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Details Of The Obama Administration's Budget Plan Are Made Public And Anderson Cooper Lays The Smackdown On A Fanboy Congressman

Hi everyone. I ended up having to do some multitasking during the show tonight and therefore couldn't give it the attention a review deserves. Never fear though, the bullet points have graciously returned for an encore. Away we go:
  • From what I've heard so far, I am very much on board with President Obama's healthcare plan. I've previously made numerous "gimme my damn universal healthcare" jokes on this blog, but never did I think there was a chance it could happen. So, to sum up: Yay!!! (Yeah, I know my "Yay!!!" is going to be tampered down by reality real quick; don't be a buzz kill.)
  • Maybe it's just me, but it seems like tonight our anchor was letting some opinion show on those sleeves of his. And no, I'm not talking about the smackdown (more on that amusement later). I think I've got the Silver Fox pegged as a fiscal conservative. I've actually suspected this for a couple years, but it's been really apparent during this whole economic meltdown. Anyway, nothing wrong with that. Just saying. Although, I do hope he's not one of those "tax cuts are my religion" people.
  • As for the panel discussion on the healthcare spending, I was a little turned off by David Gergen's concern trolling on the subject. I know all the pundits realize healthcare is a big issue for Americans, but I honestly don't know if they get just how big of an issue. I'm guessing people pontificating on the TeeVee don't ever have to go without medication. I'm not sure where the Gerg gets his healthcare, but I know the CNNers are doing pretty good in that area. So, I could be wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the "mood of the country" is actually with Obama on this one.
  • My regular readers know that I've had some, shall we say, issues regarding 360's economic coverage. Sometimes after the show I chat with friends and tonight I'd like to bring you one of their direct quotes:
Man, CNN's coverage of economic issues is just bone-ignorant. At least David Walker got the fact out there that earmarks don't INCREASE spending, they just direct a tiny fragment of it, but otherwise?

Even the Gerg was being stoopid today. Oh, eek! the budget bill is MORE than last year. How can we do this in these hard times?

Haven't we just been SAYING that in a recession, the ONLY entity that can spend more money is the government? And that if the government decreases spending at the same times as everyone else, we'll go straight into a depression? And haven't leading economists been worried that the 'stimulus bill' isn't big ENOUGH? Don't they even listen to their own coverage?

Gah. They're driving me to drink.
  • So...yikes. My friend has requested to do a guest editorial and I have agreed. You can see it here this weekend. Consider this a preview.
  • Moving on to the smackdown, last night Anderson Cooper expressed shock and some might say harshness over the fact that Congresscritters waited hours yesterday to get a good seat to see Obama, something that I pointed out is done during every SOTU (or Not-SOTU). "I have always assumed they have so many important things on their plate, that there is no way they would spend multiple hours warming a seat, like a tween waiting in line to see the Jonas Brothers," he tells us. So, the updated reference would be the Jonas Brothers. I knew it!
  • Anderson tells us that, "Now, last night, I think I said I thought it was pathetic that our elected representatives had nothing better to do than sit around for so long." Um, hon, you didn't just call them pathetic; you flat out called them losers. Ahem: "I said that the losers who waited all day to get a seat near him were like losers waiting for a Madonna concert." That was when he was clarifying his quote to that winger Stephen Moore. As you might imagine, those Congress peeps who waited weren't too thrilled with being called pathetic and Congressman Eliot Engel (waited 12 1/2 hours!) expressed his displeasure to the New York Daily News: "What's really pathetic is that Anderson Cooper apparently doesn't share my enthusiasm for participating in such a historic and wonderful celebration of democracy. I'm sorry he is so jaded."
  • Anderson goes on to say that, "pathetic may have been too strong a word." And 'loser'! Don't forget 'loser.' Apparently, Congressman Engel didn't stick around for the second hour of the show. Anderson continues by saying that he has nothing against the Congress peeps, but he thinks we should know how our elected officials spend their time. "And, if you feel sitting on a bench for 12-and-a-half hours is the best use of your time, so be it. It's up to your constituents to decide if they agree with you." Booyah!
  • Some might be surprised that Anderson responded (definitely not his style), but this isn't the first time he's pushed back against a politician that called him out. Back in June 2007, there was this senator who gave a speech about New Orleans, complaining about how the media had moved on and mentioning our anchor by name. This did not go over well with the Silver Fox who was like, "oh no he didn't!" Let's just say a lecture was received via the TeeVee. Don't mess with Anderson Cooper, people, that quiet demeanor is deceiving, as the senator learned. I wonder whatever happened to that guy...
  • That was a good piece from Chris Lawrence on the F-22. Remember how the other day I said cutting defense spending would be tough because of opposition from Congress? This is exactly what I was talking about. The military industrial complex, man. The weapons-building is spread around the whole country, so you can't ever get the votes to stop it. Oh also? This line that closed out the piece completely boggles my mind: "And in the battle for creating jobs, economists found education, mass transit, and infrastructure all generate far more fire power than military spending." Okay, I've been pulling out my hair here over the fact that 360 never made a peep about what economists think is more stimulative and NOW after the debate is over and the bill is passed they add it like a throwaway line? WTF? WTF? WTF?
  • I'm moving to Fargo. That is all. Also? Yay to seeing Gary Tuchman. (We never did get his Texas piece, did we? Maybe they threw it in the second hour one night.)
  • Okay, the raccoon and sound effect were cheesy, but I had to laugh at Anderson pretending to kill it with his hand (gasp, call PETA!). Yes, because that's exactly how you kill a raccoon--like a bug. Whenever I see a raccoon, it always reminds me of the time one ran out in front of my friend's car and she slammed her brakes on so hard, I thought we were going to flip over. Then the thing just stopped in the middle of the road and looked at us like, "what?" Crazy raccoons.
  • Zoh Mah God. Michelle Obama went sleeveless! (I actually didn't even notice.)
  • The Obamas better really be serious about this puppy thing because man, they are dragging it out. Apparently, the girls wanted the name Frank or Moose, but like their dad, it seems mom wields some veto power too and those suggestions were nixed. Anderson thought Moose sounded okay to him. If you knew my cat's name you would know I should not be allowed to have an opinion on this matter.
  • Last night, I was all proud of myself for the observation that Bobby Jindal sounded just like Kenneth the Page from "30 Rock." But I should have known, I am not special. In fact, take a gander at "The Jack McBrayer Response To The Internet Response To The Republican Response To The President's Address To Congress."
  • As I said up top, I was multitasking during the show. I turned the webcast on, but then forgot about it and left the room during commercials. After one commercial, I came back to find some chick on the webcast singing about lights going on and off. Um, what? Apparently, I have missed something. Was she singing about their super-difficult microphone off switch? Was that Tech Girl? That's the name I have given to the woman who I can sometimes hear struggling to get the dang mic to turn off. I have no idea who she is or what she looks like, therefore the moniker. I think it makes her sound like a dorky superhero. Oh also? *applauds the singing* Just because I have no idea what the hell just happened, no need to be rude.
  • And...that'll do it. Don't forget to watch Anderson on Regis and Kelly, which he helpfully reminded us about by use of a blog comment.


Blogger Anne said...

Hi Eliza,

Great post (as usual). Does your job require writing? I bet if you took the minutes at a typical dept. meeting, it would be more entertaining than the meeting itself. Why is it people with no problems with their economic security plus benefits seem to be the ones who call themselves fiscal conservatives? These people on cable and network news, including the silver fox, make in one year more than it would take a lifetime of working for most Americans. Look at the multi-millions the major network anchors haul in. If they are so concerned with fiscal responsibility, why do they demand millions on their contracts? They all need a pay scale adjustment. It's ridiculous to hear these worrywort "fiscal" pundits huffing and puffing while more Americans are reduce to living in their cars or in tent cities. On Wednesday's Oprah show, Lisa Ling visited one in Sacramento. There I feel better after my rant. That is one funny video of the Jack McBrayer Response. If you close your eyes, one could hardly tell who was talking. Anne D.

6:28 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

@Anne: Yes, my job requires writing, but unfortunately it's the unbelievably boring kind. They never even let me use the word "dude." *sobs*

Ruh-roh. Are you beating up on our anchor? I don't see anything wrong with fiscal conservatives, regardless of their income. If they support policies that benefit the wealthy though, that's another story.

I think it's kind of endearing how concerned Anderson is about the crisis. Hey, it's nice to know he cares. But yeah, I don't need to know about his stock portfolio. Forget his anchor salary, the guy makes more giving a single speech than a lot of people I know make in a year, even more than a year. As for the contracts, I agree the pay is ridiculous, but if that's what the industry is paying...why sell yourself short by not negotiating for the best you can get, you know?

I missed Lisa's report. I wish 360 would do that kind of coverage. I'm tired of everything focusing on the market and investments. The show is biased towards those that have money; there are millions out there who don't.

7:44 PM  

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