Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Dear Alan Grayson, You're Not Helping

Hi everyone. The bullet points are tired tonight! So, no time to waste. Away we go:
  • We're kicking things off with some honesty-keeping of Alan Grayson, the current occupant of position number uno on my list of progressives who frustrate me. He's in a race for a Florida U.S. House seat against Daniel Webster, a man with some pretty radical views, or at least affiliations. In other words, Grayson could have easily took the high road and let his opponent hang himself. But no, instead he decided to make the same idiotic mistake of so many before him. Rather than running on his progressive values, he went screeching in the other direction, putting out an ad called "Taliban Dan" that takes Webster widely out of context. Now, predictably, it is Grayson who finds himself on the defense, while Webster gets to play victim, and no one focuses on the actual issues at hand (which were demonstrably in Grayson's favor). Bravo Alan! Thanks for reminding me that Democrats still have the ability to screw up literally anything!
  • The Congressman actually joined us tonight, and oh, our Anderson Cooper was ready, y'all! But first, he apparently needed to make me sigh: "We should take a moment to say that it's not our job to stick up for everyone who happens to get hammered by a tough campaign ad or get caught up in which side's point of view is good or bad for the country. That's why we have elections. That's up to you to decide. But because elections live or die on voters having accurate information, we think our job is to call people out, no matter where they are on the political spectrum, liberal, conservative, for polluting the waters of public knowledge, in other words, 'Keeping Them Honest.'" Yes, exactly. We know. It's kinda implied in that whole journalism thing.
  • For much of the interview, our anchor focused on the "Taliban" aspect, which personally didn't bug me near as much as the out-of-context clip. Yes, the former is beyond the pale, but it's also subjective. The edited quote is completely black and white. It is out-of-context. Period. For the record, when called out on this, Grayson says he doesn't agree. Actually, he dodges just about everything Anderson throws at him, and is a bit of a dick to our anchor to boot. Awesome.
  • Grayson: "But what is the first thing that a career politician says when he's called to answer for his own words? These were his words, not mine. The first thing a career politician like Daniel Webster says is, I was quoted out of context." Dude, he was! You did. And the messed up part is that he has said a bunch of disturbing stuff, but you changed the narrative.
  • All this talk about editing...in an edited interview. Amusingly ironic. Not hypocritical--there's no wrongness here, but there's a "heh" factor.
  • Grayson: "Anderson, it's a little disingenuous for you to say that I have avoided answering questions about this ad. You are not the only show on TV." Oh, snap. I actually don't know who's right here. Grayson was on MSNBC recently. Other than that, haven't been watching.
  • Our anchor did a pretty good job. He's turning into a bit of a little pit bull. But the cute kind that you're comfortable allowing your children to play around. First block below:

  • The next segment picked up from last night, focusing on the subject of bullying, specifically anti-gay groups' efforts to stop certain prevention/awareness programs. Justin Aaberg, a Minnesota 15-year-old, recently took his own life and now his mother is fighting to bring awareness to his school district, which currently does not allow teaching about sexual orientation.
  • We're joined by Minnesota Family Council president Tom Prichard and Rosalind Wiseman from last night. Given the name of his organization, can you guess what Prichard believes? If you pegged him as one of those "gay agenda" fools, you win the prize. Teh gays are coming for your childrens! ZOMG...oh noes! Meh. Can these people hurry up and stop existing? Because they're really starting to piss me off.

  • If you really need more of a reason of why the Prichards of the world are just flat out wrong, watch the next segment in which Anderson talks with bullied teens. Heartbreaking.

  • Anderson also spoke with Ellen DeGeneres about her own experiences and why she identifies with these kids. This is one celeb interview I can get behind. First of all, who doesn't love Ellen? But more importantly, it's totally relevant (unlike the head-scratcher that was Trace Adkins). The "that's so gay" issue from last night is brought up again, which I feel very strongly about. I'm a get-to-the-root-of-the-problem kinda gal. I'm not one for this put-a-bandage-on-it crap. All these haters in the media, and the churches, and the Congress (and those who stand by and say nothing)--this isn't happening in a vacuum. This shit is connected. Sarah Silverman gets it.
  • Since I'm already meandering off topic, hey, you think "that's so gay" is bad? Allow me to introduce you to "no homo." Thanks hip hop! (Ellen below.)

  • Okay people, there was more show, but I'm spent. I gave you the best parts anyway. If I may though: Dear Anderson, can you see? Because sometimes it seems like maybe you can't all that well. You have glasses for a reason, my friend. We won't laugh...much. XOXO
  • The show was pretty good. I kinda wish they'd do some punching upwards though. I'm not sure how gay kids aren't supposed to feel crappy when a U.S. senator thinks openly gay people shouldn't be teaching in schools.

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Blogger MetcalfeforCongress said...

It's time for America to lose its addiction to party politics and to be Americans. As the only Independent in the Grayson race, I will tell you that I am conservative and I understand that some people would prefer different political views. I believe that every American in Central Florida should have a chair at my table and be respected for what we agree and disagree on.

I'm George Metcalfe, Independent Congressional Candidate, in Orlando. If you cannot support Grayson's antics and will never vote Republican, you are respected by me and I will listen to you.

I cannot offer my website here, but I am easy to find. Thank you.

12:40 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

Hello, Mr. Metcalfe! Welcome to the blog.

If you cannot support Grayson's antics and will never vote Republican, you are respected by me and I will listen to you.

K, here's the thing, while Grayson's "antics" are hella annoying, he still votes like a good sane progressive. And while you may not have the scary "R" behind your name, I checked out where you stand, and dude, you're a Republican of the worst kind. You even want to mandate drug testing for welfare recipients! Yes, because everyone struggling in this horrible economy is obviously a crackhead.

So, in conclusion, you think you can get Grayson's votes? Man, you're trolling the wrong blogs. But good luck! I hear third party candidates do well in this country.

PS: Um, I did nothing to prevent you from offering your website. You want to be a member of Congress, but can't leave a link?

6:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Eliza and friends!

Check my site at www.georgemetcalfe.org

Beat Grayson
Beat Republican
Keep Doors Open for All Americans!

Email at george@metcalfelaw.com

3:49 PM  

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