Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A Super Important Election Night (At Least That's What CNN Wants You To Think), Plus Anderson Cooper Is A Lego & Jack Gray At The 140 Conference

Hi everybody. So hey, did you hear there was an election tonight? That's right. CNN whipped out the Magic Wall, gathered up the pundits, and put extra batteries in the Wolfbot, all in preparation for a long night in the Election Center with the Best Political Team on Television (BPTOT). Compared to the awesomeness that was 2008, this year was a real snoozer. I can't say I was all that invested. Oh, but CNN was--in an eye roll worthy way.

Honestly, I didn't pay that much attention to the coverage. After a while, all the pundits tend to blend together. But I've managed to squeeze out a few bullet points for you. Nostalgia! First though, the business: Republicans saw wins in Virginia and New Jersey, Democrats picked up a long-time Republican seat in New York, Michael Bloomberg's money almost wasn't good enough to buy a mayorship, and equality took a hit in Maine. Yeah, there was other stuff too, but seriously, do we really care all that much? On to the bullet points!
  • I'm over the Magic Map/Wall. Do we really need all that technology just for John King to write numbers on a screen? Just get a dry erase board, and with the money you save you can hire an extra reporter or two. Or, you know, stop laying off the ones you have.
  • Hey, BPTOT, stop telling me you have "surprising" results to report (I'm looking at you Anderson Cooper). I'll be the judge of whether or not I'm surprised.
  • And while I'm yelling at you, this is not one big referendum on Obama. His presidency is not in peril because of a couple of piddly elections. Capiche? Is the Election Center a context-free zone? Remember how different things were a year ago? Yeah, well, they could be just as different (for good or bad) a year from now. My point is that the midterm elections are A YEAR away. Chill!
  • Soledad O'Brien told us that over 60 percent of the American people think things will be better in the country in the next year. Then she told us that this number sounds good, but is actually possibly problematic depending on if Obama can deliver. Oh. My. God. Stop trying to report on nonexistent future news! Yes, next year things could be not better. Or they could be even better than anyone imagined. Hell, maybe next year Obama will give everyone ponies. Please, people, stick to news happening in the present.
  • Anderson Cooper made a reference to the "liberal media." I'd like to know his definition of that term. I also wonder if he realizes that basically every conservative would count him (and CNN) a member.
  • Election night and 360 is still doing the "shot." Interesting. And a little out-of-place.
  • You know, I couldn't care less about a single thing any pundit says. Yeah, I like some of them more than others (I know in the past I said I loved them equally, but, uh, I lied); I still don't particularly want to hear their opinions.
  • Anderson Cooper brought jokes to the Election Center. He told us that the most note-worthy thing about a member of Boyz II Men getting swine flu was that the group still exists. Zing! Also? In his opinion, Michelle Obama should get a medal for surviving a Miley Cyrus concert. Booyah! He'll be here all night, folks! Or at least until the suspender-ed one takes over.
  • I hope Scozzafava is laughing her ass off at the tea partiers. How's the Beck crowd going to spin this?
  • Maine, you suck. That is all.
Now for a few extras. My artist relative has been having some fun with Legos lately. Check out her latest. Lego Silver Fox!

For your viewing pleasure, the YouTube finally got a hold of Jack Gray's appearance at the 140 Character Conference. Enjoy:

And his bossman, Jon Klein:

I haven't finished watching all of the Klein video, but I am already quite in a tizzy over them showing those clips of the CNN birther debunking and then NOT bringing up the Dobb's radio show controversy regarding that issue. Dood, you have Klein right there. Maybe I'll expand on that tomorrow. But that's all tonight. Until we meet again.

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Blogger Anne said...


If I hear the expression, "is this a referendum on Obama" one more time, I will scream. Has common sense gone somewhere in the news media? I'm with you on your comments in 2nd paragraph regarding the "context-free" zone. Jon Stewart did a good segment last night on the overwrought attention the media has given this election. You especiallly will enjoy it since you noticed the coverage of "nonexistent future news". Jon skewers that as well. Will the BPTOT need ADD meds to get through next years midterm elections? Anne D.

11:38 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

@Anne: Unfortunately, the media has NEVER been good at covering elections. It's all about the conflict for them, hence all the nonsense about the "referendum." I've got a lot of problems with Obama these days, but this is just proverbial "silly season" crap come early.

I'm behind on my TDS. Probably why I feel cranky. Heh.

3:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually dare I say that LEGO Andy would be an improvement at this point?

I am on my way out the door when it comes to this show. Sorry not sure how much longer I can tune into this. Whatever THIS is.

11:04 AM  

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