Monday, February 01, 2010

Americans Accused Of Child Trafficking In Haiti, Obama's Proposed Budget, Update On The Mass Graves In Haiti, And Steve Perry Interviews P. Diddy

Hi everyone. Happy New Week! Anderson Cooper is taking a little well-deserved time off, so it is Wolf Blitzer to the rescue tonight. Recently, the Wolfbot has seen his airtime decreased a bit from his usual million hours per week, so apparently he's going to take it back any way he can, yo! And here we are.

We begin with the odd and disturbing story that 10 American missionaries have been arrested in Haiti on charges of trafficking children into the Dominican Republic. This news leads us into a piece from Karl Penhaul, who is still in Haiti. The Americans claim they thought the children were orphans, but when Karl investigates in the children's home village, he finds that's actually not the case.

He talks with poor parents who say they willingly gave their children to the missionaries after being promised they would receive schooling, food, and toys. Essentially, these parents let go of their children in the hopes that they'd have a better life somewhere else. How sad.

Next up, we go to Dan Simon in Meridian, Idaho, which is the home of Central Valley Baptist Church--the church of the missionaries. Dan speaks live with Pastor Drew Ham and everything seems pretty confused at this point.

Obviously the number one question needing to be answered is whether or not the Americans truly believed the children were orphans. Apparently, at this point they have yet to convince officials. Also? Pastor Ham says Dan's name, like, a zillion times. It's amusing.

From Idaho, Blitzer goes on to interview Georg Willeit of SOS Children's Villages regarding the missionaries' intentions.

Transitioning now to CNN's brand-spanking new anchor, Candy Crowley, talking about Obama's proposed budget. That's right, Ms. Crowley has done got herself a show--John King's old gig on State of the Union to be precise. The ladies are slowly taking over. About time. Watch your back, fellas.

Anyway! So, we got this whole budget thing here, and of course the specifics are framed in terms of 'winners' and 'losers' because, I guess, they must. Who's up. Who's down. Who's ahead. Who's behind. Your beltway media at work. I'm not going to list any of the details myself because none of them made me go, "OMG, really?!" Yay to the increase in pell grants though. Those babies got me through some hard semesters.

New narrative alert! Obama is bankrupting America. (Oh noes!) David Gergen and David Walker discuss. Meh. Yes, the deficit is comically high. But let's not go crazy, mmkay?

Someone named Brooke Baldwin has the "360 Bulletin" tonight. Who dat? Being groomed to replace Erica Hill or just simply subbing? Your guess is as good as mine. But I know how some of you have treated 360 newbies in the past (poor John Roberts). Beee nice. Anybody who makes a My So-Called Life reference is a-okay in my book. (I'm so easily won over.)

On now to a re-airing of Anderson's very disturbing piece on the mass graves. Why? Because they have an update from Joe Johns. And it's actually positive! Well, as positive as an update to a story on mass graves could be. It turns out that Haitian Daniel Rouzier saw our anchor's report and took it upon himself to get two backhoes and a priest to the site. The bodies were then more properly buried, and a bunch of people came out to pray and bless the graves. I hope 360 continues investigating the company and government as to what happened.

Finally tonight, we have Dr. Steve Perry interviewing P. Diddy about connecting with young people in their community. This is one of those segments that seems to come out of nowhere, and you're like, "Well, hello there." And then it feels like it's over before it began. Obviously this is all edited, so it's hard to really make any comment. What I saw was okay, I guess.

I wish Steve would have asked him why everything always has to be about music and fashion and sports and the like (and maybe he did--like I said, edited). Why must celebrities always promote the celebrity lifestyle? Why doesn't P. Diddy make a show about young scientists or something? Yeah, I know, I know. No one would watch. But maybe they would if these people made those kind of careers cool.

The "shot" tonight is a dancing owl. Or perhaps a dancing vulture. I link, you decide.

The show was pretty good. It felt shorter than when they were in Haiti. Hm. Wasting time with teases and whatnot in studio? Maybe it's just me. Anyway! Glad to see Haiti is still getting a big chunk of airtime. That'll do it.

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