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Politics, Michelle Obama Interview, And Exxon Mobil Is Evil...Or At Least Worth Your Scorn (Friday's Show)

Hi everybody. I don't usually blog the show on Fridays, but since there really hasn't been an opportunity for a normal review this week, and I'm pretty much all snowed-in here anyway, why not, right? Oooh, I can call it a "Special Edition of AC360 Review." I think I'm going to avoid the heavy lifting of going indepth though. I mean, it is the weekend. But before we get to the show, I have got to talk about tonight's Larry King with Snoop Dogg. I actually only watched the last couple minutes, but it totally doesn't matter because just the idea of those two hanging for an hour is worth an endless amount of amusement. And also? A Snoopermarket?! Bwah! This must happen. The potential for hilarity is just too high. I'll shop there solely for the opportunity to tell people that I'm going to the Snoopermarket.

Okay, so we kick off the show with the topic of the week: politics. I could be wrong, but I think this is actually all taped. Perhaps Anderson Cooper needed the evening off to de-Reagan his brain. I mean, seriously, that was a lot of Reagan this week. Anyway, he (Anderson, not Reagan--because that would be weird) intros us into a Candy Crowley piece on Obama and Clinton. Candy tells us that, "Thursday night's lovefest in L.A. produced a kind of Friday-morning afterglow for the still smiling candidates." Whoa! Hey now, this is a family show. So yeah, Obama and Clinton are BFFs now...except for the fact that he's hitting her with a kind of nasty flyer attacking her healthcare policy and both of them would love an Edwards endorsement. Let's see if they can keep the smiles through Super Tuesday.

Next up, we've got discussion with who else but the "best political team on television," the current team consisting of David Gergen, Amy Holmes, and Donna Brazile. They discuss the recent endorsement Obama got from "The LA Times" and the debate over healthcare. In regards to Super Tuesday campaigning, The Gerg tells us that Clinton is going to be focusing on the coasts, while Obama will hit the interior of the country. Except I'm pretty sure she's going to be here in St. Louis on Sunday and last I checked, I'm still in the interior of the country. That little tidbit is brought to you by the "best blogger on the Internets."

On now to a John King piece on Mitt Romney's flailing campaign. He's spent a gazillion dollars of his own money on ads and whatnot, but it turns out that money can't fix a barely life-like personality and a history of flipping and flopping more than an animal performing at Sea World. To make things even worse for Willard (that's his real first name!), McCain and Huckabee seem to be forming some sort of alliance against him. It's like "Survivor: United States." After his piece, John joins the previous panel and they talk about how people on the Right are losing their, ahem, stuff, over the possibility of McCain getting the nomination because they don't like him. Apparently they think he's a liberal, so now McCain is trying to shake off the icky liberal label. I have to say, it is so much better when the party eating their own is not mine for once.

Erica Hill has the headlines tonight and then we have "What Were They Thinking?" I'm sure we all know by now that Britney Spears was hospitalized again, which is just sad, but what you might not know is that the spectacle that got her transported to the hospital cost $25,000, and yeah, that's taxpayer money. Completely ridiculous. "And a lot of Angelenos are left wondering, who needs the mental evaluation now? " says Anderson. Hm. I'm not sure that's funny, but anyway, Anderson then goes on to accidentally call Erica "Britney", which just thrills her to death. Aw.

Transitioning now to an interview that Soledad O'Brien did with Michelle Obama. We learn that the potential First Lady is unflappable and actually didn't support Barack's presidential ambitions. Michelle tells us she believes the issue of race is still on the table in the country, but she's also amazed how people are ready to move beyond the topic. They then talk about politics as a game and the wisdom of our lovely punditry. It's noted that before this whole campaign thing she had a very successful career, but she's quick to point out that her career (or lack of it now) does not define who she is. If anything, she is a mother first, with work/family balance being an important issue to her. I didn't really know anything about Michelle Obama before, so this was a nice interview to see. She seems nice. Soledad is clearly smitten. In the middle of the interview we had a commercial break and I swear I saw an ad that said CNN's Super Tuesday coverage was going to go for 40 nonstop hours. Did I really see that? 40 hours?! Man, they're going to have to triple charge the Wolfbot.

Moving on now to a Thelma Gutierrez piece regarding Latino voters. The nuts and bolts here is that all the deportation and border fence talk coming from certain republicans (I'm looking at you, Tom Tancredo) isn't exactly endearing Latinos to the party. Actually, polls show they're pretty much fleeing to the democrats, so now Obama and Clinton are duking it out for their support. Thelma tells us all about how the two candidates are working for the Latino vote, but this line takes the cake: "Obama campaigning among Latinos, addressing crowds in east L.A, where Clinton ate a taco." Bwah! She ate a taco. Well, what more do they need to know?

Next up, we have a Joe Johns "Keeping Them Honest" piece on how the big oil companies are raking in mass profits, while you can't even afford to fill your tank. Haven't we already been here before? I can't be the only one with deja vu. Anyway, the companies have all sorts of excuses and basically just tell us to deal with it, and really, we don't have much of a choice. Great situation for them, huh?

The Shot tonight is a monkey on a dog, and as Anderson said in the tease, "How can you not love a monkey on a dog?" Oh, and this came with "Dramatic Animal Video!" graphic, which makes it doubly good. "I like your monkey," says Erica. Oh my. Again people, this is a family show. Anyway, a monkey on a dog is hard to beat, but I'm going to cut in on Erica here real quick because I have something that just might be a contender. I give you: monkey washing a cat. Okay, back to Erica, she brings us video of Anderson's stint filling in for Regis this morning. New thing we learn about Anderson: not much of a cooker, apparently. At least not meatloaf (made with turkey), which is what they made during a cooking segment. Man, they put a lot of stuff in that meatloaf. I'm starting to feel now like my meatloaf is inadequate. The best part of the segment is when he's mixing. That face! It's not manure. Okay, I think that'll do it. The show was pretty good. B


Anonymous ami said...

Would someone please advise Michelle Obama to not use "you Know" so often when she speaks.
It is very grating on the nerves.
I am voting for Obama regardless but hate to think he may lose votes because his wife has these speech habits. Joan

9:48 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

I'd hate to think people would be so petty, but people do the strangest things with their vote. "You know" is a fairly common verbal tick. Anderson Cooper actually uses it quite a lot. I remember reading an interview with him once where he used it so much that I want back and counted and there were about 50 instances. Barack used to have a habit of beginning a lot of his arguments with "Now, look...", but I think he's toned this down over the past year or so.

12:31 AM  

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