Wednesday, May 30, 2007

TB Scare, Iran Talk, Refugees In Chad, Immigrant Killed, Polygamy Update, Celeb Rehab, And CNN Heroes (Tuesday's Second Hour)

Hi guys. The hour kicks off with an Anderson piece on a man that has been placed in isolation by the CDC because he has a new strand of potentially fatal tuberculosis. However, the twist here is that the man recently flew from Atlanta to Paris and then Prague to Montreal (with others in between I think), driving back home to Atlanta. So basically he's shared a plane with a fair amount of people on long flights and that's not good. The CDC said they didn't know he was leaving the country and as of right now there is no evidence the man is infectious. Is that supposed to make us feel better? You don't mess around with TB. During my short-lived stint as a daycare teacher I had to be tested for it every so often and I think it's that way for a lot of professions.

For discussion of the TB scare we're joined by Sanjay Gupta, who works at Grady Memorial Hospital and that just happens to be the exact place the man is being held in isolation. Well from a news standpoint that worked out quite nicely, didn't it? Anderson notes this is the first time in four decades that someone has been quarantined like this and he wonders why this case is so special. Sanjay tells us this strain of TB is drug resistant, though no more contagious than the regular kind. Anderson asks how the guy got it, but Sanjay's not sure. The thing is, it could have been in his body for a long time. So he might have infected even more people than just on the planes? Anderson then brings up the plane travel and asks if there's something about traveling that makes this all more dangerous. Sanjay explains that since TB is airborne, it's more easily transferred in confined spaces. So basically, don't get in an elevator with him either. Sanjay also lets us know that apparently while the man was traveling, further tests came back that showed this new TB strand, thus the reason for this big freakout.

Transitioning to repeat coverage of John Burns and then on to an interview with Reza Aslan. Yay! I love Reza. Someday 360 needs to have Reza and Michael Ware on together to discuss Iraq with each other. That would be a great conversation. Okay, but we're talking about Iran right now because there's been official diplomatic relations with the US. Finally! That hasn't happpened since 1980. Anderson asks about the significance of the development. With regards to the security of Iraq, Reza isn't sure, but he thinks it could be leading the groundwork for talks on the nuclear issue. Anderson points out that Iran is still supplying weapons to Iraq militias though. Reza doesn't think it's so black and white. He agrees Iran is definitely supplying weapons, but who in Iran is the question. Reza believes there's a possibility the revolutionary guard is going beyond the Supreme leader. Anderson seems a bit skeptical, but Reza explains there's been a lot of anger at the Supreme leader and the Iranians fear their country is becoming too militarized. Anderson then mentions how Ahmadinejad doesn't really have any power, which is then reinterated by Reza. You know, the news needs to say this all the time because seriously, I don't think most Americans know that. And it's kind of a big thing.

Next up we learn from Anderson that the US is putting new economic sanctions against the Darfur government. Yay!! Of course critics say it's not enough and they're probably right, but for once I'm going glass half full. We then get a repeat of a Sanjay piece from when he was in Chad during 360's big trip to the region. I'm guessing they're running this piece because they're probably not allowed to run anything anymore from Jeff Koinange now that he's no longer with CNN (google it). And that really, really sucks because that's a lot of lost hard-to-get footage there. Maybe they can edit him out and redo the voiceovers on some of it-I don't know. But anyway, good for them for reairing Sanjay's piece. Anything for more awareness. After that we have a Randi Kaye piece on a homeless immigrant that was killed. Officers are being investigated.

Moving on to a repeat Gary Tuchman piece about a man excommunicated from Warren Jeffs' church and then had his wife and child taken. Following the piece we have Gary live in studio with an update. Apparently a few days after the piece originally aired the man was asked to fly back to FDLS headquarters and was able to see him family. But hold off on those happy dances, folks. The wife ended up being really cold to him, saying the kid isn't even his because they're only married in the eyes of the church and he should stop harrassing the prophet. Man. That is uncool. So of course the poor guy is devastated. And I have to say, this whole thing sure sounds like cult-like behavior to me. In any regards, that guy has a right to see his kid.

After Gary, Lindsay Lohan's sad little life is used to intro us into a repeat Brooke Anderson piece on celebrity rehab. Then we move on to "CNN Heroes," with this segment focusing on Ken Noguchi, a mountain climber from Japan who has been doing some cleaning. Apparently Mt. Everest and Mt. Fuji are just covered in trash every year, so Ken has taken it upon himself to remedy this problem. With volunteers helping he's been able to clean up tons of trash. So, yay Ken! Erica then joins us for the headlines and an update on that kid who allegedly killed that huge pig. He's sticking by his story. Hmmm. Erica tells us they plan on making boar sausage out of it. "'I'd like to get me some of that boar sausage. I'd like to try that," says Anderson. Andesron Cooper, boar sausage fan. Who knew? Okay folks, that'll do it. Wednesday's review will be up Thursday evening.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm heartbroken about Jeff's firing. How did you hear about it?

10:14 AM  
Blogger eliza said...

@anonymous-I read it on tvnewser (though technically it didn't say he was fired), but I knew something was up about a week ago due to the searches of my blog. Of course at the time I thought it was nothing. In any regards, at this point neither Jeff or CNN are talking, so we'll probably never know exactly what happened.

6:10 PM  

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