Thursday, January 18, 2007

More Missing Boys, More Wacky Weather, Politics, A Pension Update, Mountain Gorillas, And Sex!!! (Wednesday's First Hour)

Hi guys. Your blogger is tired. Long day. Anyway, we begin tonight with the Hornbeck/Ownby story with a piece from Jonathan Freed. Still. This should not be the lead story. The lastest on the case is that authorities are looking into whether Devlin might have been involved with the disappearances of Arlen Henderson (1991) and Bianca Noel Piper (2005). There are similarities in the cases, but I don't think they should be hyping it so much. I don't know much about Scott, but Bianca apparently had bipolar disorder and ADHD and she disappeared after her mother dropped her off a mile from their house after a fight so that she could walk and cool down. That doesn't sound the same to me. Besides, sometimes things can seem unbelievably connected and they're not.

Back around 1993 Angie Housman (age 9) and Cassidy Senter (age 10) went missing and then were found brutally murdered within a week or so of each other. Both girls had similar hair and eye coloring, leaving the city to believe that we had a child serial killer. We didn't. Cassidy's killer was brought to justice, but as far as I know, Angie's has never been found. BTW, I remember this all because at that time I had a nine year old sister with hair and eye coloring that fit the profile. My mother was freaked out! Back in Jonathan's piece we also learn that prosecutors are saying that Devlin kidnapped Shawn with a handgun. So there. All you people saying he went with Devlin willingly? Shut up.

On now to a piece from David Mattingly on Michael Devlin. Okay, seriously, how many times are we going to do this? He worked at Imos. Some neighbors say he had a temper. We get it! You don't have to file eight pieces that all say the same thing. Moving on to an interview with forensic psychologist Keith Ablow and former FBI profiler Candice Delong. Okay, sure I guess this was an interesting conversation, but how is this newsworthy? I watch the news for news. If I want to see this stuff I can watch Law & Order or CSI or whatever.

Next up we have a Jeff Flock piece on apparently pissed off mother nature. Winter is wreaking havoc everywhere and some still have no lights in Missouri. Also, 70% of some citrus fruits in California were still on the trees when the freeze hit. You know what that means. You're going to be paying more for that glass of orange juice. Afterwards Anderson asks why so many people are without power. Jeff says that the ice was really bad and some suspect the power companies don't have enough personnel to handle it. I'm telling you 360, we need another Ameren update.

Transitioning now to a taped interview with David Gergen on Hillary Clinton's proposal to cap troop levels. The Gerg thinks it's risky politically and points out that it's only symbolic anyway. Anderson wants to know if the White House should be nervous about a resolution against the troop increase and the Gerg thinks yes because it will weaken him. After this Anderson does a little update on Pelosi's first 100 hours agenda. Today they cut student loan interest. Yay! It won't affect me, but still, yay! I'd like to know where 360 was the past couple of days on this. I feel like I've missed some of the hours. Surely they worked Monday and Tuesday and if not, why not? C'mon, don't let the shiny story out of Missouri keep you from keeping them honest.

On now to an update "Keeping Them Honest" piece from Drew Griffin. It's the pension thing again and no, I'm not complaining at all. I love this story. Okay, I don't love the story. I love that they're covering this story. Anyway, we were all happy when last week the Senate passed a bill to prevent congressional crooks from getting pensions, but, uh, there's some fine print. Yeah, there's always fine print. You see, there's actually a very narrow list of specific felonies in the bill and if you do something that's not on the list, you're still home free to get our money. Plus it's not retroactive AND many will plead guilty to a misdemeanor in order to get the felony dropped. After the piece Drew explains that during the election corruption was a big issue, so that's what went into the bill. Murder someone? Hey, that's okay. Here's lots of our money. Argh! I quit. I don't know what I quit, but I just do. Even Bob Ney is going to get a pension. I'm guessing Tom Delay will to. While we all burn with outrage, Anderson promises they'll continue the story. You better.

Next up we have a piece on Mountain Gorillas from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Some of you may remember when 360 went to the Congo. This is basically a repeat from then and you can find it blogged in full here. They're running this because they've got an update for us. They're eating them! Why?! One, possibly two gorillas have been killed and eaten. Officials blame rebel soldiers for the killings and believe they might be followers of Laurent Nkunda, who Anderson interviewed while in the country.

Transitioning now to a Randi Kaye piece on sex, but uh oh, technical difficulties. Apparently they had a problem getting it up. Ahem. That one comes to you from my pal 3x1minus1. She'll be here all night and urges you to try the veal. The piece focuses on a new sex survey in "Esquire" and "Marie Claire" magazines. Some of you people have been very naughty. Women surf porn for an hour and a half a week? Really? Suddenly I feel like a Pollyanna. Also, 12% of men and 7% of women have answered a work call or sent an email while having sex! Now that's taking multi-tasking a little too far. Another interesting stat is that 60 % of men and 52 % of women use their cells, PDAs, or BlackBerries to flirt and initiate sex. Hmm. The astute 360 viewer catches Anderson on his BlackBerry or laptop all the time. I'm just saying. And here I thought it was just excitement from news that occasionally left him breathless. After the piece Randi is live in the studio to give us more stats. Anderson is not thrilled. "And we need to know this because?" He then proceeds to try to physically shrink into the desk. Hey, I was actually wondering the same thing. Maybe Time Warner owns the mags. That's it for the hour. Tonight was better, but not great. C

Are they going too hard on the found boys story? What did you think of the sex survey? Realistic?


Anonymous Sharla Dawn said...

And hear I thought it was just excitement from news that occasionally left him breathless. OMG. I almost fell off my chair-ball when I read that! LOL.

As for realistic? NO. It was answered by people that read that DRIVEL in the first place, not us NORMAL people.

10:16 PM  

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