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More Florida And Michigan Drama, Southwest Airlines Freaks People Out, And Chelsea Clinton Campaigns (Thursday's Show)

Hi everybody. Well, I'm late again. So I think this review will be short and sweet. Okay, maybe not so much with the sweet. Not really my thing. We're kicking things off with Anderson Cooper giving us the goings-on on the campaign trail. Actually, Obama had the day off and I hope he enjoyed it because it's getting ugly out there. Well, uglier. Because Clinton is out there saying that both she and McCain are good to go when it comes to national security and being Commander in Chief. Obama? Eh. WTF, Clinton? Why, why is she doing this? Would she actually rather McCain be president over Obama? Because that's what it sounds like. Obviously she wants to take the prize herself, but hello, that might not happen and to bloody Obama while at the same time praising McCain is craziness. Is it November yet?

Next up, we have a Joe Johns "Keeping Them Honest" piece on the complete mess that is the Michigan and Florida delegate situation (that at this late blogging still has not been resolved). To paraphrase Jon Stewart, I expect this kind of crap from Florida (craziest state in the nation, baby!), but Michigan? You expect Danny Bonaduce to get trashed and do something crazy, but not David Cassidy. (Oh, the Partridge Family comparison wasn't from Jon--that was all me. A stretch? Yeah, probably a stretch.) Anyhoo, uh, 360 seems to love this story because they're hitting it with everything they've got. I wouldn't complain if they pulled back just a bit.

Moving on now to an interview with Republican Governor Charlie Crist of Florida. Basically? Crist thinks he made a good decision to move up the election date and this is all about democracy. Anderson attempts to ask him many questions that all essentially end up with the aforementioned answer. Well, good try anyway, Anderson. But somebody's going to need to pick that guy up and shake the talking points out. After the interview with Crist we go to Gary Tuchman live and he previews the Chelsea Clinton piece he has later in the show. They seem to be doing a lot of these preview type things lately, but isn't that what the teasers are for? On the blog some people have complained about things not getting coverage and the answer has sometimes been that there's just not enough time. Well, previews are one of the reasons why. I absolutely understand why they're doing it--trying to keep people from clicking away. But I'm just saying.

On now to an interview with Democratic Senator Bill Nelson of Florida. Who will pay for any possible revote is discussed and Nelson points out that it was the republican officials in the state that made this mess. That seems all kinds of shady. And on that subject, Anderson asks if something smells funny here, pointing out the republican's involvement and how Nelson and the Governor of Michigan (both Clinton supporters) want everyone seated. Nelson says he was working for a compromise way before he was a Clinton supporter. So there. Also? He thinks if there's no redo it will be a train wreck. Yay?

For discussion of all this, we're joined by David Gergen, Clinton supporter Lanny Davis, and Obama supporter Jamal Simmons. I'm surprised we don't have Roland Martin on the panel. He feels very strongly about this subject. Did you see he opened a can of whoop-ass on some 360 blog commenters? Don't mess with Roland. He'll follow you into the comment section. Nothing hugely of note in this panel, though it does get a little weird when Lanny and Anderson do a tango back and forth over poll percentages, which is really not relevant here. Anderson actually points that out too, but Lanny won't give up, so I'm giving the win here to Anderson even though I don't really know the specifics of what either of them are trying to argue.

Transitioning now to "What Were They Thinking?" which is exhibit number 5,209 of why not just anyone should be allowed to have kids. Long story short, lovely mother hoses her daughter down and leaves her standing stripped naked in a car wash. She's a kid, not a cat! Remind me why you don't have to take a test to have children?

Next up, we have a Drew Griffin piece on Southwest Airlines and how they kept flying planes that didn't pass inspections. Um, note to self, don't fly Southwest Airlines. Good piece, but I've got to move on. After Drew, we've got a Gary Tuchman piece on how Chelsea Clinton is campaigning for her mom. I was trying to come up with an inoffensive pimping joke here (you know, the Shuster thing...yada yada yada), but I failed. Anyway, apparently Chelsea is a hit on the campaign trail with voters. But sorry reporters, no access for you! It seems Ms. Clinton doesn't give interviews. Like, ever. Looking at it from her perspective, I can kind of see why. Even taking away everything her family has gone through, the press lives in an easily manipulated sound bite world that can turn into a minefield for a surrogate. But looking at it from a reporter's perspective, I can see how it would be incredibly frustrating. Because she is campaigning and she's not a kid; she's 28. Actually, she's the same age as me. In a way, we've grown up together, so it's always interesting to hear what's going on with her. Also? There's a moment in the piece where she turns just so and she looks just like Hillary. It's freaky. Gary tells us that he tried his luck at talking to Chelsea by asking an aide, but was told it would have to be off camera and off the record. Not helpful, says Gary. Aw. She'll never be asked by a nicer reporter.

Back with the panel again, and they talk superdelegates. At least some of them do. Jamal has other ideas. Out of the blue he starts going off about skeletons in Clinton's closet. "I'm not sure what that has to do with the conversation about super delegates," says Anderson. Seriously. After the segment ends, Anderson tells us, "And just for our viewers, we do try to keep this as nonpartisan as possible. We try to give people, even though they are maybe partisan supporters, at one time or another, to sort of talk about larger issues. Sometimes it doesn't always work out." Uh oh. I don't think these two guys are making the favorites list. And aw. Are all the bloggers driving you crazy Anderson? Just remember, you bend over backwards too much, you might slip a disc.

The Shot tonight is pictures of a croc doing some snapping. It was great to see Gary jumping into the blogging. Well...eventually. These 360 kids and their tech problems, I swear. Can we get a junior higher out there to run a tutorial? Aw, they know I kid them. Also, I see that Gary does not dance like Erica Hill does during "Beat 360." What's up with that? Hmm? I want to note for any new readers that I don't blog Fridays. I feel like it looks like I'm dissing on Soledad. Totally not the case--just don't do Fridays. I love the extra girl power in prime time. Plus? She's sassy. As for the show, well, we got one non political story at least. B


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