Friday, February 04, 2011

Anderson Cooper's Reporter's Notebook Of Egypt

Hi everyone. Thank God today seemed to be a little better. Not great, but Team AC360 were actually able to broadcast outside with real lights. Can I get a cautiously optimistic woo hoo? I guess we'll see how Egypt fares these next few days. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of the country and the journalists covering their story. I leave you with Anderson Cooper's Reporter's Notebook:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Contrary to what the Egyptian government is reporting (that foreign reporters are more than welcome to stay and report in Cairo), there are still numerous reports of journalist/reporters both foreign and local being attacked and detained. I'm sure Anderson doesn't want to leave but imagine if he was caught or detained, it would be an even bigger news than the whole Revolution itself. Anderson being who he is no doubts makes him one of the biggest and easiest target unlike Amanpour who is able to blend and relate much better with the crowd.

Regardless though, glad Anderson has decided to leave Egypt. Big respect to Anderson and the whole CNN team in Cairo for the amazing reporting...

Just need to add, extra kudos to Ivan Watson for his reporting. He's been there right along side Anderson in most of the world events yet is much under-appreciated..

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