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Continued Earmark Coverage, NBC Paying For Paris, Raw Politics, Cheney Gets More Secretive, College Cover-Up, And Madagascar (Thursday's First Hour)

Hi everybody. Well, I am still a blogger without a transcript, so I guess I'll just have to make do. We're beginning with the subject of earmarks tonight and Anderson informs us that Obama has just become the first presidential candidate to disclose his earmark requests. Yay, Barack! We then get an update to the previously run Drew Griffin piece in which they called all 435 members of the House and asked for their requests. Apparently the report caught the attention of some bloggers and the Tribune and now 11 more representatives have made their requests public. So we're going slowly but surely here, people. After the piece, Drew says that the freshman democrats are frustrated with the leadership because they want to be more open. They also note that some viewers have been calling and Anderson tells us to let them know if we call and get a better response. I'm glad he said that. More people will call now because sometimes people just need a little push, or the idea in the first place. If you'd like to call, but don't know your rep or their number, just click here. And psssst, CNN, I'm digging that we can go to the site and see how our rep responded (or didn't respond), but how about a link to contact info for those that then want to call? As for me? I called. I politely argued. I got nowhere. I let CNN know anyway. Why not, huh? Next we have a Joe Johns piece that continues with the earmark coverage and we learn that basically the Democrats and Republicans are both calling each other hypocrites. Ah, the blame game. Because that's new.

On now to an interview Anderson did with Congressman Rahm Emanuel, who is not happy with the 360 earmark coverage. Anderson notes that Emanuel himself has disclosed his earmarks, but wonders what's up with most everybody else. Emanuel then talks about the reform the Democrats have brought to the whole process. He says they cut earmarks in half and in the past no one knew anything about the earmarks until way after they were in bills and now there's more transparency. You know, I'm no Emanuel fan, but he has a point. Don't get me wrong, I really love that they're getting down and dirty with investigating what our Congresscritters are up to, but 360 is slamming the Democrats pretty hard here. Yes, they made big promises and it's not like they're not working on it, but the mess the Republicans left behind is huge (and where were the phone calls back then?). I mean, they have the legislative equivalent of a toothbrush and they're expected to use it to clean up nuclear waste. Change is going to take time. I'm in no way saying 360 should back off the story, but they could make their language a little less "gotcha" and maybe explain things better. For example, not all earmarks are bad.

Back in the interview, Anderson notes that only earmarks that make it into a bill will be made public. Emanuel then says that those are the only ones that matter because those are the only ones that become law. But Anderson asks if the public has a right to know what their reps have asked for. Emanuel says something like the consituents will know, but I don't know what he's talking about. Anderson then visibly gets his outrage on, noting that Emanuel obviously thinks disclosure is important, but others seem to be ashamed. As he's saying this, Emanuel is smirking. Did I mention I don't like him much? He says that they made a pledge and have made things more transparent. Anderson asks if he will advise his fellow Democrats to put out their requests because it's the only way for the public to know if the requests are valid. Emanuel answers with some convoluted BS. Keep on it, 360, but don't forget the perspective.

Transitioning now to the news that the NY Post is reporting NBC is going to pay Paris Hilton, or "the convict," as Anderson refers to her, $1 million for her first post-jail interview. Apparently Jeff Zucker himself called to make the deal and Paris will be sitting down with Meredith Viera on "The Today Show." In a piece we learn that NBC News is saying they will not pay for an interview, but CNN media guy Howard Kurtz notes there are ways to get around that. He says it's a "squiggly line" and sometimes video is paid for. Actually, before CNN gets too high and mighty about this, I'd like to point out that it was reported they paid the Virginia Tech student for the video he filmed during the shooting. No, that's not disgusting like this is, but c'mon. Anyway, we also learn that MADD is, well, mad.

Next up we're joined by Marc Lamont Hill of Temple University for discussion about all this. Anderson notes that basically Paris is profiting off drunk driving. He asks what this says about all of us. Marc thinks our lives our permeated by bottomline capitalist desire and we love a good train wreck. Yeah, and it's killing us. Also? Speak for yourself, Marc. Anderson asks if he'll watch the interview. "Of course," says Marc. Ha! Good Lord. Then Anderson points out that maybe he's part of the problem. But Marc reminds him he said "we" and besides, he's watching for research purposes. Riight. Okay Anderson Cooper, I can see you're outraged by all this and I'm right there with you, but I think once again you've boxed yourself into a corner. If 360 airs any footage of that interview or mentions anything she who shall not be named says, you've just made yourself a big hypocrite. I don't care if you cover it snarky or not. You can't get your outrage on about NBC and then still cover it. So will 360 leave that interview alone? Time will tell. But I'll be watching.

Next we get to hear a little "Don't Feel Like Dancing" from the Scissor Sisters. Good song. We're hearing it because it was one of the entries to 360's political theme song contest. There were actually a lot of Scissor Sisters entries and I'm guessing that has something to do with them being one of Anderson's favorite groups. Let the pandering begin! After the music, we've got "Raw Politics" with Candy Crowley and this goes way too fast for me to do without a transcript. Although I did catch that Ron Paul was excluded from a forum and apparently his supporters are crazy hardcore. My cousin actually told me she was driving on the highway last week and from every overpass there was a sheet that said "Who is Ron Paul?" Crazy. In tonight's "What Were They Thinking?" Erica brings us the tale of an Indian doctor who let his 15 year old son perform a cesarean section because he wanted him to get into the Guiness Book of World Records. As you might expect, the whole thing didn't go over well. Mom and baby are okay.

Moving on to a Susan Malveaux piece on how Cheney just keeps getting creepier and creepier. We all know how the VP likes to be secretive, but he's taking it to a whole new level. Okay, so a 2003 Bush order states that all entities of the executive branch need to provide yearly documenting of documents they've classified and declassified. Simple enough, right? Well, Cheney's having none of that. He's been ignoring the order for years and then when the National Archives and Records Adminstration tried to enforce the order, Cheney attempted to abolish the whole freakin office. See, this is why I get mad about the missing woman/stupid celebrity coverage; our VP is a psychopath! We should have someone covering his evilness all the time. Oh, and get this. When Cheney couldn't get rid of the whole archives office, he said the order didn't apply to him because as president of the Senate, he's actually part of the legislative branch. Pay no mind to all that executive privilege he's been claiming all these years, I guess. Good Lord. So yeah, that didn't fly either. Something about it being in this thing called the constitution. I think I've heard of that. Though legend has it, nobody's seen it for over six years.

On now to a Randi Kaye piece on a 22 year old college student that was found dead in her dorm room at Eastern Michigan University. Her parents were told by the school that she died of natural causes. A 22 year old? In reality, she was found with a pillow over her face and semen on her leg. The school put out a public notice that the campus was safe and there was no foul play, but never updated once a suspect was charged with rape and murder. An independent investigation has found the school violated the law. Wow. Man, I hope her parents sue the pants off them. How horrible to have your child die in the first place and then be lied to regarding her death. After this piece, 360 promos a repeat of the David Mattingly getting hit by a fish piece, which they're going to show in the second hour. Before the fish shot, we get Rick Sanchez getting tasered. Bwah! I knew the fish whacking would be the new tasering!

Transitioning to a Jeff Corwin piece set in eastern Madagascar and man, he's in heaven. I'm amused that he's fairly dressed up for running around the forest. Jeff goes on a quest to find some indris, which are the largest of the lemurs, and when he does find some he is very excited! We also get to hear the indris call, which is very loud, and the look on Jeff's face when they do it is priceless. He deems it an "awesome call!" and notes that it's eerie. Damn, if Jeff makes me like him anymore I'm going to have to watch his show. After Jeff's piece we have Erica with the headlines and she brings us some I-Phone news. Anderson notes it won't work with their email system. That's weird. He also tells us that he just got a cd player. Anderson Cooper, screeching his way into the mid 90's. The Shot tonight is a lake in Chile. Actually it was a lake in Chile. Okay, who stole the lake? Seriously, this whole big lake just disappeared. Ooh, maybe it got raptured up. The theory is it leaked out cracks in the lake bottom. Erica would like to know then where the heck it ended up. China? She explains that when you're a kid the belief is you can dig your way to China, though she never made it there. "You lack commitment," says Anderson. Bwah! Aw, Erica. Well, she's raising a child. I think that counts for something. The show was good tonight. B+ But I want the transcripts back!


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Re: your passing reference to the "Who is Ron Paul" sign. Well, he's the other presidential candidate (besides Obama) who released his earmark requests, as reported by Roll Call magazine.

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