Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Tuesday Eve!!! (Monday's Show)

Hi everyone. Are you excited?! Super Tuesday is upon us! Like Candy Crowley said in her blog post, it's like frickin Christmas. Okay, she didn't say 'frickin', but hey, I'm excited. Yes, you may call me a political geek; I don't care. Anyhoo, Anderson Cooper kicks things off by telling us that the big day will involve 24 states. Plus American Samoa! And, oh noes, somebody get Anderson some vitamins and a humidifier, stat! He's sounding pretty awful and there's 40 hours of coverage to anchor. Okay, yeah, they're going to split that up, but it'd be a bummer to be sick on the big day.

But for now, we get the low down on the candidates late campaigning and then go to Gary Tuchman live, who is at an Obama rally that's about to begin in Boston. Sad, sad, Boston. No Super Bowl win for them. Obama will be doing his best to turn their frowns upside down, and he's brought his two senator friends, by name of Kerry and Kennedy. And boy is Kennedy pumped! "He sounds like the World Wrestling Federation emcee," says Gary. Kerry, as you well know, does not do pumped. Gary then talks a bit about how it took people a long time to get through the elaborate security, which just now makes me realize that when I saw him on Saturday there basically was no security. Don't get me wrong, I was able to spot some Secret Service in the front of the crowd, but we literally just walked right in the dome. The only security precaution that I experienced was a guy yelling, "No weapons!" Because that's always helpful. From Gary we go to Candy Crowley live in New York, covering the Clinton campaign. Poor Hillary is losing her voice, but what little of it she has left she's using to draw subtle distinctions between herself and Obama.

Next up, we've got political analysis of the democratic race with Gloria Borger, Amy Holmes, David Gergen, and Donna Brazile. Right now it's looking like Clinton and Obama are pretty much neck and neck in the polls, and Donna thinks this means tomorrow will end with a split decision and nothing final decided. They then talk about California, the state with the most delegates, and The Gerg notes that many people in the state actually voted early before the Obama swell, which means those votes will probably tilt Clinton. Gloria wonders exactly what we're going to consider a victory anyway. Is it whoever gets the most delegates? States? The popular vote? Seriously. Man, democracy can really give you a migraine. Donna then notes how this might go all the way to convention and she hopes that ultimately the nominee will be decided by the voters and not superdelegates. I definitely agree. Just over the last couple days I've been learning how much power the superdelegates actually have and I don't like it. Having the nominee chosen by a few hundred special people is not the way to go about beginning to heal this country.

Transitioning now to Randi Kaye with the headlines and we learn that last night's Super Bowl was the most watched ever. Wow. Only one television program had more viewers and Randi wants Anderson to guess. I try to tell him through my television that it's the last episode of "Mash," but that never works. He guesses the last episode of "Seinfeld." I know, you all don't care, but I was proud of myself for getting it right. Tonight's "What Were They Thinking" is the tale of a mother that got pulled over for drunk driving. She had her baby daughter unbelted in the backseat, but don't think she's completely reckless. Her case of beer? Safely buckled in on the front seat. Lovely woman.

On now to a John King piece on the republicans. McCain seems to be trying to psych Romney out by campaigning all up on his turf. Meanwhile, Romney's trying to get that liberal label to stick to the maverick, because it freaks out the conservatives. Speaking of conservatives, Huckabee is doing his thing in the south, and throwing barbs at Romney all the way. Following his piece, John talks to us live for a bit and then we get back Gloria, Amy, The Gerg, and Donna. They talk about how people like Rush Limbaugh absolutely hate McCain and are doing what they can to crush him. But now some establishment people, like Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich, are crawling out of the woodwork to tell the right wingers to back off. McCain can't abandon his maverickness to attempt to pacify the Limbaughs of the world because it will screw up his shot in the general election. Meanwhile, Huckabee's mere existence is a bummer for Romney because he's eating at his votes.

Next up, we have an interesting piece from Randi Kaye on the unspoken truths of political preference. Apparently sick of just regular polls, a market research firm has decided to see how the brain and body of a voter react to the candidates and their message. So they wired up eight undecideds and put them to the test, measuring things like perspiration and emotion via facial muscle movements. What they found is sometimes people will say one thing about a candidate, but actually their brains will register the opposite. One voter claimed she favored Clinton and Obama equally, but after looking at their pictures, her brain images found that she wasn't fond of Clinton, was ambivalent about Obama, and actually liked Edwards very much. And this is where I have to call BS. It seems to me a lot of this is about physical attractiveness. My suspicions are further confirmed when Randi tells Anderson after the piece that the voters also reacted to his moderation of the debate and he scored off the charts. Apparently they measured both arousal and emotion. Arousal? Oh my. "I don't want to know about the arousal part," says Anderson. That is probably for the best.

Moving on now to John King at the big board, or, actually, the big map. He's telling us what's the what for tomorrow. It seems my state of Missouri is a bellwether. Oh, pressure! Also, John pronounced it correctly. Yay! After fun with maps, we listen in briefly to Mitt Romney speecifying live. Very briefly. Then we're on to a Tom Foreman piece that focuses on California's delegates. From there we do a little listening into Obama and that's that. I'm not going to bother to grade. I realize it's been nothing but election news for a while now. I'll start focusing on that more after Super Tuesday runs down if they keep it up. I mean, they can't just forget about all other news until after November. If your state is in play tomorrow, make sure you vote! Now buckle up, because here we go.


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