Friday, June 08, 2007

Immigration Reform Dead, Road To Nowhere, Raw Politics, Missing Girl, Patricia Cornwell Cyberstalked, And Paris Freed (Thursday's First Hour)

Hey everybody. We're beginning things tonight with the BREAKING NEWS that the immigration reform bill has stalled in the Senate. Dana Bash joins us live with the news and then we're introed into a piece. Basically what happened is Senate Democratic leaders wanted to limit debate to get this thing moving, but the Republicans balked because they wanted to time to change things. So the whole thing just pretty much died. These people can't do anything right! After her piece, Dana tells us the person hurt most by this is Bush because this was going to be his big domestic accomplishment. Not anymore, apparently. But seriously, can he really be further damaged? I'm thinking at this point the only place he has to go is up. Next we have someone on the phone. Can you guess who it is? I think you can. It's Lou Dobbs! Like you're surprised. But in case you were, CNN has helpfully put his picture up for you. Anyway, Lou is pleased about the Senate doing absolutely nothing, but Anderson wonders what that says about them. Lou blames it all on the leadership and then goes off about border security. Anderson asks if anything is going to actually change. Lou thinks it will and states that the elites are finding they can't disregard the 280 million members of the middle class. Where does that number come from? Because aren't there over 30 million poor people in the US and only 300 million total. And that's not counting the rich. I'm just wondering if this is an actual stat.

Next up we have an Ed Lavandera piece on Edwin Hall, the man accused of kidnapping and killing Kelsey Smith. We're told that Hall went by the name Jack and then CNN shows us the result of a little Internet surfing they've been doing: "And someone going by the name Jack on this MySpace Web page looks just like Edwin Hall." Wait, you're not for sure it's him?! It's most likely him, but it's still a little disturbing, especially since we're then basically shown the contents of the page. For what purpose, I'm not sure. After Ed's piece we're shown a clip from Larry King of Kelsey's parents and boyfriend being interviewed. The boyfriend states that he actually found out about it on the radio. Man, that is messed up. Anderson thinks so too, reinterating the point when we cut back to him, "her boyfriend heard on the radio."

Transitioning now to a Tom Foreman "Keeping Them Honest" piece on more of our wasted tax dollars. The deal here is that we're spending $10 million on a tiny road in Florida because Alaskan representative Don Young was the head of the House Transportation Committee before the Democrats took over and he wants the road. "So, why was the congressman from Alaska so interested in this tiny road through Florida?" It's because Coconut Road, as it's named, is home to a hotel where "Mr. Young was the honored guest at a campaign fund- raiser here in which local business people, many of whom could benefit from the interstate connection, gave him $40,000." Interesting. Sounds like bribery to me. Don Young, BTW, is insane. Just, you know, for future reference. This is the guy who got his panties in a twist when it was suggested that just maybe some of his pet project money should be diverted into helping victims of Katrina. Perish the thought! Between him and Ted Stevens, I'm really going to need to put Alaskans on notice for their voting choices.

I guess since Tom Foreman just got to do a piece, he's forfeiting "Raw Politics" to Candy Crowley tonight and she begins with the news that Bush is going to veto a bill to ease restrictions on embryonic stem cell research. Sigh. We also learn that Clinton and Obama are in the fundraising race again, with raised and lowered expectations leaking out every which way. Next, it seems though Ron Paul is barely registering on the real polls, he's quite popular on the unscientific Internets. Somebody's been freeping. Lastly, McCain is winning no fans with his immigration stance. The South Carolina chairman of his campaign just quit. Probably not a good sign. In tonight's edition of "What Were They Thinking?" we learn that five high school students from Galesburg, Illinois, had their diplomas withheld because people cheered when their names were called and the school felt it "violated the school policy aimed at restoring graduation decorum." Oh, you've got to be kidding me. Those officials should have gone to my graduation. They probably would have had a heart attack over all of the lack of decorum. So anyway, the school wanted an apology, the kids balked, the kids got a lawyer, and, yeah, that was pretty much the end of that. At least the school isn't stupid enough to let themselves get sued over cheering.

On now to a Jim Acosta piece on Danielle Cramer, the girl that was found in that concealed room. Right now it's kind of unclear what happened. The defense attorney for the accused is trying to paint it like she ran away and lived their willingly, but it doesn't seem like the cops are buying it. However, we're told "police stress this was not an abduction, that Danielle was a runaway." I think yesterday I said she was kidnapped, so, uh, consider this a retraction. Honestly, I don't think anyone knows what's going on here, so moving on. Next up we have an interview with author Patricia Cornwell, about a man that has been cyberstalking her. She only met the man once, but now he's spreading awful lies all over the Internet about how she's an anti-semite and plagiarist. "And people read this stuff on the Internet, and they don't know where it's coming from. They don't do any research on it. And so it takes on a life of its own," says Anderson. Yep, that's pretty much the way of the intertubes. Cease and desist letters have been sent, but the stalker won't quit. Basically he's trying to use her name to sell books. Patricia's next step is to contact Google and Yahoo to see what can be done, but, uh, good luck with that. Unfortunately for her, the Internet is forever. People really suck sometimes.

After this we've got a clip of Anderson's interview with Carl Bernstein, but I'll save that for next hour. Moving on to Anderson in a bit of a predicament. See, he has made a pledge not to say Paris Hilton's name and now she's gone and made news. Well, not real news, but you know. "All right. This one's hard. So, hear me out. There aren't many people -- in fact, there are no people, whose name I won't mention on this program, except for one. I don't really remember how it started, but it somewhere in between a sex tape, a car crash, and a bizarre and growing celebrity fascination, based on, as far as we can tell, nothing," he tells us. See, Anderson Cooper I told you this would happen! You refuse to say her name and next thing you know, she's gonna make news. And dang it if that isn't just how it went down. Anyway, he passes the buck to Randi Kaye and in her piece we learn that Paris is free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, free at last! Well okay, she's actually just been released to her mansion because she was about to have a nervous breakdown or something. Because that's fair. And then we get to see footage of food delivered to her mansion because, apparently, we have nothing better to do. I think I'm with Anderson here, folks. I salute his boycott of she who shall not be named!

The Shot tonight takes place in the Alabama State Senate. Republican Senator Charles Bishop apparently had a disagreement with Democratic Senator Lowell Barron and decided to communicate that disagreement with his fists. Oh! We're also played clips of rumbles that took place in Taiwan and Russia for good measure. Those crazy politicians. "I think our American politicians can get better at this, though, if they keep trying," says Anderson. There's actually a few politicians I wouldn't mind seeing punched in the face. Just saying. Like you wouldn't watch that. Pshaw. The show was good. B+


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