Thursday, March 11, 2010

Health Insurance Premium Hikes, Michael Moore Interview, The Transformation From Chastity To Chaz Bono, & An Update On Kiki!

Hi everyone. Your blogger is not in the best mood as of this moment. I was under the impression that it was 2010, but apparently I am mistaken. You know what sucks? Homophobia. You know what also sucks? Vandalism. And that's really all there is to say about that.

A myriad of issues has led to a craptastic day, and to top it off, I am beyond tired at this point. So! Welcome to what shall henceforth be known as your itty bitty Thursday review. Or maybe more accurately; your half-ass Thursday review. Whatev!

They kicked things off with a Randi Kaye piece on rising health insurance premiums, which I thought was pretty good. Then Michael Moore was in studio to talk health care reform. I find his TV appearances hit and miss.

While I think he's a good guy and agree with most of his views, he sometimes doesn't come off very well in person. But tonight's interview was good--not to say that him coming off well is 360's responsibility or anything.

Did you notice? There was no opposing guest to add fake balance. ZOMG! Does this mean the studio's going to explode?! There was a Tom Foreman piece in between the two Moore segments that included some insurance industry views, but that's not really the same thing. It's not like I want views censored anyway. I want perspective/context.

Speaking of the Tom piece, it focused on why premiums are so expensive. Watching it, I found myself pondering the accuracy, and perhaps smelling a little BS. Then afterward, Anderson Cooper threw the topic to Michael who explained why he disagreed with everything Tom just said. Cathartic! That should always happen.

Back to the whole lack of fake balance thing, if I'm remembering correctly, Moore was also unopposed the last time he was on. I guess 360 goes a little crazy sometimes. Remember that night we had on two gay rights supporters? People were like, "Whoa! What have you done with Tony Perkins?!"

Anyway! I think the pro-reformers very much deserved the airtime, seeing as how they've totally been given the shaft when it comes to protest coverage. Oh, didn't you hear? Yeah, the pro-reformers had a big rally.

While the media are like moths to the tea party people's flame, when it comes to the other side of the debate, um, not so much. Former CNNer Chez Pazienza breaks it down nicely in a Huffington Post piece (make sure you read his links too!)

The other interview of the night was with Chaz Bono, offspring of Sonny and Cher, and formerly known as Chastity. Gary Tuchman had a background piece, and I thought it was kinda interesting to learn the dynamics of how Sonny and Cher took it when Chasity came out as a lesbian. It turns out Sonny was actually more accepting on a personal level (though they butted heads politically), while Cher--famous gay icon--didn't take it as well.

The interview with Chaz was about his sex change. At times it was a little strange to watch. Some of it felt unnecessary or even a little too close to TMI territory. I actually know a transgendered woman fairly well. While no surgery has been performed, I've watched her transform over the years from a girl essentially into a man (name change, different dress, etc.).

Without her permission, it's not my place to elaborate, but it's an interesting topic to explore. I'm not sure why we need so much of Chaz though. There were two segments tonight and apparently more coming tomorrow. I think I've had my fill.

Last but not least, we finally got an update on Kiki! Anderson Cooper interviewed the gang member back in 2004 as part of his Homicide in Hollenbeck reporting. Some of us have been wondering what happened to him all this time. Admittedly, a part of me wasn't sure I wanted to know. I thought he might be dead. But no! And he's doing relatively well.

Kiki went to prison for a parole violation, but has recently been released and decided he's done with the gang life. He's having his tattoos removed and even got a job from Father Boyle at Homeboy Industries. So yay for that. Of course, this is all very new. A relapse is possible. Still, good luck, Kiki! I hope you make it.

The show wasn't bad. I thought the Chaz Bono stuff might have gone a little long. Is it just me or has the show been morphing into more of a newsmagazine? That's probably for the best. They can differentiate themselves from the pack better that way. I still think a total overhaul is needed if they want to see any significant ratings improvement. Anyway, that'll do it. Check out Michael Moore's Twitter for pictures from tonight's broadcast.

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