Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama Leaves Trail, Powell Endorsement, 360 Loves SNL, Palin Splitting The GOP, And James Cayne Named A Culprit

Hi everybody. Happy New Week! I'm short on time for this post, so this is your abbreviated version. We're kicking things off with the BREAKING NEWS that Obama is temporarily suspending his campaign. No, no, he hasn't done gone crazy like McCain did; his grandma's really sick and he wants to visit her. I think this deserves an "aw." Prayers for, grandma! Also? The campaign isn't really suspended because Biden and Michelle are still out there.

Candy Crowley then joins us live and informs us that though Obama politically probably won't be hurt by taking time off, the decision to do so was made on a personal level. Tell me, what party owns family values again? In a subsequent piece from Candy we learn that Hillary Clinton is getting her campaigning on and she and Obama are taking Florida by storm. The Sunshine State will go blue, dammit!

Moving on now to a Dana Bash piece on the campaigning going on here in Missouri. Anderson Cooper intros by noting that, "McCain drew a much smaller crowd in the same suburb Obama visited this weekend." I have no idea what he's talking about. The crowd thing is right, but Obama was downtown and McCain was in St. Charles, so . . . Anyway, whatevv. The point is that Obama drew a whopping 100,000 people, and I really wish I could have been there. I thought about going, but with my health situation, I knew it would end up being a stupid move. At least I've already seen him twice before. McCain managed to get about 3,000 people. That is sad.

Time now for our panel, with tonight's strategizing peeps consisting of David Gergen, Joe Madison, and Gloria Borger. They talk a bit about Obama leaving to visit his grandma and then move on to the subject of Colin Powell's endorsement. We're played a clip of Rush Limbaugh, because, I guess, 360 hates us, and he bloviates that the decision was all racial. Wow, Limbaugh being a total dick, who didn't see that coming? The Gerg smacks down this nonsense right good, noting that nobody ever talks about race when one white candidate endorses another white candidate.

Joe thanks The Gerg and says, "Who died and made Rush Limbaugh the authority on black people?" Seriously. What's incredibly scary (and sad) is how many listeners he has. Gloria says that if the decision was all about race he could have done it weeks ago. Yeah, they were both black back then too. Anderson tells us that the McCain camp has mentioned they might put Wright back on the table, which, of course, leads to talk about Wright. So, let me get this straight, the McCain camp talks about maybe talking about Wright . . . and now 360 is talking about Wright. Nifty little trick, huh? For hating the media so much, that campaign sure doesn't mind playing them like a fiddle.

Transitioning now to an Erica Hill piece that covers Palin's appearance on Saturday Night Live (see here). Man, 360 lurves themselves the SNL, don't they? Anderson even asked us on the blog who are favorite cast member was. If it makes Anderson Cooper blog, you know it's love. So anyway, Palin's appearance brought the show its highest ratings in 14 years. Meanwhile, the kids over at Mad TV quietly cry themselves to sleep at night. The general consensus seems to be that your politics influence how you viewed her performance. Personally, I thought she was pretty stiff in the cold open, but then funny during Weekend Update. And hey, she's got rhythm; you can't deny her that. I think I'm with James Carville though in that it didn't make much sense politically. Oh wells.

Next up, we have an Ed Henry piece on Palin and how much she sucks or doesn't suck. Kinda depends on who you are. The base continues to love her. The so-called "elite" conservatives like David Brooks and Peggy Noonan? Not so much. I have to say, I love how she's calling Obama a socialist when her own running mate voted to partially nationalize the banks and wants to bail out homeowners. Oh, but he's a Republican, so that just means he's a good American. Right?

Moving on to discussion with David Brody from the Christian Broadcasting Network, Bay Buchanan, and Ed Rollins. Hold up, you took away my Gerg and leave me Bay? That's cold, 360. David is here because he actually just interviewed Palin. She talked to the Christian Broadcasting Network, huh? Who'd a thunk it? I was going talk about how sad it was that CNN had to resort to interviewing people who interviewed the VP since they couldn't get her to come on herself, but it turns out, she's apparently agreed to an interview with Drew Griffin. I'm going to hold my judgment until I see it, but uh, just read my back posts for a taste of what I'm thinking right now.

So anyway, Bay thinks Palin is all great. Naturally. And David tells us she thinks her faith in God is being mocked. What? The finger of blame then of course comes down on the liberal blogosphere because, hey, why not? Yes, sorry if we want to make your witch doctor weirdness an issue after we heard weeks and weeks of nothing but Reverend Wright. Turnabout is fair play. Anderson sort of brings this up later: "You just were talking about Sarah Palin talking about people making fun of religion. Is there concern that they bring up Reverend Wright, is that's attacking Obama's religion?" They all have their crazy pastor people. Well, except for Biden, who seems overly normal. What's up with that?

Our final piece of the night is from Gary Tuchman and it's part of the nightly "Ten Most Wanted List, Culprits of the Collapse," AKA "10 Assholes Who Screwed Us Over." Tonight's culprit is James Cayne, former CEO of Bear Stearns. It's that whole subprime lending thing again. The charge against this guy is that he was out of touch and not involved enough, which lead to everything collapsing. What did his incompetence leave him with? Well, $600 million of course. Ah, the fairness of life.

"The Shot" tonight is some base jumping in West Virginia. No thank you. The webcast was basically Erica Hill doing a lot of jabbering at us. Not earth-shaking, but better than her pimping the website. And hey, were we or were we not promised Jack Gray? I'm waiting. OK, that'll do it.


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