Saturday, October 14, 2006

Back Again To North Korea, Foley, and Iraq. Plus Animals!!! (Friday's Show)

Happy weekend everyone. Today it was reported that the FAA actually is going to change their rules on planes flying over New York, yet 360 didn't mention the incident at all tonight. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining or anything because a whole story isn't needed anyway, I just can't figure them out. Wednesday night it was as if it was the only story in the world and tonight, not a mention. Also, as it turns out, the owner of the apartment the plane flew into belonged to the same woman that was injured by a falling light pole during the 1997 Thanksgiving Day Parade. This information isn't newsworthy, but seriously, how weird is that?

We begin tonight with the breaking news that the US has evidence of radioactivity at the North Korea test site. Jamie McIntyre breaks it down for us, stating that the findings are preliminary and therefore there can be no confirmation yet. I'm kind of confused here because I thought we pretty much already knew they tested a nuke. I guess this is just all about confirmation. Suzanne Malveaux then gives us the White House angle. They've got no definitive statement since there has been no confirmation yet, but the results will make no difference is strategy. From Seoul, we have Dan Rivers who states the Blue House will be making a statement soon. The Blue House is the equivalent to the US White House. This amuses me to no end. Dan notes that South Korea does not want to be too harsh with the sanctions because it could economically collapse Kim Jung Il's regime.

On now to an interview with Former National Security Council Member Daniel Ponemon. He and Anderson discuss the UN Security Council resolution and the sanctions that are going to be put on North Korea. We then have a repeat piece from Tuesday night's show from Martin Savage on the DMZ. This is actually the piece that I mentioned that I wanted to see, but kind of missed. How kind of them to run it for me again. Because it really is all about me. Okay, kidding aside, the DMZ is a psychologically hardcore place. You've got North Koreans, South Koreans, and Americans all staring each other down, as well as cameras watching everyone. The Koreans wear sunglasses to hide their eyes, but the Americans, in an effort to show no weakness at all, don't even wear rain gear when it's raining or coats in the winter. That's craziness...and fascinating. After the piece we have a clip from the CNN Presents North Korea special. This really is one of their best specials and if you haven't seen it already I urge you to watch it the next time it airs. Don't worry, it'll be on again sometime soon. Trust me.

Transitioning now to a Joe Johns piece on Bob Ney's recent guilty plea to corruption related to Abramoff. I don't know why I thought he already plead guilty a while ago. Perhaps that was just in my head where the world is much more just. Ney not only blames Abramoff, but he also blames Washington. Apparently it's so easy to be corrupt there that he just...couldn' Poor baby. Evil Washington presenting you with temptation. I mean what do people expect you to do, act responsibly and ethically? Pssshaw.

Up next we have an interview with John Mercurio on the politics of it all. I think Anderson has officially stolen American Morning's regular guest. Either that or John isn't sleeping much. Anyway, John points out that republicans are hurt more by sex scandals because they ride around Washington up on their moral high horses. Whereas democrats are hurt more by money scandals. Republicans know Ney is radioactive, so they've tossed him overboard and are urging him to resign.

On now to the news that British Army Chief Richard Dannett has said in an interview that foreign troop presence is making Iraq worse. Michael Ware then joins us live from Basra to discuss this development. The British have become a magnet for attacks and British commanders have indicated that the time for departure may be sooner than what Michael thinks many people think. American commanders believe US forces are necessary, but it is echoed that the presence of US forces inflame attacks. Basra is very hostile to British troops. As we leave Michael, Anderson informs us that about a million Iraqis have fled the country since the war started. I guess if we stay long enough we'll be the only ones left and then the troops can come home.

We move on now to continuing coverage of the impending 300 millionth birth in the US. Anderson gives us a piece that focuses on how animals are effected by the growing human population. In the piece Jeff Corwin explains that animals are not only being harmed by humans expanding into their habitats, but also by global warming. There are currently 900 endangered species in the US (wow!) and Jeff states, "We're not just punishing ourselves. We're punishing generations to come." Amen brother. After the commercial we get Jeff live and he brought animals! I realize this isn't really hard news stuff here, but the animals are endangered, so it's not complete fluff. Plus, who doesn't like fun with animals? Jeff shows us a golden eagle, alligator snapping turtle, baby mountain lion, and a small american alligator. Anderson is offered the chance to hold that last one, but he passes, "That's alright." He'll cover a war, but he won't hold a little alligator. Now that's funny. He does, however, hold a baby mountain lion, which is adorable.

Next Erica comes to give us the headlines and we get the news that the DOW is doing good. Anderson asks if she is excited about this and after she (jokingly) says she is, he mentions he's excited about his gummy bear futures. Regular (and slightly fanatical) 360 viewers might remember Anderson joking months ago that he had put all his money in gummy bears. Continuity in a news show. I love it. The Shot tonight is an elephant and a Mariachi band crossing the Rio Grande. Perhaps I should explain. See, this guy running for Congress in Pennsylvania wanted to prove how horrible our border security is, so he had an elephant and Mariachi band cross over. I was lucky enough to catch a really funny Jeanne Moos piece on this on the Wolfbot's show. Erica and Anderson banter and Anderson states that, "Lou Dobbs is going to have a special on it next week." Don't encourage him, Anderson! That's it for tonight guys because there's a special up next that I won't be blogging. They softened me up with the cute animals. Tonight gets a B+

Screencaps by Liberation337.

So who else remembers the gummy bear stocks? And for more substantial discussion, have you guys seen the North Korea special?


Anonymous Sharla said...

Yes, in the Marines (and maybe Army, I don't know) we never carried umbrellas, wore rain gear, and generally proved we were tough by just being impervious to every thing. It's rather effective. Eleven years later and I still walk around in the rain without an umbrella and don't even notice.

Gummy bears. Oi. Personally I said I invested in Bubble Yum. Anderson's sense of humor is great. And the mountain lion is cute and fuzzy- and an alligator isn't. Which one would YOU want to hold?

12:18 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

Given the choice I would of course want to hold the adorable little mountain lion. But really, the alligator didn't look all that scary to me. I'd probably hold it.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Mathilde said...

Somehow I don't think he's a cat person. But he did pet the alligator.

3:22 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

Yeah, I think it's pretty apparent he's not a cat person. 360 has done a lot of stories on pets (specifically after Katrina) and the focus has pretty much been on dogs. Plus you can just tell that he LOVES dogs. I'm a dog person myself even though I have only one dog and two cats. I think Anderson only pet the alligator because he has to touch everything. Heh.

3:35 PM  

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