Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cheney Talk, Political Talk, Running Mates, Overcoming Bullies, Global Warming Report Card, And CNN Heroes (Thursday's Second Hour)

Hi everybody. So, did you hear the news? The Paris Hilton/NBC interview fell through and guess where she's going now? Larry King! Bwah! Should we put down bets on Anderson Cooper being conveniently off on Wednesday? Because you know 360 is going to cover it in order to try to hang on to some of that Larry King lead in. In fact, if they don't touch the story I will give out my first ever A+ for that night, no matter what the quality of the show. I have to admit, I had quite the little chuckle when I found out she was going on Larry King after all that righteous snark Anderson was doling out. I hope he is there though. Because the preview and handoff? Awwwkward.

Okay, so it's been a while since Thursday's second hour actually aired, but we're kicking off with earmark coverage again and then repeat stuff about how Cheney thinks he's king of the country. Then we're joined by John King and David Gergen for discussion. John notes that it's going to be really hard for Cheney to claim he's a member of the legislative branch when he's been claiming executive privilege this whole time. But The Gerg thinks he's going to fight this by just dragging it out forever. So if you were hoping to learn the extent of Cheney's true evilness (although learning that might actually kill a person), don't hold your breath. But, hey, maybe your kids have a shot.

After commercial we're back with John and The Gerg for some campaign talk. McCain isn't doing so great in Iowa and Anderson wonders what's up with that. John explains the campaign is basically playing it off as bad polls, but they're generally having trouble. The Gerg thinks this is because of the war and also because his POW years are catching up to him. Oh Gerg, I can't believe you said that. Are you a psychologist or POW expert? No, I don't think you are. Look, I've been saying on this blog for a while now that there's something wrong with McCain, but bringing up the POW thing is something the Bush camp smeared him with in 2000. What I'm wondering is if the man has any actual friends that would convince him to drop out of the race or if everyone he deals with is just a political hanger-on.

Anderson then turns the subject to the Clinton campaign by showing a picture run by the Washington Post of the campaign staff. All female. Anderson wonders if there's a downside to all this girl power. John doesn't really think so, but the Gerg questions the judgement of the campaign in letting all that estrogen hit the front page. He thinks it's going to give some male voters the willies. Pshaw! Oh c'mon Gerg, the men with the willies were never going to vote for Clinton in the first place. The conversation then moves on to a possible Michael Bloomberg run. I think the media is hyping so much on these maybe-runners because they're already bored with the campaign. Anyway, John tells us Bloomberg can't win today, but if he runs he would probably hurt the Democrats the most due to his liberal views. I say run. He'll be the first third party candidate that had a shot since the little crazy dude.

Moving on now to the latest edition of "Running Mates" where we meet the candidate's wives...and Bill, I guess. Tonight we're meeting Giuliani's wife. Which one, you ask? Let's see, I believe we're on number three at this point and her name is Judith. Like Giuliani, Judith has also said the vows more than once. Um, more than twice actually. But she conveniently forgot to mention one of her marriages. But hey, who can remember all these things, right? And apparently Giuliani's kids are not big fans of the current misses. They're now estranged from dear old dad. Yeah, the family values crowd is going to love that. After this segment we've got a repeat of David Mattingly getting whacked by a fish. Holy carp! Then we're played 911 calls from that South Carolina fire.

Next up we have a Dan Simon piece on Olivia Gardner, a 14 year old that was mercilessly bullied due to her epilepsy. It was so bad that she would hide in the bathroom, so the kids couldn't find her. She then changed schools, but some of the kids at her new school were friends with kids at her old school and it started up again. The brats even started an "I hate Olivia" club on MySpace. Olivia couldn't take it anymore and thought about suicide, but then two girls read her story in the newspaper and decided to write her in support. They got their friends to do it too and before long, thousands of letters were pouring in to Olivia. The letters changed her life. Wow, good story. Just like adults, kids can be incredibly cruel and incredibly kind.

Transitioning now to a Mile's O'Brien piece on the environmental friendliness of corporate America. Miles! Long time, no see. Anyway, you know how you're always seeing those commericals about how green companies are becoming? Well, I hope you didn't actually believe them. Miles tells us that a non profit has given a global warming report card, if you will, to 56 companies and guess how they did. Sucko. Most actually scored in the 30's, which for those that don't remember school, is an F. Not everyone was completely horrible though. IBM got a 70 and Cannon scored a 77. Still not the greatest. We also learn that Burger King got a big old goose egg, while McDonald's did slightly better, scoring in the 20's. Because McDonald's was the winner of the two, Miles takes a big bite of one of their burgers...then signs off with his mouth full. Oh Miles, no one wants to see that.

Finally tonight we meet CNN Hero Bob Nameng, whose Sky Center offers assistance to children in South Africa. And...that'll do it.


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