Saturday, May 02, 2009

Checking In, The Time 100 Special, And Twitter War!!!

Hi everyone. Wow, I disappear for a while and a pandemic breaks out. I can't leave you people alone for a minute. In all seriousness, I'm really sorry. I've been completely neglecting this blog. If you can believe it, no, I still don't have a new computer. Work got crazy, family issues came up, and to top it all off, last week my cat suddenly became deathly ill. Now I'm trying my best to get her better, which is akin to taking care of an infant. I'm not quite sure when my life became the lyrics to a country song, but hey, at least I don't have pig flu...yet.

Also, I'd be lying if I said I haven't been using this "hiatus" to seriously debate whether I want to continue with this blog. There have been times in the past when I've almost quit, but those instances were related to me being annoyed with the show for some reason or another--too much OJ for example. This time is different. This time I find myself feeling rather apathetic about the show itself. Don't get me wrong, I've been watching most nights and I've definitely felt some pangs of regret that I wasn't blogging. Overall though, I'm not sure the show is must see for me anymore. Maybe it's just me. Anybody else feeling that? That all being said, I do plan on coming back at some point, but I might be making some changes. We'll see.

As for the coverage, 360 recently did some great work with the torture memos (and I really wish they'd follow up) and the topic of bullying in schools. They've been getting a little heavy on the crime crap and fluff stuff though. There was a show a week or so ago that only had about seven or eight minutes of hard news. It made me feel like I was wasting my time watching them. I've been tuning out the swine flu coverage too. Anderson Cooper can say they're not hyping as much as he wants, doesn't make it true. To be fair, they seem to be trying hard to live up to those statements, but I mean, it's cable news. Are they even capable of not hyping? Every time I turn on the TeeVee they make me feel like going, "Dun dun dun!" The pandemic is an extremely serious story, but let's not all freak out.

I thought CNN's Time 100 Special was just okay. Honestly, I kinda wish it would have just been an hour with Bono and George Clooney. Love those guys. The fact that they cut up their interview was fairly annoying and I hate that they didn't show the whole thing. Apparently you have to go online for the rest and I'm currently using what I refer to as my "Amish computer." No speakers. Guess I'm SOL. I found it funny that Anderson's intro/teases of the Suze Orman interview made it sound like it would humanize her, when all it did was make me dislike her more. I didn't really pay attention to the Ted Turner/T-Bone Pickens interview.

And the "Ladies of The View"? Well, it was entertaining, but I couldn't help thinking, "Why?" I would have rather seen Anderson do an interview with someone like Dambisa Moyo. Anyway, I feel a little bad ragging on the special since it was apparently a lot of work to put together. But sometimes I get the feeling they wrongly underestimate their viewers desire to see substance. Or...maybe it all came down to booking. Who knows? It could have been a lot worse. Two words: Rush Limbaugh.

For some lighter news. I am addicted to Twitter! You can find me at @newsjunkie365. Follow me and I might tweet you a unicorn. And have you all heard of the bloody Throwdown in Twittertown? CNN is taking it to the mats. Ed Henry (@edhenrycnn) AKA "Eduardo" vs. Ali Velshi (@alivelshi) AKA "V Money." Two newsers enter. One newser leaves. Or, you know, something like that. Right now I encourage you to follow Ed Henry. He tweets back and his trash talk is more amusing. But my loyalties can always change. That's how I roll. Also, don't forget to show your Jack Gray love and become a Gray Groupie. 305 members and counting!

That's it from me for now. I'll try to check in again soon. Laterz.
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