Monday, November 08, 2010

Andrew Shirvell Fired

Hi everyone. This is going to be a super-short post. I thought the show dragged a bit, but that might have just been me. Anyhoo, I don't have much desire to blog the thing out, so a few quick thoughts:
  • Finally that creepy Andrew Shirvell gets the boot. One wonders what took so long. I had to laugh over Anderson Cooper pondering why the former assistant AG picked Chris Armstrong to harass. Although, he probably secretly has the same theory as the rest of us. I mean, we're all thinking it, right? Funny how the line between love and hate can get so blurry--especially when you're dealing with the severely emotionally stunted.
  • By the way, that linked tweet comes from someone at the Daily Show who produced this must watch report on Shirvell. Both hilarious and massively disturbing. Below is 360's 'Keeping Them Honest' segment on the subject.
  • Wow, Rand Paul aggressively campaigned against earmarks only to now fight for Kentucky's share? So shocking! For the record, Paul's people say that the "The Wall Street Journal" reporter who wrote the story misunderstood the senator's comments. Uh huh. I guess we'll see. In any regard, we got another montage! Aw, they're like a thing now. Yay!
  • The best thing George Bush ever did was pretty much disappear after he left office. I was almost able to delude myself into forgetting his existence. But now he's "written" a book and therefore EVERYWHERE. I avoid the NBC interview and still end up seeing part of it on CNN. Makes it hard to forget those eight terrible years. About the fetus in the jar? WTF does one say to that? I can't even. And Kanye West saying he doesn't care about black people was one of the most disgusting moments in his presidency? THOUSANDS of people died in his war of choice and he's upset about the comments of a rapper? It's like he doesn't even live on this planet.
  • The segment with Wheel of Fortune winner Caitlin Burke was adorable. I'll post the video later if they ever put it up. Video posted below. I was cracking up over Anderson clearly fishing for compliments about his Jeopardy skillz. Also: "Can you explain to me Sudoko?" Haha. The Silver Fox is mystified by it, y'all!
  • That's all for tonight. Show was okay.

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