Friday, October 31, 2008

End Game Campaigning, The Terminator Assists McCain, African Americans Worried About Their Vote, And Obama's Presidential Priorities

Hi everybody. The show seems to be coming at us tonight from somewhere that is not New York. Given the bad makeup and lighting Anderson Cooper is suffering right now, I'd guess Los Angeles. There's a history. But hey man, I'm not knocking the LA peeps. They're used to trying to make Larry King look presentable. They spend so much time making the dead look alive, I guess it's only natural that they would accidentally make the alive look a tad dead. But, I mean, it's Anderson, so even the dead look is rather adorable. Plus, it's Halloween! Hey, can you tell that I'm totally sick of talking about this election?

We're in the end-stretch now, people. How do I know? Because CNN has a clock counting down to the election. Although, I can't say that this actually signifies anything monumental. After all, they had the same thing for their interview with Paris Hilton. So, you know, make with that what you will. Candy Crowley has the first piece of the night, bringing us the news from camp Obama. The massive number of people early voting has left them a wee bit confident, though they're still pushing back against complacency. Oh, and like always, Candy calls my state Missourah. So, you know, grrr.

For the news from the "maverick" side of the trail, we next have a piece from Ed Henry. It seems McCain has a new campaigning friend. And no, thank God, it is not Joe the Plumber. On a break from protecting John Connor, Arnold Schwarzenegger regaled rally-goers with shots aimed at Obama's apparent subpar extremities. He thinks the candidate needs to beef up his "skinny legs" and "scrawny arms." Yeah, because for me, muscle bulk is at the top of my list when voting for a president. Pretty lame, but hey, at least he didn't imply he was a radical Muslim terrorist-sympathizer. So really, for this campaign, today was a step up.

Anderson, Candy, and Ed then do some discussing, but meh. Not interested. On to John King and his Magic Map, where we learn that North Dakota has just been made a toss-up. Ooh. And now Arizona is only leaning McCain instead of being solidly on his side. Having to defend your home state is pretty sad. As for things in my neck of the woods in the Show Me State, it's a dead heat. For some (very recent) historical perspective, the 2006 senate race was like that until the very end too. The Democrat won.

Our inevitable strategy session tonight consists of David Gergen, Alex Castellanos, and Roland Martin. Anderson is discombobulated over all the differing poll results, proclaiming he has no confidence in them. Me neither, though that probably goes back to my continuous feeling of dread that any second now the other shoe is going to drop and McCain will be appointed emperor. Roland also isn't really feeling the polls and stresses the GOTV effort, noting that he's talked to P. Diddy, Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Spike Lee about their help in the matter. Didn't P. Diddy, like, threaten to kill all the non-voters last time? He totally didn't follow through with that.

Anderson brings up the Bradley effect and The Gerg points out that he's been voicing concerns about that since the beginning (Tis true, I remember), but actually he's seeing evidence that the effect might be going by the wayside. There's increased black turnout and there very well may be a sort of revered Bradley effect with young voters. Let's hope so. The conversation then moves to the subject of attacks and Alex brings up the redistribution of wealth crap, saying Obama's comment gave McCain an opening. "But, in all fairness, it was a one-line comment to a guy on a rope line," says Anderson. Whoa, a challenge. A baby-step challenge, but hey, beggars can't be choosers. Good job, Anderson. Roland is given the floor to respond: "I mean, I guess one of the things that jumps out is, that's also what happens when you give folks the tax cuts, where those of us who make less got to pay more. The fat cats, they get to keep more money." Yup.

Moving on now to an Oprah clip--yes, I said Oprah--in which the talk show host relays her panic-inducing electronic voting experience. It seems that when she checked over her ballot at the end, she discovered it hadn't registered her vote for president, causing an Oprah freak out. Yeah, that would freak me out too. Always go over your ballot, people! Also? I love how, even though this is happening to lots of people all over the country, it's not news until it happens to Oprah.

We then transition quite nicely into a Randi Kaye piece on the fear plaguing black people that their vote won't be counted. And given, you know, history, I'd say it's not exactly unwarranted. Some have refused to vote early because they think that ups the ante when it comes to dirty tricks possibilities. And their fears don't stop even if the election comes out in Obama's favor. Then they're afraid someone will kill him. This piece didn't need to be African American-centric. I'm white and I'm totally freaked out about all that stuff too.

Bouncing back to the panel now, and Alex has been swapped out for Al Sharpton. The Reverend tells us that he's actually seeing more hope in the black community than he is fear. Roland agrees. Then the Gerg talks about how historic an Obama win would be. There will probably always be some racism in this country, but if Obama wins and then goes on to have a successful presidency . . . he could change everything.

Moving on now to a clip of Wolf Blitzer interviewing Obama. How come Anderson never does these kind of interviews anymore? Anyway, in the clip we get a taste of Obama's top priorities, which are as follows and in order: stabilizing the financial system, energy independence, health care, tax cuts (which might be implemented during priority number one), and education. Um, yes please. Is it 2009 yet?

The Shot tonight is pumpkin carvings of the candidates and then one of Anderson. "That'll scare away children," says our anchor. Whatever. He knows that even the kiddies love him. Anyhoo, Anderson asks Erica Hill if she's going to dress up and she informs us her plans include going home and going to bed. Man, they're a bunch of party poopers. Speaking of that, no webcast tonight? I realize that Anderson isn't even there, but what a let down. I was hoping to see Kevin rocking his David Gergen costume. Oh wells. The Halloween blog posts were cute though. Keeping with the holiday spirit, I leave you a little video. The quality isn't great, but I still think it's the best one:


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