Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Second Presidential Debate (Belmont University--Nashville)

Hi everybody. Well, that was . . . kind of boring actually. In theory, a town hall is supposed to promote a more lively and intimate exchange, but the format we saw tonight just flat out sucked. Why were those people even there if the candidates weren't going to be able to interact with them? I also was not a fan of Tom Brokaw's performance and feel that his moderation is hands down the poorest thus far, though I'll concede that the confines agreed upon by the campaigns put him at a significant disadvantage. But once the candidates tried to throw those out the window, he should have just gone with it instead of being so annoying (and sometimes downright bitchy). And some of the questions were less than to be desired. "Is Russia evil?" Seriously? At least he didn't ask them to raise their hands.

As for who won, the snap polls are out and it seems that Obama once again kicked some major butt. To be fair to McCain, I think his performance tonight was stronger than in the last debate, but it just wasn't enough. He needed to dominate and simply . . . didn't. With impressions of him solidifying, it's hard to see how he comes out on top in the next debate without a misstep from his opponent. This race is now Obama's to lose. I'm still not getting my hopes up. We have almost a month to go and anything can happen. Though I have to say, I'm really liking where my guy is sitting right now. Anyway, I know what you want. On to the bullet points!:
  • My friends, I am hoping none of you were playing a drinking game. Because if so, my friends, you will be missed.
  • McCain claims Obama has never taken on his party. Hello! That whole war thing? Ring a bell?
  • McCain wants people to go check out watchdog groups? Giving homework--that's a sure fire strategy to get votes.
  • McCain again proposes a spending freeze, even after it went over like a lead balloon at the first debate. Who is advising this guy?
  • Wow, Obama brings up 9-11. Here I thought only Republicans were allowed to do that. Does he have to pay some sort of royalty to Giuliani?
  • Oh my God, Obama will raise your taxes! Boogity-boogity boo!
  • Obama: "The Straight Talk Express lost a wheel on that one." Zing!
  • Nobody really answered the health care as a commodity question. I was not pleased. Though I did like Obama saying it was a right. I don't even know what the hell McCain was trying to say.
  • Psst, Obama, icksnay on talking about Delaware and the banking industry. Did all of Biden's Scranton talk make you forget where he represents?
  • Obama gives great answer on Darfur; McCain actually gives decent answer on using force to combat a humanitarian crisis. Well, sorta.
  • Obama bringing up his dying mother fighting the insurance companies was probably his most powerful moment of the debate. Definitely relatable to many Americans.
  • I didn't really get the Iran attacks Israel question. Even if that (God forbid) were to happen, it's not going to be a ground war. Where would our troops go?
  • "What don't you know and how will you learn it?" Did Rumsfeld write this question?
  • The candidates blocking Brokaw's prompter was kind of the perfect ending.
  • Handshake awkwardness! Or was that a flat out diss?
  • And now, on to The Best Political Team on Television!
  • There was no baseball tonight, so rest assured we had Jeffrey Toobin's full attention.
  • Soledad O'Brien once again has her sampling of undecideds and at this point, I have to assume these people aren't that smart. The choice could not be clearer. It's not apples and oranges; it's apples and toasters.
  • Continuing on the same subject, what is their deal with specifics? Were they not listening? Obama gave plenty of specifics, going so far as to use verbal bullet points. And it's a debate. They don't have time to explain their whole policy. Both candidates have this information online. Quit whining and do your research.
  • Dana Bash and John King were both at the big table tonight. Aw, pundit couple!
  • Ha! Anderson Cooper hates the Spin Room with a fiery passion. As he should. Good on CNN for shunning the spinners. (Though one has to wonder how the suits felt about his comment to go to another network.)
  • I think David Gergen is my political soul mate. I agree with almost everything he says.
  • That'll do it. Only one more to go. It's getting down to the wire, people. Hold onto your hats.


Blogger Pati Mc said...

Hey Eliza!

Fabulous recap and I love your bullet points. You sure know how to break it down. LOL.

I am at the beach with my fam and I read them your post this morning. They were ROFL and could not get over the amazing job you do and how you interject your stellar sense of humor. Agreed!

Thanks, we had had a long day and missed the end of the debate, so your recap came in very handy.

What the heck did Anderson say about "another network"? I missed that. Was he threatening to jump ship? Just wondering. Naughty boy!

9:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi yall, a still tongue keeps a wise head, obama''''' sara palin sounded like an air head (blond). if he is a muslim, big deal , we are all from the human race but in actuality , sara palin needs to think befor she opens her mouth, i do not think that this is the way for a supposed vp to act towards another person, would she want to be called a redneck? no: she is on the right path, up until her comment ,in my book she is out thank you
concern citizen

10:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi , sara palin and mrs. mccain need to look at mitchell obama , and take a page out of her book ---------- that is what you look at and say, wow thats classssssssss. she is very simple and classy. to be classy and poised, it is not being black or white, just be H U M A N

10:54 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

@pati mc--Thanks! The beach, huh? I'm jealous.

Naw, no ship-jumping for Anderson. He just noted that if you wanted to see interviews from the "Spin Room" you'd have to go to another network. I'm glad they decided to diss the spinners.

@anonymous 10:48--I just want to be clear, though there is certainly nothing wrong with being a Muslim, Obama is NOT one. That's a fact.

1:20 AM  

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