Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Post Republican Debate Coverage (Tuesday's Second Hour)

Hi guys. Just to let you know, approximately 10 minutes into this hour I had about had it with talking about the republicans. That's not a criticism against the show; that's just me. So anyway, I'm not going indepth. As noted last hour, Scooter Libby has just been sentenced to 30 months in prison. We begin this hour with discussion with Jeffrey Toobin regarding whether or not the candidates think Libby deserves a pardon and 360 plays us a clip. Apparently it's beat up on Patrick Fitzgerald time. Romney even goes so far as to say Fitzgerald clearly abused his power because we already know Richard Armitage was the leaker. First of all Mitt, there were I think two leakers. And second, Libby isn't going to jail for leaking; he's going to jail for lying under oath, which, last I checked, is still a crime. Anderson asks if the Libby sentence was fair. Toobin thinks it's a tough sentence and mentions that Libby has two young kids. A tough sentence? This guy protected someone that outed a CIA officer who was working to keep us all safe. And I don't really get this talk about his kids. I mean, I feel bad for them, but maybe Libby should have thought about his kids before he obstructed justice. He's not the first father to go to prison. In any regards, the Right wants him pardoned, but it will be a controversial one for Bush. I have no confidence he'll do the right thing, but hey, maybe he'll surprise me.

Next up we have a John King piece that kind of rehashes the debate and then Joe Johns is all excited to show us some "dial testing," which basically kept track of people's feelings about the debate in real time. Cool, but the sample was apparently really small and therefore not statistically significant at all. From there we're joined by Jennifer Donahue of the the New Hampshire Institute of Politics to discuss why New Hampshire matters. It seems they're quite a political bunch in New Hampshire. And they like to take their time making up their minds too because according to Jennifer, they usually don't make up their minds until the week before the election. Wow. They have a long way to go then. After this we've got Bill Schneider with some polls (who else?) and then he and John King join us to talk. Also, Anderson tells us a little story: "I was in the airport the other day, saw one of the candidates leaving New Hampshire, carrying two of his bags, his garment bag over his shoulder, another bag on wheels, all by himself, trying to catch a flight. I thought, you know, it's not glamorous running for president." Aw, was it Kucinich? Heh.

Moving on to a Candy Crowley piece on the battle between McCain and Romney on immigration. Then we've got Amy Holmes and Paul Begala back for discussion, most of which I'm skipping, but I've got to note the Lou Dobbs funnies. Paul explains that conservatives are not down with immigration. "They're all -- you know, they're right with Lou Dobbs. OK? Lou doesn't, I think much like immigration -- I'm picking that up," he says. " You've heard that?" asks Anderson. Paul's been paying attention. "He's does like one program on it, I think," says Anderson. Ha! And I wonder if Paul got in trouble for saying Lou doesn't like immigration because he will so tell you it's illegal immigration that he doesn't like. Yeah, I've seen the show. Next we're on to a Joe Johns piece on social issues and how maybe playing to the base ain't gonna work this time. Afterwards there's discussion with Amy and Paul.

On now to a John Roberts piece on the GOP candidates and the war. The fine line they walk is that the majority of Americans are against the war, but the majority of republicans are for it, for them. After the piece we're back with Amy and Paul and Paul informs us that his wife called him and said he was yelling too much last hour. Heh. Yeah, you were, but you had a good reason. Paul then notes that Giuliani is a big conflater because he said Saddam was an Islamic jihadist and tried to muddle Iraq in with the terrorists, which totally isn't true. Amy pipes up that, "There's plenty of debate over that." Unlike last hour, Anderson is actually awake this time, "Well, there's no evidence...," he says. Okay, yeah, that wasn't much, but it leads Amy to backtrack a little, "Well, not that he's an Islamic jihadist. But he has changed his flat to Arabic. He started praying. It's as if you were an Islamic and would he have helped Islamic terrorists in the future?" Whatever, Amy. That'll do it, folks.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, no sympathy here for Libby and the hardships his sentence will bring for his family, do the crime, do the time.

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