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More On Rangel, Political Nonsense, Keeping Obama Honest On Gay Rights, Horrorcore Rap, And Surprise Tickets To The Anderson Cooper Gun Show

Hi everyone. We begin tonight with more coverage of the Charlie Rangel scandal, but I'm still squeeing too much over The Office to really give it much focus. How cute were Jim and Pam? Best wedding ever. But I digress. The fact of the matter is that I'm just not really into this story.

I suppose you could accuse me of partisanship, but honestly, I think it has more to do with cynicism. After everything we've seen from our politicians, a tax cheat seems almost, well, quaint. That probably says a great deal about where we are in this country. I just can't get my outrage on over this, though I do fully support the show covering the story.

Moving on to Tom Foreman giving us some new poll numbers, and oh noes, there might be trouble for the Democrats! Yaaawwn. Why do I suddenly feel like it's last October? Sure the Democrats are having some problems lately, but the midterm elections are over a year away. We live in a culture where there can be more than one news cycle per day and I'm supposed to care about poll numbers that are a year out? Please. There are plenty of actual stories to report.

Anyway, the proverbial "independents" are brought up--those voters the pundits love to pontificate about. Today I read a good post from the Washington Monthly that explains why everything those pundits say is probably crap.

Our panel on all this--oh, you knew there'd be one--is being rocked out by Nicolle Wallace (former Bushie), John King, and Errol Louis. There's not really anything of note here, but I guess I'll point some stuff out anyway. At one point Anderson Cooper states the Republicans seem to have found their voice. To which I say, yeah, and that voice is saying, "No!" To everything.

However, Nicole says that accusation isn't true, and proceeds to use Jeb Bush and Bill Frist as examples of Republicans who are reciprocating Obama's extended bi-partisan hand. As I'm telling my TV screen that Bill Frist isn't even a senator anymore, Anderson says, "But you're kind of clutching at straws." Seriously. I mean, hey, why not see what Jim Talent (my former Republican senator) is up to while we're at it.

Next 360 follows up on their main story from last night--the Chicago violence. We learn that tonight there was a meeting between kids, cops, politicians, and teachers. Sounds like a good start. Gary Tuchman covered the event and he relays some of ideas proposed by Mayor Daley. We get a clip that focuses on the "stop snitching" phenomenon, and the students speaking pretty much confirm what I've suspected. They're scared and they don't trust that the police won't hurt them, let alone protect them.

I'm not saying there is no code (a male speaker does state that being a "snitch" is the worst thing you can be), but I think the distrust and fear is probably more the root of the problem. Anyway, Gary tells us an alderwoman at the meeting offered to be the "snitch" for students who wanted to give tips anonymously. You'd think they'd already have a system like that set up. Baby steps, I guess.

Erica Hill returns to do the "360 Bulletin" for us and when she's done, Anderson welcomes her back. "I have missed being mocked," he says. Well, then the Silver Fox should read my blog during the dry spells. As always, I mock because I love.

Transitioning now to the subject of gay rights, and how Obama is not doing the rainbow proud. Campaign!Obama was very gay friendly. President Obama? He's got a way to go. A piece from Randi Kaye breaks down the yet unmet promises. Repealing "Don't Ask Don't Tell"? Nope. Repealing the "Defense of Marriage Act"? Uh uh. Getting a hate crimes bill passed? Not yet. Passing the "Employment Nondiscrimination Act"? Yeah, I think you can see where this is going.

Obama is very good with the lip service on this issue, not so much with the follow-through. As the King himself once said, "a little less conversation, a little more action please." On a related note, blogger Pamela Spaulding is featured in this piece and I came across her blog post regarding some behind-the-scenes aspects of her interview. I'm a geek when it comes to that stuff, so I found it interesting. Give it a read if she share my geekdom.

For discussion, we're joined by activist Cleve Jones, who has organized a march on Washington to take place on Sunday. Anderson begins by asking why he would want to put pressure on Obama, given that he's on his side. But Cleve reminds us of the Clinton years, which saw DADT and DOMA, and he thinks it's always good to hold our leaders accountable. Amen to that. Anderson then points out that Barney Frank is against the march, and we're read one of his trademark blunt statements. A quote: "No member of Congress cares whether people went to Washington or not." Ouch.

But Cleve says that's not true because Harry Reid is on board. He also notes that Barney is always against the marches. Basically Cleve thinks they need to use everything in their arsenal. I guess I agree with that. I've never been a huge protest person, because like Barney, I don't think they change much.

Honestly, I think the most helpful thing is gay people simply living their normal lives in society, showing people that they're the same as everyone else. When it's suddenly about your family member or your friend, it becomes much different than when it's just about whatever stereotype might be in a person's head. This is a human rights issue. It shouldn't just be gay people fighting.

Going out to commercial, Anderson teases the upcoming horrorcore story, which is music with lyrics about "murder, rape, and 'Saden.'" I know I've said this before, but our anchor makes the devil sound positively adorable. Yeah, this is that whole mocking thing I mentioned earlier. Oh Anderson, you make is too easy.

Gary is back again, for a piece on the horrorcore rap we were just talking about. Basically it's music (if you wanna call it that) with extremely violent and graphic lyrics. This isn't exactly news, but the hook to this story is that horrorcore rapper Richard Samuel McCroskey brutally murdered four people. The chryon asks us, "Did violent music drive rapper to murder?" Um, really? C'mon guys...

Okay, so this seems like your classic correlational situation. Did the music make the guy violent or was an already violent guy drawn to violent music? Well, we'll never know for sure seeing as though a correlation cannot prove causation, but given that all the other horrorcore rappers aren't out there murdering people, I'm leaning towards the latter.

We're joined by the requisite experts to analyze the topic, but meh, I'm not into it. As Anderson states later, "It's the easiest thing in the world to blame music for problems." Yeah, the lyrics are horrendous and the overall genre disgusting. I'd definitely advocate that parents keep their kids away. But this just feels like fearmongering.

Erica Hill is back again with the "360 Bulletin" and we learn that Michael Vick is getting a reality show. WTF? BET should be ashamed of themselves. So should anyone who contributes to this disgusting situation by watching. Oh also, Levi Johnson is going to go the full monty for "Playgirl." Oh my God, why?! And, ew! This is a very disconcerting "360 Bulletin," I must say.

Anyway, we're shown some TMZ pics of Levi working out, which totally reminds me of some other pics that someone showed me of someone else working out. Then Erica completely surprises me by showing those pictures too. I didn't think they'd go there. But go there they did. Kinda weird, and a little mean. Anyway, backstory: the Silver Fox got snapped by the paps while he was working out his massive guns (seriously, if they get any bigger I'm going to start calling him Bluto).

The pics aren't really that flattering. They're easily findable with the help of the Google if you must judge for yourself. I won't be linking because I have an issue with TMZ--my issue being I hate them and everything they stand for. So there's that. "It's really nice when you're working out for someone to take a photograph from a block away," says Anderson. "Lesson learned. I will never work out in front of a window again." Poor Silver Fox. Everyone wants a ticket to the gun show.

The "shot" tonight is a Georgia Bulldogs fan going batshit insane. Seriously, watch. Now that's team spirit. The best part is the interviewer asking him why he's painted white when the team colors are red and black. Anderson jokes that the overly enthusiastic fan is actually their producer Charlie Moore, presumably because he's a fan, and not because he walks around the office completely painted white everyday. But hey, it is the news business, so who knows. Some of them be crazy.

I didn't think the show was all that great tonight. Too much political ridiculousness and I'm not sure we needed the horrorcore discussion after Gary's piece. But kudos to them for keeping up with Chicago and gay rights issues. That'll do it.

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Blogger Anne said...

Hey Eliza,

I read that post also this afternoon from the Washington Monthly. I think I am just about burnt out on listening to pundits. Speaking of them, they were so wrong on everything during the election cycle, it was pathetic. Now this piece by Tom Formen, I turned the sound down. Jeb Bush hasn't been the Gov. for almost 3 years, AC was correct about the clutching of straws. For that segment, I had the volume muted. I do hope "Don't ask Don't tell" will be repealed in the near future to help those not to end up like Lt. Dan Choi. I read the link to Pam Spaulding's post. What an interesting day she had. Anne D.

5:09 AM  
Blogger Anne said...


As a result of Pres. Obama's award of the Nobel Peace prize, there will be non-stop media chatter, condemnation, Fox heads exploding, endless pundit panels. You will have your work cut out for you tonight. Anne D.

5:36 AM  
Blogger eliza said...

@Anne: Yeah, I can't stand that kind of political coverage. It's too much like they're creating the news.

I thought it seemed like a lot of work and hassle for that one clip of Pam Spaulding. But I guess that's how it works.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the Peace prize thing. What a shocker! Not sure I'm going to make it through the show tonight if it's all talking heads bickering.

4:16 PM  

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