Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wacky Weather, Yet More Hornbeck/Ownby Fallout, Iraq, OJ (Oh, C'mon!), And Katrina's Newest Survivor (Tuesday's Second Hour)

Hello everyone and welcome new readers! The hour kicks off with meteorologist Jacqui Jeras live in San Antonio to tell us about the craptastic weather that's going on there and elsewhere around the country. In Missouri alone, 34 counties have been declared disaster areas, including St. Louis. In fact Ben Ownby and his family lost power over the weekend. Well kid, that should definitely make you feel like things are getting back to normal. Seriously people, we've had three MAJOR power outages in the area in a period of six months and that's just the major ones. I literally have Ameren on speed dial and I've got a flashlight on my dresser. Hey 360, ever going to follow up on the piece you did on Ameren?

After the weather we've got a bunch of repeated stuff on the found boys, as if we needed to even see it all the first time around. This moves us into a Randi Kaye piece that's all about Stockholm Syndrome. Elizabeth Smart is mentioned, as is Patty Hearst who actually had it so bad that she helped her captors rob a bank. Next up we have a piece from Jeff Flock (Who's he?) about Diamond and Tionda Bradley, two Chicago girls that have been missing since 2001. Unfortunately there are no suspects and no leads. The Hornbeck's apparently became familiar with the case while looking for Shawn and ended up donating a bench in the girls' names. That was nice of them. We then wrap this coverage up for the night with an interview with Patty Wetterling who became an advocate for kids after her son Jacob went missing in 1989.

Transitioning now to some actual hard news. You wouldn't know it from watching the first hour and a half of this broadcast, but it was an extremely bloody day in Iraq. In an Arwa Damon piece we learn that two bombs went off at a university, killing 70 and wounding 170. And that's not all. There were many more smaller explosions throughout Baghdad. When all was said and done over 100 were dead. After this lovely news Arwa joins us live to talk about the new surge plan. She tells us that the Iraqis and soldiers are saying that plans like that sound great on paper, but don't work on the ground. Unfortunately, with our leaders, "good on paper" is all they want. After this we have a repeat of the Joe Johns piece.

Moving on to an interview with Newsweeks's Mark Miller regarding OJ Simpson. Oh, here we go. Can we not just let this story die? Anyway, Miller apparently read an excerpt of the book or something and now he's got a piece in Newsweek. I don't know. I wasn't paying that much attention. I actually have the issue, though I doubt I'll read it. Our final piece tonight is from Susan Roesgen and it focuses on the newest Katrina survivor that was just born today. How is that possible you ask? Well, this baby was originally a frozen embryo being stored in a clinic in New Orleans. The embryos were stored in liquid nitrogen, but they couldn't survive that long with the power out, so police were sent to rescue them. The new baby's name? Noah. Ha! How appropriate. Well, that'll do it folks. After doing so well for a while, these past two nights have been disappointing.


Anonymous Sharla Dawn said...

Ah yes, the frozen embryos. I read that one (they deliberately named him Noah)... and see, this is what I don't understand about people. Sometimes, they're just "frozen embryos" and they either throw them away or they get used for stem cell research because they're just...embryos, and then other times, people are like "OMG my babies are in there!" Which is it, people? Ah well, that's an ethics debate that I shouldn't get into.

I can't believe it. Did you say OJ? Seriously? OMG!! I didn't get that Newsweek yet, mine are behind because they're being forwarded (stupid slow updating system!). But you know what- I'll read it and tell you if it sucked or what :)

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Sharla Dawn said...

PS- thanks for passing over the "Craptastic" weather. It's snowing in New Jersey and it's not supposed to be :)

3:58 PM  
Blogger midnite6367 said...

It would be good if AC360 would drop the OJ stuff but I have a feeling AC's into it and that he supports Fred Goldman's efforts to prevent OJ from profiting.

I like Arwa Damon's reports, she has an unusual speaking style, but she's always out there in the midst of the troubles in Iraq.

5:11 PM  
Blogger midnite6367 said...

Oh, and I never knew that Patty Hearst was sexually assaulted by her captors. That story was huge news back in '74 in the Bay Area where I'm from, but I'd never heard about that aspect of the kidnapping until the report on 360.

5:14 PM  

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