Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Live From London For Coverage Of The G-20 Economic Summit, Protests, And Meeting the Queen!

Hi everyone. Anderson Cooper has skipped across the pond and is coming at us live from London tonight. "Shizzle my nizzle," says Anderson. No wait, that's not right. Let me try again: "Jolly good evening to you." Theeeere we go. Speaking of our anchor, he has the first piece, which is all about President Obama's day. The commander in chief had quite the itinerary. There was a private meeting and then joint news conference with Prime Minister Gordon Brown, a sit-down with Russian President Medvedev, a class picture with all the other world leader peeps, and oh yeah, meeting the queen. Nice.

I interrupt this AC360 Review for a special news bulletin. Okay, here's the thing. I started blogging and then I got distracted for a while, and then I got a headache, and then I really didn't want to finish. But instead of just trashing what I have and leaving you without, I shall forge on. Fair warning though, it's going to be pretty half-assed. Sorry. I now return you to your AC360 Review, already in progress.

We then move on to Ed Henry and Richard Quest joining Anderson at his live shot and all the men are gussied-up for the occasion. They talk economics and global balance and stuff, but dude, that so does not compute when you have a headache. Moving on!

Next up, we have a Nic Robertson piece on all the protests going down. It turns out those stodgy stiff upper lip Londoners really know how to get their rowdy on. The main target was the financial district. Yeah! Down with capitalism! Up with violence! *Sigh* Besides those that were smashing things, there were also the requisite Code Pink-like antics and general idiocy that gives protesting a bad name. BUT that is no excuse for the cops to herd people like cattle and make them stay there.

In the prior segment, Richard and Anderson were kinda laughing over this. They won't be laughing when their asses are detained. I mean, hello, a man with diabetes died. The coverage of the protests is interesting to me because it makes me think of how the coverage of the protests at the RNC in our own country was basically non existent. No, no banks were attacked, but journalists were arrested for God's sake. Of course, the MSM would have had to go outside to know that...

Anyway, then we're on to a clip of Obama, basically saying we should avoid the blame game regarding the global recession and that leads us into a Tom Foreman piece all about...who we should blame. Turns out? It was us! No wait! It wasn't us. Ah, I'm so confused! Heh. Basically? Our greedy Wall Streeters made things all FUBAR, but other countries have their greedies too, who weren't exactly dainty about joining in on the fun.

Back to our sharp-dressed mini panel, Richard Quest is now reading us London's tabloids regarding the Obamas visit. I kid you not. Quest just turned CNN into your grocery checkout lane. Giggles from the Silver Fox are abounding. I still can't believe this dude is supposedly a serious business reporter. How are we supposed to take that persona seriously about the economy? He sorta reminds me of Richard Simmons, without the scary little shorts, but WITH the over-the-topness. Then there's the whole meth/sex toy in the boot thing. Oh yeah, I'm not letting that go. The sad part? All that and I'm still loving the segment.

On now to an Anderson piece about the moment we've been waiting for: meeting the queen! Ooh, I'm clutching my pearls. The literal kind. We're meeting the queen, I gots to look nice. Remember how yesterday I said Obama had learned his lesson about gift-giving electronics? Well, he brought the queen an iPod. Her Majesty. An iPod. Bwah! Obama had it loaded with a video of her 2007 trip to the US and a bunch of Broadway tunes. Actually not a bad gift for a woman that has everything. All in all, not a bad meeting. Except for when Michelle touched the queen. Oh. My. God. International incident! Way to go, Michelle. Now we have to invade London.

Richard tells us that the British press is making much ado about nothing, or specifically, "the queen ain't gonna be worried." It kinda sounds like the queen might actually be much more laid back than all these etiquette experts advising people on how to talk to her. Anyway, then they whip out the "class picture" that was previously taken and Richard asks Anderson if he knows the rhyme and reason of the seating chart. Anderson does not. Turns out, neither does Richard. But he has a theory. He then starts feeding us a line of bull, which Anderson calls him on, noting he's just making stuff up. Tabloid reading and making shit up. Nothing but the best from the most trusted name in news.

Transitioning now to the news that the Ted Stevens conviction is being overturned due to apparent prosecutorial screwing up. What?! Noes!!! For the legal analysis, we're joined by Jeffrey Toobin who calls the whole thing a disgrace. It seems even Attorney General Holder couldn't stomach what went down. Jeffrey and Anderson talk about the implied shame it is that Stevens pretty much lost his reelection over the charges that are now being overturned. I'm sorry. If the legal system did not work correctly for him, then yeah, changes need to be made here. But I'm not playing my tiny violin for Ted Stevens. Dude is corrupt.

There's a bit more London fluff, but I think I'm going to pack it in now. The show was definitely on the lighter side, but at least it was amusing. And I do really give them props for following up on the Stevens case, seeing as though they've been covering it up until now. So, all in all, not bad, I guess. Sorry about the subpar review. I actually did live tweet the broadcast, so more wit and wisdom awaits you if you click the link. Well, maybe not wit and wisdom, but more from me anyway. Cheerio!


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