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Middle East Fighting Picks Up, All Eyes On The Economy, Blagojevich Does Presser/Horrifies Americans, Suze Orman Back To Annoy, And Equal Pay

Hi everybody. We begin with our requisite BREAKING NEWS, the subject this time being new attacks in the Middle East. This takes us to Nic Robertson live on journalist hill at the Israel-Gaza border and he tells us he's been hearing heavy explosions. The lights have gone off as well. Remember that U.N. cease-fire resolution from yesterday that I wasn't all that impressed with? Yeah, well in a subsequent Nic piece, we learn that it's pretty much being ignored by everyone. Shocker. Speaking of the U.N., they're getting reports that 100 Gaza civilians were evacuated into a house that was then shelled by the Israelis, who say they are investigating. *Le sigh* There will be no winners here. There never are.

Transitioning now from that horrible news to, well, more horrible news--this time concerning our economy. The unemployment numbers are in for December and we're sitting at 7.2 percent, which is the worst it's been in 15 years. Overall things haven't looked this dreary since 1945. This is one of those points where I like to insert something jokey to lighten the slit-your-wrists mood, but...I got nothing. So, uh, here's a picture of a puppy. Still with me?

Up next, we have a Candy Crowley piece that informs us that Obama has officially picked two of his security peeps. But the topic on the tip of everyone's tongue is the economy. Obama is laying down the pressure on Congress to pass his stimulus package, while they, in turn, are being difficult. Congresscritters, I'm about to put you "on notice." Don't think I won't. I actually agree with a lot of their complaints, but I feel like we're standing on the deck of the Titanic, arguing over how best to lower the lifeboats. Just do it! I'm especially disappointed in the Democrats. As Gloria Borger wrote today, they need an intervention.

After Candy's piece, she joins us live to talk about the previous huge-ass (technical term) bailout we gave to Wall Street. And hey, guess what. That first $350 billion? Poof! Yeah, they don't know where that is. Says Anderson Cooper: "I don't know whether to laugh or cry that we have spent $350 billion, and no one really knows where's it's gone." As I've said on this blog before, "laugh so you don't cry, people. Laugh so you don't cry." Because with as many crying opportunities as there have been these past few years, well, you're just going to get dehydrated.

Time now for financial advice from Suze Orman. Oh...yay? It must be Friday because they're doing question filler. And look, Suze has a new book that needs promoting. Nice of 360 to help with that. So anyway, Suze's advice? Prepare for job loss. Cut back. Have a savings account. Wow. How enlightening. Those aren't completely common sense tips at all. Then she sends a questioner to her affiliated website. Good lord.

Moving on to the news that Governor Blagojevich and his bangs-of-corruption were impeached today and apparently he wasn't leaving without a show. I sadly missed his press conference performance and therefore cannot properly snark you through, but if the tease copy of the show is any indication, it was something. B-Rod, as Anderson called him earlier (and hopefully never does again), brought himself some human props to the circus, so that he could point to them and say, see, I've helped people. Also? More poetry reading. Because a press conference isn't officially over until someone reads a stanza.

To discuss--or more accurately, laugh at--this train wreck, we're joined by David Gergen, Joe Johns, and Tara Wall. Anderson starts off by noting the governor's totally straw man argument that he's being impeached because he's working too hard for people. Um, no. You're being impeached because you tried to sell a senate seat. Among other things. Joe points out the bizarre dichotomy between Blago's eloquent poetry-reading and the profanity-laced tapes that got him busted. Think he's ever combined the two? "Two roads diverged in the motherf*cking woods, and I took the one less traveled by. And it has made all the f*cking difference."

Anderson laughs over the massive balls this guy must have (er, not his exact words) to talk about saving lives, all the while shaking down a children's hospital. I think that's my favorite. The Gerg sums this all up perfectly as only the Gerg can: "Anderson, one runs into more and more people from Illinois who say, this guy's nuts, he's crazy. But he's also crazy like a fox, he put Burris in there." Speaking of Burris, they discuss him too, but nobody really knows what the hell is going to happen. There's also stimulus package discussion, and typing that just made me giggle because of the previous porn story. Thanks for that, 360.

On now to an Erica Hill piece on the official word that Marian Obama, Michelle's mother will also be going to live at the White House. That's nice for the girls. This piece felt very deja-vu. I would've been fine with just a headline.

Moving on to a Tom Foreman piece that details efforts by Congressional Democrats to get rid of the statute of limitations regarding suing for wage discrimination. See, for 20 years, Lily Ledbetter worked at Goodyear and right before she was to retire she found out that the guys she worked with made more than her. Not cool. So she sued. And won. But then in 2007 the Supreme Court stepped in and said if you're going to sue, you have to do it when the discrimination first happens. All well and good except for Lily Ledbetter didn't know about if for almost 20 years. Because wage discrimination is still very much a problem (women make 75 to 80 cents for every dollar their male counterparts make, and minorities fair even poorer), Democrats want new law. Republicans claim it will result in unprovable lawsuits. Hm, let me guess; all the detractors are white men.

Next up, we have a Gary Tuchman piece on Jett Travolta's memorial service. Okay, I appreciate the show has refrained from ever making this tragedy part of the top story, but this is a little too far. We're shown video of the service that was obviously taken from a helicopter. By who, I have no idea. Classy. Then we get tidbits about the private service that a local paper was able get. And of course there's the Tom Cruise View clip for good measure. There are some official statements too and those are fine. Tell us those. The rest of this...why? Gary had a good piece that ran during Campbell's show tonight and I really wish they would have aired that instead.

Transitioning now to...oh look, Suze's back. Joy. Time for more book pimping! Anderson hits her with more viewer questions and right off the bat she encourages a woman to go to her official website where apparently she'll be able to learn how to save $100 to $200 a month. And this is how I know that Suze is completely out of touch. Things are bad right now. Not everyone is in financial trouble just because they don't know how to cut back or save.

Later, she notes that when she was on Oprah (name drop) she made everyone pledge not to go out to eat for a month. She realizes that there are millions of people in this country struggling just to be able to afford to eat, much less eat at a restaurant, right? Couple her complete out-of-touchness with the poor/lower middle class, with the fact that she keeps scaring well-off people who should be spending and helping out the economy, and she's worse than I first thought. 360, please, there has to be someone better. Or at least someone who won't pimp their website and book.

"The shot" tonight left me speechless. I never thought I'd type these words: the Wolfbot dancing. That's right, Wolf Blitzer shook his groove thing with Ellen, and I almost fell off my chair. Also? Ellen made him a scarf (aw), which the Wolfbot says he will not be giving to our anchor. Anderson did not get a scarf when he appeared on Ellen and he wonders if it's because he failed to dance. That's right, buddy. No dancing; no scarf for you!

Tonight's show wasn't as good as the rest of the week. It's Friday, I suppose. But at least they're still keeping with the Middle East and the economy stuff up top. Hopefully that was the last of the Travolta story.


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