Thursday, September 07, 2006

It's Always Something (Second Hour)

I had hoped to have this done by now, but this blogger is not having a good day. This blogger came home from work to find her house without electricity. This blogger has become very familiar with the no electricity having lately. This blogger has the power company on speed dial people. Anyway this will be a very abbreviated second hour because I didn't actually see it all and CNN doesn't have the transcript up yet.

We start the hour with a rerun of the Ed Henry piece and then transition to a Bill Schneider piece on the war and public opinion. Following that we get a piece from John Roberts on the democrats no confidence vote on Donald Rumsfeld. I agree the vote was political, but hello?! Doesn't mean it's not the right thing to do. Rumsfeld is an arrogant disaster.

Okay, now we've got Joe Klein and David Gergen discussing the battle for Baghdad. Of note is a very brief exchange between Klein and Roberts concerning a comment Klein makes about the Iraqi army. He says they were recently beaten by Sadr's army. Roberts interjects that it was a draw. There are looks exchanged between the two. I wish I could post the exact quotes, but alas, no transcript. Anyway, very interesting John Roberts piping up like that. You wouldn't see Anderson and his opinionless sleeves do anything like that.

I think the next story was on Afghanistan, but I was out of the room. My apologies. Onto The Shot, which hit at the halfway mark of the hour. This time we have a rookie throwing a no hitter. Not my favorite, but at least no one was assaulted.

Next up we have a piece from Randi Kaye about online organ donation. I actually found this pretty interesting and not just because one of the people was from St. Louis. Basically people who need organs post on the site and then people willing to help can go there and offer up their organs. Okay, that actually sounds bad, but I'm being brief here. Randi focuses on a man who might donate to a mother who needs a kidney. But we don't find out if he did until after the commercial break. It's a cable news cliffhanger! Gotta love CNN whoring for the ratings even when it comes to organ donation. There are obviously big concerns here, but the whole idea didn't repulse me.

Now we get a Keeping Them Honest--my favorite segment of 360. Joe Johns tells us FEMA has taken A LOT of our money and basically has no idea where it went. Joe Johns doesn't tell us anything we didn't already suspect. Keep at it Joe.

The broadcast tonight ends with a Steve Irwin tribute by John Roberts with footage of Irwin's father. Sad. I hope this is it for the coverage though. It's time to let the man rest in peace. Well, that's it for the show. I've had a bummer of a day so here's a butterfly, just cuz.


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Just found your blog & I like it. Keep it up.

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Thanks anonymous. :)

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