Friday, September 01, 2006

A Blog Is Born!

An Introduction...

Hello Anderson Cooper 360 Review readers! Welcome to the brand spanking new blog. Because I'm a newbie at all of this I hope you'll be patient while I find my blog legs. Like the newborn on the left, this blog may initially suffer from fits of crankiness.

I've been a loyal viewer of Anderson Cooper 360 for about a year now. Prior to that I watched the show sporadically. In my view, every news anchor is a "bobblehead" until proven otherwise. Anderson Cooper proved himself otherwise to me when he went to Niger. Following that I found the show's Katrina coverage phenomenal and Anderson's smackdown of Senator Mary Landrieu sealed my loyalty. Since that time my feelings for the show have ranged from respect to disappointment and frustration. Therefore I have decided to use this blog to delve into the stories 360 covers and how they're covering them. I also hope to blog about important topics not being covered by the show. As you can probably guess, this blog will sometimes come off schizophrenic. Much like the show itself.

What this blog is not...

There are many blogs and websites dedicated to gossip and speculation about Anderson Cooper. A scary amount actually. However, this isn't one of them. Obviously Anderson is the host and will therefore be mentioned on this blog almost constantly, but if you're looking for chitchat about how cute he looks or tidbits about his personal life you've come to the wrong place. Of course that's not to say this blog will never take a dip in the shallow end of the pool. I am only human.

How the reviewing will work...

Basically after every show I will do a recap, critiquing where I see fit. Obviously this will be an entire exercise in subjectivity. Some people might not see a problem with an hour of coverage of a missing white girl. I would have to differ. Each broadcast will receive a letter grade A+ to F just like in school, so sharpen those #2 pencils. Your humble blogger is kind of a hardass, so an A is going to be hard to come by. Hopefully F's will be just as rare. Also, it should be noted that while the intrepid Mr. Cooper takes pride in keeping his opinions off his sleeve, I make no such promise. I have political views and they will be made known on this blog continuously. If you have a differing view, that's what the comments are for. But please keep it civil.

Well, I think that about takes care of it. The first official review of Anderson Cooper 360 will be Tuesday. Happy blogging!


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Ah, I love the smell of a brand new blog...

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