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Interview With Missionary Jim Allen, Tiger Woods Crap, Update On The BRESMA Orphans, and CPAC Coverage

Hi everyone. Sorry about the absence of Thursday's review. I was mad at Anderson Cooper for ditching out on us the night before, so I ditched out on him. Kidding. Naw, I was just being a slacker. And apparently I picked the wrong day. Because Thursday night? Pretty good show. Tonight? least we got some great reportage from the always awesome Gary Tuchman, so I guess there's that. Anyhoo, the Silver Fox has gone missing again and this time we have John King manning the anchor desk.

After some intro stuff to let us know that yes, they will be talking about Tiger, we move into a Joe Johns piece for a recap of the American missionary story they've been following, complete with timeline. As I'm sure most of you know by now, eight of the ten detained individuals have been released and are now back in the states. You know what this means, right? Let the interviews begin!

While Anderson isn't gracing us with his presence live and in person tonight, he is doing us the honor of some taped face time. Next, we're played an interview that he conducted earlier with freed missionary Jim Allen. There's two other people sitting with him as well (presumably his wife and lawyer), but they never speak. That's not weird at all. I'm guessing this has been edited down. From Jim, we learn that he only knew two other people in the group and did not know Laura Silsby at all.

Though he did see papers being filled out and signed as the children boarded the bus, he never saw any documents from officials. He indicates he was operating under the belief that they had everything they needed except some papers on the Haiti side, which they planned to acquire. No, he didn't know the children had parents. Jim tells us he's not mad at the Haitian government and holds no grudges. And that was pretty much that. WTF?

I'm a bit stunned at how little Anderson questioned him about Silsby. I know the men and women were eventually separated, but they were all detained together for a while. Were they able to talk? Does he have any thoughts on her and why she's still in Haiti? He says he holds no grudges, so does that mean he thinks this is all just a big misunderstanding? I'm flummoxed. Like I said, this is taped. Whether this is a case of incomplete questioning or poor editing I suppose remains to be seen.

So hey, I'm not sure you heard this, but it turns out that Tiger Woods gave a press conference today. I know! Predictably, our media had themselves one big newsgasm. Everybody wanted a piece of the spectacle. Everyone, except golf writers that is, who as it turns out, may just be the most principled journalists in the country. Go them! So, did I tune in? Um, that would be a hell to the no.

What we have next is a whole hot mess of Tiger Woods coverage...and I could not run over to MSNBC fast enough. Sorry CNN. Michael Jackson. Anna Nicole Smith. O.J. Part Two. I'm not doing this crap anymore. I did, however, flip back just long enough to find Tom Foreman at the Magic Wall, analyzing the golfer's appearance, including the "dark circles under his eyes." Oh dear lord. Please tell me they didn't have on a body language expert.

Transitioning to something that people should actually care about: Haiti. Just like Anderson and Sanjay Gupta before him, the intrepid Gary Tuchman has recently returned to the country. In his report tonight, he follows up with some of the remaining BRESMA orphans. Those of you who follow my tweets know that Jamie and Ali McMutrie have returned to Haiti (read the latest Facebook note from their sister-in-law here) in order to try to bring more of the children to the states. They've been asking for help in cutting through the red tape.

Gary speaks with Margarette Saint Fleur, owner of BRESMA orphanage where 36 orphans remain, only six of which have permission to leave. Some of the children are becoming ill (see photos at link) and one has even been hospitalized for pneumonia. But Gary reports that most appear healthy. Jamie and Ali are currently working to bring 12 of the children to the U.S., while the rest will probably be placed in French homes. Following his piece, Gary tells us the missionary mess has really slowed down the adoption process. Actions always have consequences.

The taped version of Anderson is back now for discussion about the CPAC conference with Bill Bennett and Erick Erickson. Oh boy! To be fair, Erick makes a distinction between conservatives and republicans, which I think is important. Other than that though, there's nothing to write home about here. I found it amusing when Bill was passionately defending Washington. Because from my end? That seems to be the place where good ideas go to die.

As for CPAC, this afternoon I found myself all discombobulated when I heard that a homophobic speaker was booed off the stage. ZOMG, is this progress? Perhaps so. But hold off on getting your conservative love on just yet. While they did in fact do the totally cool aforementioned booing, they also booed...wait for it...wait for it...the notion that waterboarding is torture. Now there's the conservatives I know and don't love! Le sigh. Well, one out of two ain't bad?

Anyway! I've been digging on Rachel Maddow's CPAC coverage. Actually, I've been digging on Rachel Maddow period. Have you seen her on Meet the Press? Girl's got skills. Plus, she talks to people she disagrees with (unlike someone who airs before her and shall remain nameless), and while she always aggressively holds feet to the fire, she's never not polite. This is no pundit to be dismissed. Check out the video below of her CPAC visit:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

I think that'll do it for me. As I said up top, not the best show, Gary's report obviously being the exception. I think he's going to be in Haiti all next week, so I look forward to his reporting. Is this the end of the Tiger coverage? One can only hope.

Update: I came across this video and thought you regulars would be interested. Aw, Anderson getting some well-deserved love and appreciation.

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Anonymous Sammy said...

Didn't expect to see John King tonight. Well, as long as I don't see AC covering Tiger Wood mind soul will be in peace. Thurday show along with the interview today was pretty awesome. It's covered all the important topics, of course with the obligated sense of fake balance but at least it's not gossip news.
AC been a busy bee all week. Hope he will get back to NY and stop skipping out on us.

How can anyone not love Rachel Madow? She could be fair and reason even when dealing with Jon Stewart or aggressive and awesome when telling Glen Beck to back off. The way she deal with people who disagree with her is so classy. That someone your were implying somehow was broadcasted after Rachel show which meant some hilarity was ensured. Still love her description of the floor mat pictures "he looks fierce." Of course he does, best generalization ever. I would buy that floor mat if it didn't cost like $32. Like MSNBC but not that much.

4:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I mean. I mean. I mean.

That is what Anderson Cooper says every five seconds when he is talking.
WHAT is this guy's problems?
I mean, he sounds, I mean, he sounds like a fifth-grader.
Hasn't anyone else noticed this?
How does he get asway with working for a major network, I mean, by continually and, I mean, repeatedly saying, I mean.
I mean, if you think I'm, I mean, makingthis up, then watch Cooper sometime.
I mean, it's wild.
The guy never learned how to speak.
The other thing is, he is apoplectic. He goes into an interview having no idea what to say or do and he ends up asking questions like, "I mean, is this surprising? I mean, are you surprised by this?"
The guy is a joke.
Sorry to have to break it to you. I mean, it's hard, I know, to hear. I mean, I'm sorry.
Are you, I mean, surprised, I mean, is this a shock?
-Ted Cohen

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha, great solution to writing up the Tiger Woods thing.

LOVE the Maddow video, and I hadn't seen the one with Anderson at the church! Good find.

LOL, the commitment of that Ted Cohen fellow. Yes this is exactly the right place to vent your troubles, young man~

8:03 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

@Ted Cohen: Ted, Ted, Ted. We really should stop meeting like this. Was the smack down I gave you last February not enough?

WHAT is this guy's problems?

Oh dear.

The other thing is, he is apoplectic. He goes into an interview having no idea what to say or do and he ends up asking questions like, "I mean, is this surprising? I mean, are you surprised by this?"

Grammatical issues and an obvious need for a dictionary aside, Ted baby, we really need to talk about your Anderson Cooper jealousy. I know, I know, it's hard. The guy saves children in the midst of doing award-winning reporting, all the while looking hella hot and being universally loved by almost everyone. But...I'm sure you have something too. A cat that loves you maybe? Remember, you don't need to tear down others to make yourself feel better. See you next February!

Hugs & Kisses,


11:11 PM  
Anonymous pebbles said...

Loved your reply Eliza, is this an annual thing between you two? I think that poster just wants to annoy you.

FYI, AC wasn't around Friday night because he was the featured speaker for the Reagan Forum at the Ronald Reagan Library. That's the reason why he was in LA the whole week. Last Wednesday, I think he also had another speaking engagement.

11:00 AM  
Blogger eliza said...

@Pebbles: Haha. Thanks. I don't know. My suspicion is he's googling "CPAC" every year and landing here. But responding to him sure is fun. Not an Anderson Cooper fan, apparently.

Yeah, I think I heard something about that. I don't really concern myself too much with keeping track of that kind of stuff. Don't see much point.

6:56 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

For those following the comment banter, our friend Ted has returned to comment to the post from last February.

12:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I can't get enough.

I mean, well, yo know, uh, I mean.

Omg I sound like you know who!

Cheers friend.

-Ted Ted Ted (Cohen)

5:52 PM  

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