy and a race like that makes this blogger just want to quit paying attention to politics all together. Once again I have to wish that CNN would stop with the horse race stuff and really get into the candidate's issues. Obviously they can't do all the house races, but the senate races are doable--especially the ones that are polling close. Something like that would be so much better for the public. They could go at it by taking the candidate's campaign commercials and do a fact check. Call me CNN. There's more ideas where that came from.

We cross segments next and hit on immigration. This is a topic that has fallen down the memory hole recently after a good many weeks of "Oh my God, the Mexicans are coming!" coverage. John King gives us a piece on two republicans in Arizona battling it out for a house seat. Randy Graf is a shut the border kind of guy, while Steve Hoffman supports Bush's guest worker program. I don't know how I feel about this guest worker program deal. Initially I was for it and was quite happy to have found something that the president wasn't being retarded about, but there are concerns, people. First off, Europe has a guest worker program and it's not working out so hot for them. Also, I'm not sure anyone besides the people from NOW on PBS realize this, but we actually have a guest worker program. It's a lot smaller than what's been proposed, but it exists and the workers seem pretty exploited. It's shocking to me that I've probably seen a dozen hours or so total of strictly immigration coverage from the last few months of news and not once did I hear NAFTA or CAFTA mentioned. You want to fix immigration you have to possibly rewrite those trade agreements and invest in Mexico. Those are the only things that will even begin to fix this problem.

And now we're on to...oh my God, Lou Dobbs has crossed over into the 360 studio! Oh now you didn't think we'd discuss immigration without Lou did you? Some may say that Lou gives the commentary that other anchors don't want to give, so it's okay that he comes into other studios. However, I think he's actually stealing commentary time away from anchors who are very much willing to commentate. If only there was some way to keep him in his studio. Maybe build a fence or something. Hmmm. Anyway, I like a lot of what Lou has to say concerning the middle class, but right now all I'm hearing is blah blah blah...mind bogglingly...blah blah blah. Wait! Mind bogglingly? The boggled minds are spreading throughout CNN!

It's time for another Keeping Them Honest from Joe Johns. Joe's covering the fallout of the BP line shut down. Apparently Congress is NOT happy. They even actually swore them in this time! I guess Ted Stevens got distracted by internet tubes. Anyway, 80% of the US oil supply comes from this line and BP hadn't had it cleaned since 1998. "Couldn't you find the money somewhere to keep the pipeline in shape?" they're asked. Aw, c'mon, you don't want them to have to give up any of their bonuses now do you? Let's be real here.

On now to an Allan Chernoff piece on the new man on the 10 Most Wanted list. The new inductee is Ralph Phillips and he is on the run after breaking out of prison and is suspected in the shooting of three officers. We then get a phone interview with the guy's lawyer, which I really don't think is necessary.

We end the night on the reporter beating and it should be noted that they have been teasing the video continuously throughout the broadcast. Pretty disgusting really. I wish I could give you a count how many times they played it, but I didn't think to do that until it was too late. Anyway, I'll leave you on a chuckle. John asks Mattes how he knew the wife was going to get a gun. Mattes replies, "she said, 'honey I'm going to get the gun'" John agrees that might have given him an indication. Heh.


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