Friday, September 17, 2010

Terror Babies Redux And An Appearance By Trace Adkins, Inexplicably

Hi everybody. I usually skip out on Friday blogging, but I thought I'd give you a few bullet points to make up for my absences during the week. Tonight's broadcast was, well, strange--though not necessarily in a way that can be categorized as good or bad. Let the weirdness begin:
  • Stay away from nursery schools, the terror babies are back! Or, at least, we're again talking about their nonexistence. So okay, remember when Texas state representative Debbie Riddle was on the show, and her face didn't move and it was kinda creepy, and Anderson Cooper had the gall (the gall!) to ask her simple questions regarding her claims about terror babies? Remember that? Apparently, Riddle is still peddling her nonsense, and has currently added the victim card to her tale--crying ambush by those shady, shady journalists known as the 360 kids.
  • Anderson Cooper gives us a recap of the Riddle and Louie Gohmert interviews, characterizing the latter as such: "Basically, he just kind of yelled at me and said I was attacking him." Basically? That pretty much exactly sums it up.
  • Back to Riddle, she's been dissing on 360 to "The Texas Tribune," who just so happen to be kind enough to let CNN air said tape. This is when things get a little strange. Meta fact-check time! Our anchor goes point by point through this new video, giving their side. So, even though I believe every word he's saying, it's not so much a fact-check, as it is them defending themselves. (I mean, can you fact-check yourself?)
  • Though it definitely added an element of surrealism, I liked the transparency regarding the preliminary interview. I wish all shows would be more open about how the news is made--maybe viewers would be more understanding. Or, you know, not.
  • Riddle is making up stuff about Jack Gray? Does she not know how many Twitter followers he has?!
  • Anderson: "I can understand why she's now spinning a story and trying to look like a victim of a bully during the interview. She clearly was not expecting to be asked for proof of the claim that she made. She's probably used to making this claim and no one calling her on it. We did." Yeah you did! *obligatory back pat* (I feel like I'm being asked for a cookie.)
  • Our anchor: "Too often, I think we let them get away with saying stuff on TV that the facts don't support." Yes, you do. And while I do generally think you deserve props for tonight and before, calling out the Debbie Riddles of the world is easy. Let's apply this same fact-checking to people who aren't so laughable, mmkay?
  • Speaking of laughable, sez Anderson: "I'm not making fun of Debbie Riddle or Louie Gohmert. I'm not attacking them." He may not be, but I totally am. For the record and all.
  • Anderson again: "But my job is to ask people for facts. Republicans, Democrats, it doesn't matter. If a person is spreading fear and falsehood, it's my job to call them on that." I don't know why he always feels the need to reiterate his job to us. It reeks of defensiveness. Don't tell us, show us, you know? Take a tip from Nike: Just do it.
  • So! That was kinda weird, huh? Honestly, I'm still pondering exactly how I feel about the segment. It reminded me of something Olbermann or O'Reilly would do. But I don't necessarily mean that in a bad way--they had every right to call out Riddle on her falsehoods. I will say though that I thought the tone was a tad too defensive. I don't know, thoughts?
  • This bullet point is jumping ahead to the appearance by Trace Adkins...and my comfuzzlement over the appearance of Trace Adkins.
  • Seriously, why is Trace Adkins being asked about politics? Is he involved somehow? This is not clear.
  • Anderson: "Really interesting guy. By the way, his new album, which he mentioned, is called 'Cowboys Back in Town.'" Oh for the love of...yes, please, get in that album plug. Pssst, Silver Fox, Regis & Kelly was this morning. You're on a real news show right now. I think.
  • Gasp! Judge Judy has taken over Oprah in daytime ratings. Says our anchor: "To me, I mean, Oprah is an amazing person. So I don't care that her ratings have dropped a little bit. She's still queen of television in my book." I see the Oprah-love remains strong. I was beginning to wonder. I'll never forget him excitedly telling Aaron Brown about his impending "first appearance" on the show and Aaron being basically like, "meh, it's not a celeb puff piece is it?" Why you gotta crush young journo hearts, Aaron? Don't worry, people. I think the Silver Fox was actually too excited to notice. I miss that pairing. So hilariously awkward.
  • The "shot" was Judy Judy on half-speed, which is basically just the show slowed down. I didn't really think it was all that funny, but to each their own. They then whip out the corny "Got Us Thinking" graphic and for a split second I thought they were actually going to play this video. Instead they just give Anderson the regular half-speed treatment. By the way, though I am mean enough to link to the aforementioned video (linking with love!), I will state that I am absolutely positive he was not drunk. It was after the inauguration. Our anchor is naturally stumbly anyway; when he's tired he can be epic stumbly. This is not a secret. Still funny though!
  • Isha Sesay is leaving us for two weeks?! Sad face. Psst, 360, we wouldn't mind learning about Nigeria. Just sayin'.
  • The show wasn't bad. As I've stated, some weirdness. But hey, it's Friday! That'll do it.

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