Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Super Duper Plus Tuesday: Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, And Vermont-Oh My! (Tuesday's Show...Sorta)

Hi everybody. This blog post is coming at you from underneath a mound of the white stuff. If I were a kid I'd be in seventh heaven, but I'm not; so mostly I'm just cold and inconvenienced. Is it spring yet? Anyhoo, if it's Tuesday, it must be politics. To the Election Center we go! Man, this thing never ends, does it? I'm watching CNN's still continuing coverage as I type this. I thought Anderson Cooper left a long time ago, but there he is again. That's a long time to wait in the wings. Been passing the time with a little Guitar Hero, perhaps? Oh, and there's Blitzer again. Seriously, seriously, the dude is a robot. But I'm not live-blogging this thing, so I'm going to go back to ignoring my television. I've had CNN on all night for updates, but haven't been paying that much attention because Oh My God this coverage is getting insufferable. (Okay, I said I wasn't live-blogging, but Anderson just signed off with a big sigh regarding this never-ending coverage-Heh.)

So, it looks like we've got ourselves a Republican nominee. John McCain swept the whole thing tonight and Huckabee finally decided to succumb to the math, and released his campaign death grip. Aw, buh-bye, Huck. You're a nice guy. Half crazy, but still a nice guy. As for McCain, he must now be crushed. I know, I'm mean (but seriously, he must be crushed). The truth of the matter is that there was a time I really liked and respected McCain. The Maverick circa 2000 was a candidate that I could have seen myself voting for if he was up against Gore. But something funny happened on the way to the 2008 nomination: he became a different person. The Straight Talk Express got stuck at Pander Junction and I lost all respect for him. He's even flip-flopped on torture. Maybe once in office he would say "screw you" to the crazy base and go back to being the real Maverick McCain, but I don't think that's a chance this country can take. On a much more trivial note, if the punditry could refrain from phrases like 'McCain is in bed with Bush regarding the Iraq war' or 'McCain is trying to have a movement' that would be great. Because, ew.

It was looking like we weren't going to know all of the Democratic results until morning, but Texas has finally been called and it seems it's Clinton's night. She took three out of the four races, with Vermont going to Obama. So, what does that mean? Hell if I know. The punditry will talk your head off about it though. Basically we're looking at many more hours in the Election Center. And hey Texas, pick a side! No, I don't mean between Obama or Clinton; you did that. I mean, caucus or primary. Pick one! I know nobody messes with Texas, but man, do you have to do everything all weird? Anyway, look for things between Obama and Clinton to get even more contentious. And if McCain gets in the White House because they destroyed each other, I'm going to be totally pissed. C'mon guys, this election is historic--don't mess it up. Let's see how far we've come.


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