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More Walter Reed Fallout, Georgia Bus Crash, Tornado Questions, And Jesus! (Friday's Show)

Hi guys. Happy weekend. Tonight 360 has decided to throw Jesus at us so Anderson can go home after 20 minutes. We begin the hour with me bursting out laughing when Anderson tells us they're going to be looking into the following questions: "Did it really rain for 40 days and 40 nights? Could the Red Sea truly have parted for Moses? Did Jesus have a wife and child? And were there bones interred in an earthly tomb?" Okay, laughing was probably not the reaction they were going for, but seriously, WTF? Guys, could you please just give me the news. You can't prove any of that stuff no matter how much science you throw at it. Faith is called faith for a reason.

We do however, happily, start with real news that comes in the form up an update Walter Reed piece from Joe Johns. It turns out another head has rolled. Today Army Secretary Francis Harvey resigned. It's so nice to see people screwing up and losing their jobs, rather than screwing up and getting the medal of freedom. We also learn in the piece that Washington basically turned its back on Walter Reed when it slated it to be closed by 2011. Cost savings and all. Even during two wars apparently. So basically what happened is that people decided to not invest money in any repairs that the facility needed because they knew it was going to close anyway and then a lot of the staff looked elsewhere since there was no job security. This led to privitization. Oh Lord. How did I not see that coming? As much as the government sucks, I have seen nothing good come out of privatization. In fact, that usually makes it worse. So anyway, even after all this Walter Reed is still slated to close. My guess? The things that matter will remain sucky for the troops, but their media relations will improve substantially.

Up next we have a Randi Kaye piece on a horrible bus accident that happened in Georgia. A baseball team from Bluffton University in Ohio were on their way to Florida for a tournament when their bus tumbled off an overpass. Four students and the driver and his wife died. We then move into a Drew Griffin piece for a possible explanation of what happened. Apparently the bus had been driving in a high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane and it seems that the driver veered off onto an exit without realizing it. He then blew through a stop sign and it appears he realized his mistake and tried to make a turn, but was going too fast. From there he smashed into a concrete wall and catapulted over it, plummeting to the freeway below. This story freaked me out because while I'm a good driver, I'm terrible with driving directions. I could totally see myself making that mistake. I'd never even heard of an HOV lane. We don't have those here. After the piece Anderson asks Drew about the driver's safety record and whether they knew if drugs or alcohol was involved. I know he's a reporter and those are valid questions, but they still kind of irked me. Because as far as I know there is no evidence of any of that and now those questions are just out there lingering. Maybe it's just me.

Next up we have a David Mattingly piece that follows up on the Alabama tornado that hit the high school yesterday. It turns out that eight students died. Drew talks with Hannah Jones, who was saved when her botany teacher threw herself over her as the tornado hit. The teacher is hospitalized. Okay, that is one awesome teacher. Hannah seriously needs to give her an apple every day for the rest of her life. The big issue people are talking about now is why the school didn't let the students go home since they got the first warning at 11:00 and the tornado didn't strike until about 1:15. The school thinks they did exactly the right thing and I agree with them. Who knows where those kids would have gone. Some may live in mobile homes. You should always stay put. I remember years and years ago there was a really bad storm here and a girl decided to go get her brother from school, but while she walked there she was hit in the head with debris and killed. Her brother was safe inside the school. You always stay put. Sometimes bad things just happen and as David says, "The lesson in this disaster may be that, in such a direct and hard hit, all the right things may still not be good enough."

Transitioning now to some Jesus coverage. Here we are talking about that stupid James Cameron documentary again. I mean, I'm sorry, but I'm not going to let my faith be rocked by the guy who brought us Terminator. Anderson tells us, "The film's claims about what was found inside the tomb amounts to heresy for many Christians, who see it as an attack on the core tenets of their faith." Um, no I don't. I see it as ridiculousness. Of course I never thought there was a war on Christmas either. Okay, so we've got a couple pieces on the documetary and then Anderson tells us they're going to "factcheck" Mary Magdalene, which makes me laugh. You can't do that, man! After that we've got a Tom Foreman piece where they actually theorize that maybe Jesus walked on ice, rather than frozen water. Bwah! Uh guys, I don't know if Jesus ever really walked on water, but don't you think if it's not true it was just made up? Also, here's the thing about God; he's the one that made our brains (for those that believe) and I'm guessing there are things we're not even capable of knowing. So can we take a break from this stuff. I mean, at least until Easter. Sheesh. Tonight's show was meh. Following up on Walter Reed saved it from a failing grade. C

Ah, I can't even think of any questions. Tawk amongst yourselves.


Anonymous Sharla Dawn said...

I know, at 10:20, I was like, "Hey! The little turd went home!" and so I went to bed. :)

Shaking the core of my faith? Pfft, I don't THINK so. Gimme a break.

4:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just want to know why he was there for 20 minutes. Why didn't he just have a sub for that 20 minutes and not even bother showing up at all

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because it's his show and he works fridays like everyone else.

12:26 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

@anonymous 9:10-Well, it's not like he came in at the start of the broadcast and then went home 20 minutes later. I'm sure he was there for hours before-maybe even working on another special or whatnot.

1:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I, also, don't think he was there for just 20 minutes, nor do I think he left either. He was probably working on more "taped" segments for next week's 2nd. hour shows!

My vote is that he was working on the "Planet in Peril" series....

2:47 PM  
Blogger gray angst said...

There are a LOT of packages and "special edition" 360s. I'd love to just see an honest to goodness two hour show of live news every once in awhile on the show, WITH Anderson hosting for the whole thing. Actually, around November/December, he was on practically every night without any breaks, that was good.

4:30 AM  

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